Custom Cut Paper Fingerprint Art by Lori Danelle

November 18, 2010 | admin

custom finger print cut paper art by Lori Danelle, hand made wedding gift

We’ve mentioned the fun of using your own utterly unique fingerprints as the basis for jewelry and keepsakes before, but these custom cut paper works of art from Lori Danelle take it to a whole new level and are now on my holiday shopping list. With a graphic designer’s eye and her trusty exacto knife, Lori hand cuts each and every line to create a visual love note that would be amazing as decor at your wedding (think hanging above the wedding cake, place card or dessert buffet table, or even as a backdrop at the altar) as well as forever on display in your home. Check out Lori’s blog site and Etsy shop for more information and details on how to order. (And a big thank you to Gwyneth and GOOP for the introduction!)

custom finger print cut paper art by Lori Danelle, hand made wedding gift


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  1. this is really cool, timeless and original!

  2. OMG! I Bet I cannot make this on my own. Probably I could, but with some minor cuts and messy paper after wards. Great creation.

  3. This is such a cute idea!! Love it!!

  4. What a wonderful idea!!! I just love it!

  5. Nice personal wall art, well done !

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