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January 12, 2009 | editorial team

MissNowMrs online name change service

One of the big decisions that comes with getting married is whether or not to change your last name. Lots of women do and lots of women don’t, but one thing is certain, the paperwork that goes along with changing it is no fun! That’s why we love MissNowMrs Online Name Change Service. They’ve made the whole process so much easier by supplying you with all the forms you need for your state, an auto-fill feature so you only have to enter in your information once, specific instructions for proper filing, and fantastic personal customer service to help you through it all. Nice! And thanks to the sweet generosity of MissNowMrs, we’ve got 10 name change gift cards to give away to lucky readers!

MissNowMrs online name change service

So if you’re a girl who’s changing her name and could use a helping hand with the legalese, leave us a comment and we’ll choose our 10 winners next Monday. Tell us about your new last name and how you’re feeling about changing to it. Do you love it like crazy? Are you nervous, excited or still debating? Is it hilariously hard to spell or is it a wonderful change from your own hard to pronounce moniker? Share your thoughts with all of us for a chance to win, and help other brides come to their own decision along the way.

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  1. I am going to love my new last name. It’s so simple compared my last name now which is something like Traottertelererer. Awesome give-away.

  2. My new last name can be difficult to spell for others… not because it’s really a hard to spell name but because people mishear me when I say it. My new name doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, but I’ve never thought twice about changing it. I am excited to make the change! My maiden name is very common, so the change will make my name more unique. What a great giveaway! I’ve heard of this service and thought about checking it out after the wedding.

  3. I am very excited about changing my last name. I will move my current last name to my middle name so that it is still a part of me and my family. Changing my last name allows my (soon to be!) husband and I to share that bond as we build our own family – I feel it really makes us a true partnership. While there is a twinge of sadness in no longer having the name I have had for 27 years, it in no way means I am leaving my family or choosing his, its a symbol of the future and the next chapter in life. (Plus, I get to move from the end of the alphabet to the beginning!!)

  4. The main reason I’m excited about changing my name? An easier-to-understand email address! I often have to spell my work email address over the phone, and it gets old spelling out a-b-i-l-l-i-n-g-s-l-e-y EVERY SINGLE TIME! But, as of May 23, I’ll be able to tell people across@, like across the street. From 11 letters to 5…I couldn’t be happier!

  5. I am really dreading all of the paperwork and legal aspects of changing my name. I am also a licensed professional which adds several more certificates and registration information to change, on top of the usual. Having any help that I can get would be much appreciated! I am excited about my new last name — Blasor — which is pronounced like the jacket even though it doesnt look like it. Now I need to get used to correcting people, because before I had a really easy last name :)

  6. Alas the wedding checklist is complete and on to the “Mrs” to do list! I have been enjoying the compound transition name since Sept…Halli Brunkella Thiel. I will surely be transitioning into a full Thiel very soon, but will be sliding my maiden name over to be my middle name. Brunkella…although a mouthfull will be missed, esp since I was the last of them! Thanks for this post and a suggested service!

  7. I’m so excited to change my last name. I’d change it tomorrow if I could. My last name now is difficult to spell and difficult to say. I have in fact stopped saying it and only spell it for people (and they still get it wrong). In 9 months I will be a Smith. I’m crazy ecstatic about that. I’ve even joked that I’ll start using my middle name (Diane) instead of my first because I have spelling/pronunciation problems with it as well. 9 months can’t come fast enough.

  8. I’m 50/50 on the change. I like it because my FI and I will now have the same initials but part of what will be my last name sounds like the name of a bug, there’s no getting around the pronunciation. People equally have a hard time with my last name and FI’s last name so there won’t be anything new there.

  9. I have to admit that I like my new last name as much as my own, which made deciding to change my name quite easy. And it starts with the same letter as my maiden name… so my initials won’t change! I’ll continue to be C.D. to my friends and family. :) I’m excited about my new name, but I’m dreading all the red tape in order to change it! This giveaway would be a godsend.

