Cocktail Dress Giveaway from Project Runway’s Kara Janx!

March 22, 2010 | editorial team

colorful modern bridesmaids dresses from kara janx, project runway season 2 finalist

Welcome to the week everyone, it’s giveaway day! Today we’re thrilled to tell you about the amazing dress collection from Kara Janx, and to give away one of her beautiful designs to a lucky Junebug reader! Kara was a finalist on season 2 of Project Runway (love that show!) and since then she’s continued to create fresh, modern, feminine collections that would be perfect for bridesmaids, engagement parties, bridal showers, wedding rehearsal dinners, or even as alternative wedding dresses. I adore the bold colors and playful spirit of each Kara Janx piece, and you know I have already made my very own shopping wish-list of all the dresses I am dying to wear!

To enter to win one of Kara’s dresses, take a look at www.KaraJanx.com and then leave a comment here letting us know which dress you love the most, and how you or your bridesmaids would wear it. We’ll take entries all week long and choose a winner at random on Monday, March 29th. The fashion fun doesn’t stop there though, thanks to the generosity of Kara herself, all Junebug readers get to take 25% off any online purchases through Monday the 29th as well. Nice! Just use the code spring25 at checkout.

Good luck everyone, and have fun! I look forward to hearing about your faves!

colorful modern bridesmaids dresses from kara janx, project runway season 2 finalist

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  1. I love the Maya Silk Wrap Dress. It would totally be perfect for my engagement photos later this spring!

  2. Oh my gosh, these dresses are to die for! I love all the bright, saturated colors. I’ve been looking high and low for a reheasal dinner dress and the Dylan in yellow is perfect. I would rock that dress at any occassion I could, especially with my hot pink bridal shoes after the wedding!! LOVE THESE DRESSES!

  3. I like the Morgan Bubble dress. I’m looking for an informal wedding dress that I’ll still feel special in, this fits the bill.

  4. wow. what gorgeous dresses! i absolutely love the bailey. in black, it would be perfect for my bridesmaids to wear for the wedding…or me to wear for my bachelorette party!

  5. I love the Maya Silk Wrap Dress! It seems very versatile for engagement parties, rehearsal dinner or even a wedding reception dancing dress!

  6. I’d love to wear the morgan bubble dress as my wedding gown.

  7. I love the Ruffle Dress in lilac. If I could do it again, I’d wear it for my e-session, but I’m thinking all the girls will be adorable in these, too. The sheen and material is really flattering!

  8. Love the Dylan Dress. Perfectly youthful and flirty for a fun-loving bridesmaid in a summery wedding.

  9. Wow, her dresses are absolutely gorgeous. I love the Dylan Dress. The ruffles, the neckline, everything! Beautiful.

  10. I actually adore the waterfall dress from the Fall 09 collection. The raspberry color is PERFECT!

  11. I love the Waterfall Dress! I would wear it with class!!

  12. i think the dylan dress in sour apple is so eye catching! i can definitely see myself in it for engagement photos and the rehearsal dinner for some added cheerfulness. plus, it’s so casual i could wear it after the wedding too…

  13. Oh the Amber is to die for! How gorgeous! Fingers crossed I need a new summer dress!!!!

  14. My fiance and I are HUGE Project Runway fans. We DVR the show every week and always look forward to watching it over dinner together. Kara was one of my favorite designers so I’m so excited to see what she’s up to now! My favorite is the Kelly Long dress — I think it would be perfect to wear on my honeymoon.

  15. I love Project Runway! And I really like the Bailey dress in black and white polka dots. I need dresses for both my shower and the rehearsal dinner, so that would be great!

  16. I LOVE both the Dylan dress in sour apple (green is definitely my favorite color and one of our wedding colors) and the Morgan Bubble dress in Champagne. Either would be totally perfect for our rehearsel dinner. The versatility of the Morgan Bubble dress bow makes it so fun. I just love the vibrant colors of the whole collection!

  17. I love the dylan dress. I’d love to wear it to my rehersal.

  18. I love Karas dresses. The Kelly dress is great and would be perfect for my shower and then to rewear on our honeymoon in Jamaica.

  19. The Chelsea dress is perfect for a rehersal dinner, comfortable but elegant.

  20. I absolutely adore Bailey in black. It is really unbelievable and my ladies would be over the moon with the details and the side pockets! Our wedding colors are a mix of deep plum, gold, black and ivory. This black dress would be insane with some killer plum pumps and gold accessories.

  21. I love the Amber, Bailey, Dylan dresses ;) UBER CUTE!!

  22. I L-O-V-E, love(!) the short sleeve wrap dress. I have two bridesmaids (my sisters) and can just imagine them in the black and purple version of this dress. Even if I don’t win this, I may have to buy one for myself (thanks for the discount!!)

  23. The Amber dress in Violet would be STUNNING at my rehearsal dinner!

  24. How much fun! It was a tough choice between the Bailey and the Maya silk wrap skirt. My wedding dress has a great asymmetrical strap and the Bailey dress would be perfect tie in for the rehearsal dinner. Not to mention it would get a lot of use post wedding. Thanks!

  25. The Maya silk dress would be amazing as a reception dress and going away outfit! It’s fun and playful while still be very classy. A great modern take on the vintage going-away suit, and a great way to party at my reception and feel cute!

