Giveaway! Bridal Hair Accessories from Jannie Baltzer

November 7, 2011 | editorial team

bridal hair accessories and veils from Jannie Baltzer, vintage inspired wedding head pieces

Bridal hair accessory designer Jannie Baltzer creates the sweetest veils and head pieces I’ve seen in ages. Inspired by past eras, “The French Bohemianism of the early 1900s, the details of the Art Deco movement and the glamour of 1920´s Hollywood” she uses luxurious materials to lovingly handcraft each piece in her Copenhagen studio. I think these vintage inspired hair accessories would be an amazing addition to so many different wedding day looks, and I’m very excited to say that Jannie is generously giving one of you lucky Junebug readers, your choice of any of the beautiful designs on her website! That’s right – any one you want!

To enter to win, just visit www.JannieBaltzer.com to choose your favorite design from her collection, and then leave us a comment here letting us know which bridal accessory you’d choose and how you would wear it. We’ll accept entries through the end of the day on Sunday, November 13th, and choose our winner on Monday, November 14th.

bridal hair accessories and veils from Jannie Baltzer, vintage inspired wedding head pieces

bridal hair accessories and veils from Jannie Baltzer, vintage inspired wedding head pieces

Good luck everyone, and have fun! Jannie Baltzer’s bridal accessories can be purchased online at www.JannieBaltzer.com as well as in the Merci New York shop on NewlyWish.com. Be sure to check them out!

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  1. I absolutely adore the Elena and would wear it over a loose, sultry side braid!

  2. These designs are beyond gorgeous! I would love to wear the Alice at my wedding reception with a low, loose side chignon.

  3. I would definitely get the Ester hairpiece. It matches my dress perfectly!

  4. Jannie Balzers designs are SO LOVELY!!! I have been looking for a halo for our engagement shoot. I’m in LOVE with the “Lucille” it would go just perfectly with our vintage farm house photos. (PS I hope Canadian brides can enter Vancouver is just up the road (: )

  5. I love A Fairytale Piece. It’s delicate, glamorous and gorgeous.

  6. I love Agnes! I would wear it during my reception with my hair already done in a bun with loose curls hanging from the side. Absolutely gorgeous pieces! Also I hope the deadline for entries is meant for Sunday & Monday the 13th/14th and not the 6th/7th!

  7. What lovely pieces! Beautiful! xo http://www.PlumPrettySugar.blogspot.com

  8. Is the date deadline a typo? Just got an email saying entries accepted thru 11-14. Hmmmm

  9. Whoops! Yes, that was a deadline typo, which I’ve now corrected. We’ll accept entries through the end of the day on Sunday, November 13th, and choose our winner on Monday, November 14th. Thank you for pointing that out Allie!

  10. They are all SO gorgeous!! How will anyone EVER choose?? IF I had (okay got) to pick it would be… Sweet sweet Magdalena!

  11. I love the Ellette in Ivory. I’d wear it with my hair loosely pulled to one side, loose curls draping down. It was hard to choose between this one, the Agnes and the Harlow – they are all gorgeous!

  12. Oh my gosh – in LOVE!! My favorite is the Ellette. I have a vintage looking lace dress and because of the features in the back I didn’t want a veil. This would be perfect with it! Love, love, love!!

  13. I would pin the Ester in the back of a loose bun with a few loose curls. Love this piece, crossing my fingers that I win. :-)

  14. either the alice or the lluella– i can’t choose!! i’m eloping to the beach, so i’d wear it with my hair down in waves!

  15. I LOVE the Ester. So understated yet beautiful. It would go perfectly with my ivory dress and my garden wedding!! Love Love Love!!

  16. I really adore the Alice. It’s so feminine and pretty and I’d wear it with my hair in loose waves past my shoulders. I think it fits with the romance of the evening perfectly <3

  17. I am smitten with the Alice! I love them all, but kept going back to this one. So beautiful!

  18. I absolutely have fallen in love with the Esther. it is feminine, dainty, and absolutely gorgeous. I would wear it with my hair down with big loose curls just pinned back above my left ear. I love it because it reminds me of a snowflake. it is so unique, one of a kind, and beautiful and it would go perfectly with my dream winter wedding. It is simple yet elegant and it won’t overpower the dress. I have fallen in love with all of her pieces and even if I don’t win I will recommend these wonderful pieces to all! :)

  19. They are all so beautiful, but my favorite would be Edith. I am going to wear it with my long hair (teased to get a lot of body) then smoothed out in an elegant bun sitting high.