  10. I feel a little weird about what my new last name will be. It’s fine, but my initials will be BAG, which isn’t cute :op Also, it starts with a G which I find not as easy to write in cursive. I’m going to have to practice my new signature before signing anything important. However, it’s not long or weird or hard to spell, so that’s good :o)

  11. I am so excited to change my name! I am getting married to my super long-time boyfriend (10 years this past November) in June. We met when I was 19 and all of my college notebooks show memories of me practicing writing his last name. I feel in love with him instantly 10 years ago and have always thought of myself with his name. I am beyond words excited to finally get to say it out-loud now!

  12. Such a great idea/giveaway. So, my last name starts with a Z and I’ve always imagined moving up in the alphabet when I got married and finally got to switch my name. It would be the end of, “don’t bother looking through your whole list, I’m probably last.” But, turns out that’s not gonna happen so much. I’m changing to a U name. We’ll see how it goes but looks like I’m destined for being at the end of the list! Oh well–at least I get to work on a new signature! So very exciting.

  13. Well I’ve grown up with the last name of Ditzler.  Let me emphasize: DITZ-ler.  Growing up as a tall somewhat gawky blonde haired girl with blue eyes, I’ve been known as “Ditz” to mostly everyone I’m close to.  I  won’t lie, there are times when the name truly fits.  And I’ve loved every minute of my Ditzy childhood.  So I’ve been having a lot of inner turmoil deciding what to do over the upcoming name change.  I’m too impatient for a hyphenated long last name, and I love my middle name passed down through the family too much to let it go over a fun nickname.  So I believe I’ll leave my Ditzy days behind to take on a more common (albeit, wonderful) last name.  It will just make those friends who keep the Ditz legacy alive that much more important!

  14. I am excited to go from Miss Allen to Mrs Hunter, so I am no longer at the beginning of the alphabet! No more first day jitters of being the first one called on the roll in class. :-)

  15. Does it count if I am thinking about keeping my last name but inserting my fiance’s last name as my new and only middle name? For many reasons including Vietnamese tradition does not include changing your last name and I’ve started a career under my current name, I do not want to change my last name.

  16. I’m actually a bit anxious about going from Ms Doyle (as in “O’Doyle rules!”) to Mrs. Flemer (pronounced like the gross stuff you cough up when you’re sick).  My friends all call me Doyle instead of my first name and it’s so easy to spell.  Not to mention I can only imagine what my students will be calling me soon and the anticipation of our future children having to deal with some taunting down the road!  My fiance says that having the name is the reason he has such a great sense of humor…  I hope he’s right!

  17. Before we were engaged…I would daydream about my new last name and doodle it all day at work on any scratch paper I could find. Now that I’ve moved on from doodling…I’ve been practicing my soon to be new signature! I’ll be going from Tang to Navarro…and couldn’t be more excited! I think there’s something romantic about taking on your husbands last name and can’t wait!

  18. Oh, I am SO NERVOUS about taking my fiancee’s last name … Heptinstall! No one ever knows how to pronounce or spell it and it is so German-sounding. My last name now is Record, which is so unique and so much shorter! So something I have thought about is eliminating my middle name and moving my maiden name to my middle name, making my legal name Kristen Record Heptinstall. But I’m not sure yet….

  19. I’ll be switching from Everman to Klein, which I am both excited and a bit sad about. My father passed away very unexpected at the age of 48 a few years ago. My older sister is already married and he never had any boys, so I’m the last one with his name … it is a bittersweet name change, but I am very much looking forward to having a shorter last name. :)

  20. What a great giveaway! I’m adding my fiance’s last name to mine. He wants me to completely change my last name, but my last name is very unique and I want to hold onto it. So I will now have 2 last names (not hyphenating) as a compromise. That way when we have kids, they won’t be too confused and I can use either last names or both!

