Damask Wedding Design

October 1, 2007 | editorial team

Damask, it’s a classic pattern that packs a big visual punch! It’s elegant and glamorous, and at the same time bold and graphic. Using the pattern in your wedding day decor could work equally well at a formal black tie evening event or at a funky modern afternoon party. I got an e-mail the other day form a reader looking for resources for damask patterned decor, and here are some of the great finds I came across on-line…

Top row:
Paper guest towels, dinner plates, dessert plates and napkins from Plum Party (search for “damask”)

Middle row:
Just a few of the damask woven fabric samples from Waverly (use their store finder to find a retailer near you)
Fabric inspired cake from Martha Stewart

Bottom row:
Menus and place cards from Apiary Design
Damask paper and ribbon wrapped tea cookies from Martha Stewart


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  1. Oh, how I adore Damask….

  2. I absolutely LOVE Damask — I’m hoping to incorporate some black and white Damask fabrics at our wedding reception (I’ve even blogged about it before). That cake is fab too!

  3. We are looking for linens and favor boxes in the black and white damask.  Any ideas where to find?  Runners or toppers would work too.

  4. Back in October I wrote a post about Damask wedding day design, and I still get questions about it all the time. Damask is such a gorgeous and classic pattern, and recently it has made a huge comeback as both an elegant, traditional look and and as a

  5. To Mom of the Bride,

    I’ve found a number of black, white, and red damask favor boxes at Michael’s craft store.

    Also check these out:



  6. Hi,

    We are using damask to accentuate our champagne and silver theme. But I was wonddering on how we could use more of the damask in our favors and decorations. We might be getting ivory table linens, and damask napkins. But i wanted more damask in the reception. Hope you guys have more suggestions…

    Thanks much.


  7. Has anyone found damask ribbon?

  8. We are really in love with the black and white damask pattern and want to use it on our reception tables. Maybe as an overlay on top of white table clothes. We are also incorporating a rich violet. into some of the details. I am having a hard time finding black and white(not black and ivory) damask. fabric. We were only able to find the Waverly brand. Can someone help?

  9. I would also like to have my table linens out of black and white damask fabric–but I CANNOT find any fabric online. Any websites you know of? Thanks!

  10. Both BBJlinens.com and nuagedesigns.com(click linens then autumn 2006/winter 2007 then click contemporary and mod) carry black and white damask linens! You might have to check with your reception location or contact the dealer about ordering them because I am not sure if they rent them out on an individual basis. My reception location orders from BBJlinens and I am planning on ordering the damask napkins!

  11. Oh and I also found some black and white damask fabric: http://www.buyfabrics.com/p-1715-traditions-black-white.aspx Thanks to the this blogger on Weddingbee who made some beautiful table runners. http://www.weddingbee.com/2008/06/05/table-runner-update/

  12. Has anyone found demask pattern name cards?

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  14. Has anyone found nice dask wedding invitations? I’ve looked at weddingpaperdivas, etsy’s and still haven’t found what I’m looking for…

  15. Looking for melamine/resin /plastic black and white damask salad plates? Any websites? or anyone have china ones for sale? Need 350.

  16. This is absolutely stunning designs! Thanks for sharing!!

  17. Nice designs!!

  18. I am have bright pink and light green as my wedding colors and i was wondering in anyone has seen or know where i can get any damask things in those colors b/c i just love damask????

  19. Where can I find light blue damask paper?? I need alot of it :)

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