  20. I love the Elena! I have dark brown, wavy hair, so I’d get my waves curled up a bit for volume, then wear it without a veil as my crowning glory! My fingers are crossed, because I’d wear it again and again!

  21. I love the ester and would definitely wear it with fingerwaves on the other side.

  22. I love the Mary! The picture of the model wearing it with a large braid framing her face is beautiful.

  23. Bridget in cream is lovely…

  24. I would love to wear the Agnes hair accessory. it would go great with the dress, and the pearls are perfect.

  25. Esther is my style for sure!! I would wear it on the left side near my ear like an old movie star would on my wedding day!!

  26. I absolutely love the Ester hair piece! I love the elegant delicacy of French lace and the crystals and pearls would match the beading on the bodice of my dress perfectly! I think it’d look amazing with any hair style. I would wear it on the left with long, loose curls, holding my side-swept bangs out of my face during the ceremony, then on the right of a loose chignon for the reception. Très belle!

  27. I love the Elena! What beautiful pieces.

  28. Ooh so hard to decide- but I have to say Esther strikes the perfect balance between vintage and edgy for me. Would look awesome with my silk gown!

  29. I love the Esther! I’d love to tuck it into my updo on my wedding day

  30. I would love to wear the Mary headband on my wedding day!I imagine wearing it with my hair down styled with structured waves!

  31. Tough choices to make. I would wear either the Chloe or Annabell headband on my wedding day…and many times after the big day to add a pretty touch to an outfit. I would wear them with my hair down in loose waves to give a very soft romantic feel.

  32. My, oh my! I would just have to pick the AVA! The piece is beyond gorgeous and be the PERFECT touch to my wedding day! It matches my dress, my color, and the vintage feel I am shooting for. Thank you Jannie Baltzer for your great design! Thank you! -Kaitlin, The Bride-To-Be

  33. The Ester is my favorite!!!!!

  34. I absolutely adore the Adele headpiece! I’d wear it with my hair in soft curls and swooped to one side. Jannie Baltzer has THE BEST headpieces- what an amazing giveaway!!! XoXo

  35. I think the details in the head accessory called “Edith” would be something more interesting than most of the others, It would look nice with a short/sporty hair style while making the most of the flowery romantic style, although the short French Veil is nice, I would add more to it.. in a more “A-symmetrical” splash on the side.. sort of an organic feel to it.. young, hip, punkish, and YET romantic lacy sort of stuff. The gown could be anything from traditional or antique, to modern/non traditional, shorter..but I would like to see more of the same flowers as found on the accessory on the gown.. because they are the centre point of what would inspire me.

  36. I love the Agnes!

  37. The Honey is really nice!

  38. I would get the Ellette and wear it with a soft curled look.

  39. They are all stunning, but my favorite is the Elena! The lace is very similar to that of my dress, and I love the photo of the model with the low side-swept bun…exactly the look I’m going for!

  40. Ester is simple elegance at it’s best! with hair in a low bun :)

  41. I would love to wear the harlow to my wedding because I love feathers!!!

  42. i love the alice head piece

  43. I love wedding hair accessories. I am always so excited when my brides want me to do their hair and use a beautiful hair accessories. I love these. Janine does amazing work!

  44. Chloe! I’m a very simple girl! This would look beautiful for my elegant summer afternoon wedding!

  45. I love Alice and would wear it on the side of a curly updo

  46. The Alice! I would LOVE to wear this on my wedding day!!

  47. I would just LOVE to wear Alice at my wedding day! My dress is very vintage looking with alot of lace, so the simplicety of Alice would just be a perfect finish! I would wear my curly hair in one side to complete the look.

  48. i love the alice!! i’d wear it during my reception with my hair down and in loose curls, this is so romantic and beautiful!!!

  49. I would choose the Magdalena! I love it! I want to have my hair done very vintage hollywood glamour, and this piece would be soooo perfect to go with it! I also think having a black head piece will give the whole ensemble a little kick.

  50. I adore Laura in ivory!!! This is the most subtle and beautiful use of bird cage veiling that I’ve ever seen. I’d feel like a princess if I were fortunate enough to wear this piece of art.

  51. I adore LAURA because it’s an easy to wear headband with lovely cascading details! My wedding gown features french lace, so it would go perfectly! This piece would be soft and delicate with a modern edge! I would wear it with my hair down in soft brunette waves! Thanks so much, Anna, mattandanna at live dot com

  52. Loving Madeline and Ester!! If I won, it would be a difficult decision :) Thank you <3

  53. i really really want the so bohemian!

  54. I love the Esther. I would wear it pinned to the side Old Hollywood style with perhaps one other red rose to make it pop. This would go great with my satin mermaid dress.

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