  21. I’ve always liked my last name since my initials have been LL and it’s easy to pronounce, unlike my first name, Lynnea. When I started thinking about changing it, I had mixed feelings, but only because of the way it sounds with the name that everyone knows me as, Lynn. My new last name is also 1 syllable and ends in “n”. It sounds a bit choppy, but at least it’ll be quicker to sign my credit card receipts!

  22. I’m excited to change my last name. My current last name is mispronounced often and misspelt always. My new last name rolls off the tongue from my first name ’cause they both start with the same letter. His last name is more common as well, which is actually kinda nice because people know how to pronounce it!

  23. I’m not thrilled about changing my last name! While I will be glad to stop constantly spelling my name I’ll be sad to lose it. “Alexi Walker” just doesn’t have the same ring to it as Alexi Cavanagh! I’ve always loved having a more unique name but I can’t wait to be his Mrs. My students have already started asking if they can keep calling me Cavanagh!

  24. I got married in October, and STILL haven’t changed my name! This is mostly because I couldn’t decide wether to hyphenate or go entirely with his last name. I consider myself a bit of a feminist, but ultimately, I think I want to take his last name. It just seems a bit easier than having to write out two names all of the time, and I like the idea of two people becoming one, as cheesy as that sounds.

  25. I am excited, but also a little nervous… but mostly, I’m being silly. I really am my maiden name. Its a descriptor my friends and family use a la “That was such a NAME thing to do!” or “You are such a NAME.” So its at least going to become my middle name. But I’m also not thrilled about movin to the back of the line! I’m a D and going to be switching my name to a Z!!! We are a military family so its the back of the line for us! ugh. I know I’m being silly but its kinda freaking me out too!

  26. I’m finding the name change thing a bit bittersweet. While I’m excited to share a last name with my hubby-to-be, I’m really sad to lose my unique last name. It’s an uncommon, obviously Italian name, and I love it and its connections to my heritage. FI’s is just a simple little five-letter word, and frankly, it’s dull. :) My last name has also been a huge asset professionally–I’m in a small professional field and my last name stands out and sticks in people’s minds. Will probably keep it professionally, but will legally change to FI’s.

  27. I’m still torn about changing my name. My girl-power side is against the ownership connotations of a name change, but my I-love-my-Fiance side likes the idea of sharing a name and indicating that we are partners, teammates. I like the idea of hyphenating in theory, but I think it could confusing in practice – I’m a high school teacher, so will they call me Ms. Yates-Sims? Ms. Yates? Ms. Sims? Yates-Sims definitely doesn’t roll off the tongue easily. Ack! And I’m just as confused about it at the end of this post as I was at the beginning. At least I have another 6 months to figure it out.

  28. I’m conflicted about taking my soon to be hubby’s last name. I like it, but all my life I’ve been proud of my three L’s for initials. And now, I’ll have to get rid of one! And on top of that once I take my fiancee’s last name, I’m sure to get made fun of over and over again by being called Laura Ingalls…. I’m sure of it! So, that, I’m not looking forward to!

  29. Hello, I am changing my name and would be very happy to get some help in doing so! I’m very excited to be taking my soon-to-be husband’s name as it will make us a family :)

  30. Well I’m not thrilled about the name change. I feel a ton of pressure. My father died when I was young and had no sons. I’m over 30 now, and I’ve been this person, a Cribley, for a long time. I feel like changing the name is turning my back on my father and all he taught me. It is a part of him that I have everyday. Conversely, my now husband, feels slighted, as though his name is not good enough, that I didn’t rush out to change it right away. I asked him to take my name, knowing he wouldn’t, but he did admit that thinking about allowed him understand more of how I feel, so connected with my name. So I am going to change it, but I don’t know to what. J Cribley Young or J Young Cribley or my current fav J Young de Cribley – but that’s entirely too long. I’m stressing now just writing it out.

  31. Both my fiance and I have French Canadian backgrounds…but my last name is completely un-pronouncable, while his is totally fine. I’m totally excited to make the switch!

