Design Your Own Wedding Shoes with Milk and Honey

November 23, 2010 | editorial team

design your own shoes online with Milk and Honey, custom wedding shoes

Ever been frustrated while shopping for that special pair of shoes you’ve been visualizing perfectly in your mind’s eye, but that don’t actually seem to exist our there in the real world? Well if you have then I bet you’ll be as excited as I am to learn about MilkandHoneyShoes.com – an online boutique where you can design your own shoes down to the last little detail. I’m amazed at the materials and design options they offer and the really fashion forward looks you can create. Patent leather peep-toe pumps with a large bow and a 1 inch interior platform? Easy. An aubergine velvet d’Orsay shoe with a skinny 3.5 inch heel? No problem. Any of the looks on the whole site in a white satin or metallic finish, perfect for your wedding day? Done. Sisters and owners (and major shoe lovers) Ilissa and Dorian even welcome specialty orders, shoe parties, and visits to their LA area warehouse for one-on-one help and a wider selection of fabrics and options. Simply incredible, and as their tag line says, “A dream come shoe.”

design your own shoes online with Milk and Honey, custom wedding shoes


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  1. Holy smokes- that is a dream come shoe!! What an amazing idea. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Omg, BRILLIANT!! These are so gorgeous…

  3. So fun and a great way to alleviate a bride’s stress over what shoes to wear and where to find them.

  4. I tried it and it was fun. I get to pick the styles and colors I want. It can be a real challenge to look for the right wedding shoes especially the color to match your wedding dress. This will be great for picky brides and women in general. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Great shoes! I love the red one…

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