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April 1, 2008 | editorial team

Your honeymoon in France’s DordogneLa Vie Photography

France is for lovers and all of us here at Junebug Weddings are simply in love with France! We love the food, the clothes, the architecture, and the feeling of romance that infuses every inch of the landscape. In fact, were so in love with it that our Art Director Kim Bamberg and her husband Adam got married there and our whole team returns to our favorite haunt, the perfectly located French chateau of Saint Julien l’Ars to mark the major celebrations in our lives.
Every time we visit, we set off in a different direction from the chateau and were always amazed and delighted by what we find. This November, Kim and Adam shot our Fabulous French Fashion Report in Paris and at St. Julien l’Ars, and then sped off to explore the enchanting villages along the Dordogne and Vézère Rivers, southeast of the chateau.  What they found was some of the most charming locations on earth to spend your honeymoon.
La Vie PhotographyJust 5 hours from Paris and 2 hours from St. Julien l’Ars, lies the idyllic Dordogne Valley in the world renowned Perigord Noir, famous for its fabulous food and wine, medieval villages, prehistoric caves, and breath-taking natural beauty. Were positive youre going to love steering your European car along the winding ancient roads and discovering new delights around every bend. We suggest you put your bags down in the beautiful village of Beynac, once the beloved home of Richard the Lionheart. The Auberge de la Rivière is our favorite place to stay in Beynac with its riverside views of the Dordogne and delicious fare, but it is just one of the many romantic choices available to you in the Perigord Noir. Once youve settled in youll want to visit the magnificent Chateau de Beynac that looms above the village, then drive, bike, canoe, and hike your way to all the amazing attractions this area has to offer. Here are the sights on our must-see list.
Medieval TownsLa Vie Photography
Sarlat: Dating back to the 9th century, Sarlat with its gorgeous yellow sandstone buildings, stone roofs, and narrow winding streets, is one of the most visited towns in France and a featured locale in the movies “Chocolat” and “The Messenger The History of Joan of Arc.” The attraction is the town itself, where you can spend days wandering in and out of the many churches, restaurants, and artisan shops. The Saturday market here is renowned in France, and during summer months the city is alive with art and La Vie Photographymusic festivals.
La Rogue Gageac: This picture-perfect postcard village features stunning medieval architecture and a troglodyte fort built 40 feet above the town in its sandstone cliffs. Southern exposure and a wind-resistant location make it a flourishing garden almost year round.
Monpazier: Considered to be one of the most beautiful villages in France, this perfectly intact 14th century town is located just outside of the Perigord Noir about 30 minutes from Sarlat. It’s well worth the trip for its beauty and historical significance.
Chateau de Hautefort: Featured in the Drew Barrymore movie Ever After, this impressive chateau is a fairy tale example Conceze.comof what life was like for kings and queens of the Renaissance.
Chateau de Commarque: This 12th century chateau between Sarlat and Les Eyzies was discovered in the 1970s buried under rock, silt, and vegetation. The meticulous restoration of the village, castle, and prehistoric sites found here is a continually evolving discovery, making this chateau a particularly fascinating stop along your trip.
Prehistoric Caves:
DigitalArtbyMimenta.comLascaux: The Dordogne Valley has over 1,300 prehistoric caves. The cave at Lascaux, often referred to as the pre-historic Sistine Chapel, is the most grand, and by far the most famous. Visitors are treated to a paleolithic art gallery dating back over 15,000 years.
Les Eyzies:  Known as the pre-historic capital of the world, Les Eyzies is where the first remains of Cro-Magnon man were found in 1868. Both the town and the caves are treasures you dont want to miss.
Gardens and Natural Beauty:
The Hanging Gardens at Marqueyssac: Stunning gardens with panoramic views of the Dordogne valley. The gardens are lit by La Vie Photographycandlelight on Thursday evenings making them the perfect place for a sunset picnic and a romantic evening stroll.
Canoe trips on the Dordogne and Vézère Rivers: No matter which river you choose youll be treated to views unlike anything youve ever seen before. Soak up the sun while you slowly meander past hanging gardens, dozens of cliff-side chateaus, and hundreds of prehistoric sites. We suggest you take a ride down the Dordogne, where Les Eyzies, the Chateau de Castlenaud and Marqueyssac are all just part of the scenery.
Travel Tip:
Consider traveling in the late spring or early fall when La Vie Photographythe tourist season is not at its peak and the countryside is ablaze with blossoming fruit trees or rich fall color.

Note:  Chances are youll be staying in Paris for some part of your French honeymoon. To make your stay perfect, get the scoop from Junebug in our article, Five Perfect Days in Paris.


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