  32. In the more superficial ways, I’m kind of indifferent about the idea of changing my name…I have a pretty easy to spell and pronounce last name now and will have an easy to pronounce and spell name once it’s changed. The thing I am excited about is the idea of us being joined as a family and one day starting our own family with that name.

  33. I know a professional couple where the GROOM changed his name to hers. There’s an opportunity to get out of the hyphenation argument!

  34. My name will be changing to a name that sounds quite classic to me…as my fiancee is British. Last name Foster and first name Dorota which is very Polish does not sound so bad…xcept that my name is dying out pretty much with me so I am a bit nostalgic as we are definitely characters… ;) I am thinking about leaving an initial but was told that would complicate things. Dorota S. Foster. It will appear to be my middle name…since I will be the only one to know this anyway I dont know that its actually even worth the trouble….conflicted! :)

  35. I wasn’t ever planning on changing my name- I’m professionally established with my current name, and it would be so much easier to leave things alone- but it seems to mean so much to my soon to be husband, so I’ve relented!

  36. I never had any doubts about changing my name. My grandmother took my grandfather’s name, my mother took my father’s name, and I always knew I would one day take my own husband’s name. Soon after we get married I will go from Mrs. to Dr., so there has been a lot of chatter about whether I will keep my maiden name as my doctor name. I say go big or go home, I’m changing my name in all aspects. The only thing I will miss are the jokes I always get since my current last name is the same as a popular brand of food!

  37. I’m changing my name. I have a difficult-to-spell last name that also starts with the syllable “tweet”, so I have endured years of mispronunciations as well as nicknames like “tweety bird” and “tweety pie”– not as cute as it sounds. Growing up I so wanted to marry someone with a last name of Smith or Jones. As it turns out my fiance’s last name is strange too. Oh well. We’ve pretty much deemed it a lateral trade, but I do get to move up one letter in the alphabet!

  38. I’ll be taking my fiancés last name, but will be taking my maiden name as my new middle name. I had always thought I’d take his last name, and keep my middle name, but after a tragic death in our family, I’m now the only child left to carry on our family name. I’m VERY excited however, about my new last name! After 27 years of giving my last name, quickly followed by it’s spelling (Gia, but pronounced Jar) I’m so thrilled to finally have a last name that’s spelled just like it sounds!

  39. My new name is shorter and easier to pronounce AND spell!

  40. Growing up I used to be so excited to change my last name when I got married. I grew up with an ordinary last name, Bryan. I wanted something unique … well, I’m getting my wish and I think I may regret my naive thoughts. My new last name will be “van der Vaart” – not too hard to say, but the double “a’s” throw everyone off (it’s vaart like dart). It’s Dutch, and my fiance has already prepped me on how to spell it to those over the phone! I am excited to move from the beginning of the alphabet to the end though :)

  41. Oh, the name-changing business… I’d given some thought to not changing my name, but with a last name that’s spelled as though it rhymes with “puberty” (hint: it does NOT rhyme with puberty), I’ll be more than happy to move on and take another name! That said, my new last name is only one letter away from “crapper.” Fate is cruel.

  42. I’m a little torn about changing my last name– so I’ll be hyphenating. I’ve heard it’s a PITA to hyphenate, so I’m looking for as much help as I can get!

  43. I am very excited to change my name. It will be a symbol of my fh and I joining our lives together and becoming a family. Plus, for purely aesthetic reasons – my last name is a very singular German name which is hard to pronounce and annoying to hear other people say, while my fh’s last name is a much more straightforward (though pretty unique) name which sounds much prettier.

  44. I am currently an A which I love. I didn’t even mind being called on first in class, I just like to be at the top! As of April I will be an F, and a funny F at that. As of April I will always be spelling my name when someone asks for it. Ah-well, I suppose he is worth it! :)

  45. I’m a little conflicted. I’m half Italian and Chinese, and I’ll be changing my Italian last name for my fiance’s, which is Chinese. I’m a bit afraid of losing my Italian identity on paper. My fiance’s last name incredibly easy to spell though so it will definitely be a plus for our kids.

