Fun Gifts for Guys from Gent Supply Co.

December 2, 2009 | editorial team

Whether it’s for the groomsmen at our weddings, our Dads, brothers and buddies, or our very own grooms at holiday time, aren’t we ladies always on the look-out for great gifts for our guys? If the men in your life are playful and gadget-loving, check out the super fun online shop Gent Supply Co. They’ve got goods for everything from entertaining to travel to cooking to simply stylin’, and none of them are typical or expected. I’m eyeing a few of the items shown here for the main man on my shopping list (if you know my guy, you know which ones I’m after, but shhh… don’t tell him!) Where do you love to shop for gifts your guys?

creative gifts for grooms and groomsmen from Gent Supply Co.

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  1. those cuff links are rad!

  2. Nice multi-colored mugs! These are nice giveaways for my employees this Christmas! They will surely love this!

  3. I love browsing Uncrate (www.uncrate.com) for gift inspiration for the guys in my life!

  4. This is great! I’m always looking for new ideas, so tired of the same old same old.

  5. The iPod cases are so gorgeous, I bought two! I had to buy through Vers Audio directly, though, since they didn’t offer the version I needed at the Gent Supply Co. I’ll bookmark the fun site for the future, though.

  6. Ooooh! Love the film clock. Hubs is going to dig it!

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