Creative Save the Dates

July 16, 2007 | editorial team

After last week’s post about Kelly’s creative save-the-date, I received these fantastic responses from two Junebug readers and just had to share!Andrea and Trevor made their save the date postcard using a photo they took jumping off his Grandma’s dock at Hood Canal. “We took the photo at our engagement party with all our friends around us and it was a blast … even though I usually don’t like jumping in the water it was worth it!!” How fun! They had their friend and graphic designer Amanda create the postcards and they’ve received terrific responses from their guests.

Kate and Drew are trivia buffs and had the creative idea to incorporate their favorite pastime into their save-the-dates. Using the game’s classic categories they had fun coming up with all the “Wedding Pursuit” questions together, the all important one being the wild card question at the end. Q: “What date should you mark on your calendar for the wedding of Kate and Drew?” A: “Saturday, October Twenty Fifth, Two Thousand and Eight!” They made their own cards using Microsoft Publisher, and are thinking of extending the concept to their wedding reception, including a card at each place setting with trivia questions about the guests sitting at that table. What a fun way to carry their theme through and give a great ice-breaker to guests just meeting for the first time!


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  1. Drat! Usually I am very good at Trivial Pursuit, but I only got one of those questions correct; I answered 42 to the S&L question because that’s my default numeric answer to questions thanks to the Hitchiker’s Guide [;-}

  2. Those STDs are so creatively cute, I love ’em too!

  3. This is such a great idea I can even see it being used for a thank you note with a shot from the honeymoon location. I love this design and the font. It reminds me of the H&M summer campaign. If I got a Save the Date like this one, I’d know I wasn’t in store for a typical wedding.

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