  46. What a great giveaway! I admit that the prospect of changing my name on ALL my papers and documentation is a bit daunting…but I am definitely changing my name, so it has to be done!

  47. I will be changing my name with a bit of nostalgia. For years in highschool and in college I have been known by just my last name. I am the youngest of three and we all went to the same college. People who knew my brother and sister called me little ” ____”. Which at the time, starting a new very large state school, it was nice to know people knew me and I had friends. Now, as I am much older and I am looking forward to the name change. I think it will make me feel a bit more grown up ( even though I am 30), and give me my own identity seperate from being the little sister. I am looking forward to becoming a couple and sharing our name.

  48. I am changing my name with excitment at the sense that its solidifies the creation of a new family, but also with a sense of sadness in the symbolic break from my father’s family. I considered a hyphenated name, but McDonald-Grider just doesn’t flow. I’ve built equity in my name professionally and on my social networks and it will be a pain to change my URL and business cards, but I decided that it’s time to break from the past and consider the names of our future children. They hyphenated name can really only work for one generation. I wouldn’t expect to see a grandchild with the name Anna Marie McDonald-Grider-Carlson-Jefferson if my child married into another hypenating family. Since it is a difficult decision to come to terms with, it’s fantastic to have a company like MissnowMrs.com that can take some of the logistical stress out of the process. That’s the last thing I’m going to want to deal with after planning a wedding!

  49. It has been 5 months since the wedding and I still have not started the process of changing my name. Its not that I don’t want to, there are just so much that I needed to get done and I just keep putting it on the back burner. I’m usually a procrastinator but this is getting out of hand. Please help me kick my butt in gear so I can properly be a Mrs.

  50. i’m pretty nervous about changing my name! i’ll be eliminating my current middle name and inserting my maiden name there, and taking a new last name. it seems like so much change and so much to get used to, but atleast my maiden name won’t be forgotten! maybe a little change will be good, i think it will suit me better.

  51. My new name will be Alexanian. My fiance grew up having people accidentally call him “Alex” and thinking his last name was “Anian”. It’s going to be difficult to pick baby names with a last name that has 5 syllables! My mother kept her maiden name when she got married, and I had a feeling that I might do the same, but I’ve decided to take my fiance’s. I have a definite feminist streak and at first I was like: Let him take MY name if some one has to change their name! But then I cooled off and thought: This is symbolic of our creating a new family, what the heck – I’ll do it – it’s not that much skin off my teeth. I try to choose my battles wisely and this isn’t one of them. I’m happy to take his name – someone’s got to if you want to have the same name. Why not me?

  52. My last name is Louder. As an actress, I’ve always enjoyed the distinction of such a fun name. When my fiance and I first started dating, his last name was the last thing on my mind. A few weeks after the engagement, I discovered that his last name was Gaelic for “Town Crier, or Loud One” I really love my future last name and I’m so excited to be apart of the family that now shares it. :-)

  53. I have dreamed of this day since I was a little girl :) I am soooo changing my last name. I was quite embarrassed with it growing up and now I can move on. I am happy to share the same last name as my man :)

  54. So when you go from a famous last name like Bryant (i.e. Kobe) to a married last name, for a brand of PRETZELS (i.e. Snyder) you kinda feel a little indifferent but hey atleast it’s still known right? Don’t have to worry about mispronunciations / spellings so it can’t get any better than that! Awesome Giveaway!

  55. I love my fiance’s last name…McKeon. I’m looking forward to having the big “M”, little “c”, big “K”. I’m a little conflicted about changing my identity, since I’ve been me for 35 years, but since my fiance and both don’t have middle names, we’re going to keep my last name as our new middle names. I think sharing our last names with each other is an outward demonstration of the merging of our lives and becoming a family. I also think people will have an easier time with McKeon, than my current name which is often slaughtered and becomes, Scuzgozga, Scuzga, or Sacagoza.

