Colorful Wedding Invitations and Calligraphy

November 3, 2009 | editorial team

Continuing yesterday’s theme of choosing bold colors for your wedding, I’m absolutely adoring these bright and vibrant wedding invitations! Nothing muted or understated here, just exuberance in the form of COLOR!

Feminine and whimsical chartreuse wedding invitations from Flite

Bright and pretty chartresuse wedding invitations from Flite


Intricate pink, red, black and white Marie Antoinette wedding invitations and save-the-dates from Wiley Valentine

Pink, red, black and white Marie Antoinette wedding invitations from Wiley Valentine


Lush and classic letterpress invitations from Sarah Drake made modern with bright yellow edging, my favorite detail…

Classic black and white letterpress wedding invitations with yellow edging from Sarah Drake


Addressing wedding invitations with colorful envelopes and calligraphy inks from Real Card Studio

Colorful calligraphy and bright red envelopes for wedding invitations from Real Card Studio

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  1. oh la la! The bright yellow invitations and the ones with peacock print are gorgeous.

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