Congratulations to Jennifer and Joe!!!

August 24, 2007 | editorial team

This adorable couple from Florida had the sweetest wedding idea I’ve heard about in ages! Both veterinarians, Jennifer and Joe met in college and were headed to Seattle with many of their friends for a professional veterinary conference. Instead of attending the conference one day, they secretly skipped out on work, and eloped! A friend who lived in town helped out with the planning and they ended up having a perfect, personal wedding day. The ceremony took place at the King County Municipal Courthouse overlooking the city skyline, the beautiful bouquet came from Ballard Blossom, and the photographers from La Vie Photography took them up to Kerry Park and Parsons Gardens for a post ceremony photo shoot. To celebrate, Jennifer and Joe met up with their friends and colleagues for dinner at the Capitol Hill restaurant Tango, and gave them all the big surprise announcement. How sweet!


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  1. I love the dress who is the designer?

  2. Oh my goodness!!  This is such an adorable wedding!!  I wish I would have done this when I got married!!

  3. Thanks so much for the compliment on my dress. :) I found it at Saks and the brand is Teri Jon by Rickie Freeman.

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