  56. I am loving my new last name….instead of the jokes being about the ‘headless horseman’ now they can be about ‘dolly parton’….also my father-in-laws name is going to be EXACTLY mine. By that I mean we will both be named Lindsay Parton- NO JOKE!!

  57. I’ll be hypenating. I’m too established in my career to let my maiden name go.

  58. Growing up, my brother always forced me to watch one of his favorite shows: The Simpsons. Don’t get me wrong, I never really minded watching (although I was personally much more content watching Little House on the Prairie or Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman) but I never thought the show would play into my future the way it is. Now, as a woman who has literally been counting down the days to take the love of her life’s last name, I have to say I am nothing short of excited. Despite the fact that MOE is a character straight out of the show I was always forced to watch, I can’t help but think to myself how very perfect and meant to be it all is. Hey, MOE is pretty much the coolest last name. Ever. I know how lucky I am! :) I just want to say one small thank you to you and all the others out there with blog sites that help make the wedding experience that much more priceless. Thank you!

  59. I’ll admit I’ve been practicing signing my new name, Evans. That capital E is hard to master! Seriously though, I’m so excited to take my man’s last name. I could sure use the help going through the official process!

  60. I was just talking about how I’m dreading the process of changing my last name! This is perfect!

  61. I’m changing my name out of tradition – and my friends were so surprised. My fiancee’s last name is pretty plain like mine – mine is “Parker” his is “Johnson.” But the real reason I’m excited to change my name is my signature – Parker doesn’t flow in cursive, at least for me, because I can’t make the connective “k.” Johnson indeed flows and looks particularly pretty next to my first name. I’m a bit weird. Ha. Also, we’ll officially have the same initials. His name is Jesse. :)

  62. I feel bittersweet about changing my last name – I love my last name – Parks- it’s not too common, and easy to spell – can’t beat that! I always thought I would like to do the hyphen when I got married. But when I met my fiance’ – I begin to feel that it would be an honor to share his last name. I will drop my middle name and replace it with my maiden name. I can’t say I”m looking forward to spelling my last name (R-o-u-r-k-e) for the rest of my life, but I’m looking forward to becoming his wife!

  63. I’m definitely excited to take my man’s name in a few months, being one of those girls who since high school has tried out her name with every single crush’s last name.  I always wanted to marry a guy with the last initial of “C” to take on, so i was a little disappointed when i first went on a date with Mr. “K”…turns out he was the one, and turns out he spells it with a hard “C” after all! :)

    Thanks for the chance at the giveaway!

    ~S.O. soon to be S.C.

  64. I’m still on the fence! My Mister-to-be really wants to go old skool and have me change my name, but I’m just shy of 30 and really used to being called my current name. He assures me that I can pull a Hillary Rodham Clinton and keep my unique last name by just adding his rather ‘normal’ last name to the end. We shall see, we shall see. In any case, I abhor paperwork and would love to make the process simple, whatever decision is ultimately made!

  65. I am excited about changing my name! My FH and I will have the same initials! Kind of dorky maybe but we are debating which initial our first, last, or both. I think first or both would be cute! :)

  66. Now I’m at peace with changing me last name but I used to dislike the idea because I was fine with my three letter simple last name “Liu”. His is “Quattlebaum”, which translates to “odd tree” in German and seems extremely hefty given that it’s 11 letters long! One time while getting take-out, the lady was impatient for him to sign his name on the credit card slip. She was like “okay” after he signed three letters, then “okay” after he signed six, and then…she started laughing at him because it was taking so long! I was thinking that I’ll have some sort of complex if that happened to me in the future. Like I said, I’m actually excited now that I’ll be changing my last name but back then…heh, not so much.

  67. I could definitely use some help in changing my name!! I really have no idea where to start and am just beginning my wedding planning… any help along the way would be just great!

  68. Wow! Changing your name is a lot of work. I get a lot of laughs when people realize what my new name will be – Amanda Manna. In fact, my fiance’s mom would have named one of her daughters Amanda but did not want to stick them with that name! I love it though – its very catch and memorable. Even more so when you put our names together – Matt and Amanda Manna. We’d make a great celebrity couple! Great giveaway, I’d love the help!

  69. I’m so excited to change my name! Although I love my family, I love his too and can’t wait to be a part of it. Plus Mollie Catherine Dixon sounds very bouncy doesn’t it? I kinda like that it does. I have not a doubt in my book :)

  70. my last name right now is very simple… jamie rizzotte will have very nice ring to it, more character. although ,i must say, i am still very nervous, it’s a big change and all. you know people have called me by my name for 25 years. but at the same time, i know i will love hearing my new last name for hopefully the next 50!

  71. My fiance and I joked about combining our last names but the result was Ndoosnsalendson… so I’m switching to Donaldson. I love that we are joining our lives and our names.

  72. i’ve never liked my last name since it is so common. i’ve had run ins with credit companies even confusing me for other people! i thought i would jump in with both feet at the opportunity to change my last name, but i feel like the burden of changing it is too much for me to undertake. my finance has been so sweet and said that he would do all the paperwork on my behalf. when i ask him of the importance, he says that he likes the unity of being one in marriage and in name.

  73. I never really thought about how much work would be involved with the name change. WOW! I’m very excited to change my last name. For me it was never any question. But…(and that’s a big but) It still sounds so funny to say my soon to be new name out loud. They say you’ll get used to it in time. Alas, It’s hard to go from something as simple as Parker to a name like Bergstedt. A bit German don’t you think and I’m probably gonna have a heck of a time spelling it out all the time? Never the less, I’m so very excited to start out lives together whatever the change may involve.

  74. What a FANTASTIC service! With all the niggling details to keep track of when planning a wedding – I can see how this stuff could fall through the crack. Next thing ya know, you are trying to deposit those wedding gift checks and your bank account doesn’t match your drivers license! YIKES! : ) Every bride (and some grooms maybe!) probably need this. I know I will certainly look in to it for my upcoming wedding in October!

  75. This is a great service! Now if I could only get over my apprehension about the name change.  My first name is very Irish. My soon to be last name is very Italian. People have enough trouble with my first name as it is, but the new last name is going to make it even more challenging.  Despite it all, I’m a traditionalist, so I’m going through with it anyway.

  76. I have no clue even where to begin on how to change my last name so I could REALLY use this. I am getting married in September and I am changing my last from Permuy (pronounced per-moy – which has always been frustrating because no one can pronouce it to my new last name Moscowicz ( wow, huh? i love it!!! and I can’t wait)

  77. I want to change my name but it still feels strange. I am a teacher and go by my last name at work. Everyone knows me as my last name but in the long term I want to have the same name as my husband and children. I’d love the help figuring out all the forms. Thanks!

  78. Yay!

  79. This is the only part I’m a little bit nervous about! I read an article about a year ago in the New York Times about couples ‘blending’ their last names and tried to get my fiance to do it (mostly so he could understand how hard it is to even think about losing your name!) but he vehemently vetoed the idea. He said out blended names sounded like either a disease (it did) or a laundry detergent (it did) ;-) This would make it just a little smoother… but I’m still a little wary about giving up part of me. It’s one of the first ways you learn to identify yourself!

  80. After much deliberation, i will be changing my name from  Jennie Lee (one of the most common korean names in the world) to Jennie Kim (another one of the most common korean names in the world). I was really bummed to be changing my name since my middle name is katherine, making my initials in order in the alphabet, but i decided i’ll be keeping my full name and adding the hubby’s last name. so now i will have two middle names and still keep my identity while taking on a new one. =)

  81. I’m not exactly thrilled about changing my last name because it will be longer, harder to spell and everyone miss pronounces the name to sound like something I don’t think I can write here. With that said, my fiance has a small family and he is the only one that will carry the name on so it is very important to him to keep the family name going. I have heard that the process is not fun and as I am already not looking forward to it the name change service would be a great stress reducer!

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