  26. I love the Demi dress in pink!! Perfect for the rehearsal dinner :-)

  27. This is a gorgeous giveaway! Every one of these dresses are fabulous. This designer is on point with her creations. I am deeply in love with the Maya silk wrap skirt…so versatile. I love that you can wear it in multiple ways. Thanks for the giveaway and keep up the great posts.

  28. How could you possible choose! I love them all, especially the colors! BEAUTIFUL! As a future bridesmaid, I would wear this to the bridal shower!

  29. I am in love with the Bailey dress in black. It’s sophisticated with modern flair. I can see my bridesmaids wearing that dress. I can see myself wearing the Ruffle dress for my rehearsal dinner. I like this collection alot.

  30. I would choose the royal blue one on the bottom row.

  31. I’m the type that prefers pants over dresses and the Larin top in Black with Champagne poppies from the Fall 09 collection would be perfect for a fall bridal shower.

  32. Yes, MUST have one of these dresses!!

  33. I love the Amber dress!

  34. Dylan! To die for! I would wear that to my bridal shower and then again on my honeymoon cruise. So perfect :)

  35. If I had to pick one, I love the Dylan dress! The style is awesome, however I would use different styles to reflect the different personalities and shapes of the bridesmaids, but have them in one color :)

  36. Wow, these dresses are incredible! I like a little more coverage for a fall wedding, so my pick would be the silk Zuri dress from Fall 09. I would choose it in Steel for a dress that can be worn way past the wedding. Thanks for the chance to win, love your site! xoxo

  37. I love the Dylan Dress and I would love to wear it to my Summer Rehearsal Dinner.

  38. I love these dresses! Especially the Bailey. So cute and perfect for the bachelorette party. It’s fun and flirty!

  39. The Dylan dress in yellow has a fun, flirty style that goes perfectly with our outdoor setting. My sister would look beautiful in it by my side!

  40. Great giveaway! I need a dress for our rehearsal dinner! The Dylan dress in black is my favorite! seasidesmitten@aol.com

  41. I love the Dylan dress and the green is my favorite. The ruffles, neckline, and cut is perfection.

  42. i love LOVE the dylan dress. what a great one to wear to summer weddings!

  43. All the dresses are really amazing, and would compliment so many body types– especially the dresses that fit at the waist, with added ruffles and flairs. Think my fav is the neon yellow ruffle dress– bold color and great shape!

  44. Unfortunately, I don’t have plans anytime soon to take a hot air balloon ride over paris, eat cake with the queen, or read a book in central park anytime soon. However, I can still put the black Dylan dress to good use! How about my rehearsal dinner in downtown Seattle? Yes please!

  45. oooh! i love the ruffle dress and it would make for a perfect rehearsal dress— which i still have on my to do list :) 4/24!

  46. I’d love to wear the Zuri dress in navy…anywhere and everywhere. With heels, with leggings and flats, even with jeans underneath!

  47. I’m torn between the Morgan Bubble dress, the Maya Silk Wrap skirt and the Short Sleeve Wrap dress. My fiance and I are eloping after I start graduate school, so I’m trying to find a fun yet lovely little dress for the occasion. All three fit the bill.

  48. I am completely smitten with the Famous Kimono Wrap Dress. I would wear it (in Fuschia/Pink) to my bachelorette party. The color just screams that it needs to be taken out for some quality girl time :-). I love that it has a universally flattering shape and that I know I would wear it time and time again!

  49. I love the sour apple dress too. I actually like all of them. I like the summery classy feeling it brings. Makes me want to wear cocktail dress all the time with the brilliant colors.

  50. Love the unusual length and flowiness of the Kelly Long! It would go well with my nature inspired September wedding.

  51. LOVE the Ruffle dress and the Morgan Bubble dress. I would pretty much wear those dresses anywhere. I’d put a sweater over the Morgan and wear it at work or throw some sandles on and go for a picnic or shopping. The ruffle dress would be a perfect one for the wedding rehearsal dinner, short and cute but just dressy enough. Perfect.

  52. Blue Dylan Dress for sure!! Jamaican Honeymoon BABY!!!

  53. I love the Morgan Bubble Dress! I would wear it for my rehearsal dinner!

  54. I love the one shoulder ruffle dress in coral. It would be beautiful at my beach wedding in Mexico.

  55. I love the Bailey in the pink and black polka dots. Sooooooo cute!

  56. Oh I’m in heaven – I’ve been searching high and low for a beautiful, sexy, unique WHITE cocktail dress to wear to my bachelorette party in Las Vegas. The Waterfall Dress in white couldn’t be more perfect. I’m also a huge Project Runway fan (my fiance is too — shhh…) so that would be just icing on the cake!

  57. I love the Morgan Bubble dress – it would be perfect in champagne or navy to wear to my wedding shower, rehearsal dinner or even as my sister’s bridesmaid gown. It’s such a fun, festive dress and looks to be flattering on any body style! Great designs!

  58. I like the Kelly dress in purple. I would definitely wear it to my wedding shower.

  59. I LOVE the purple ruffle dress (in front)! I would have my bridesmaid wear it with their hair swept up and fun drop earrings. I want them to look elegant and whimsy just like the dress!

  60. Love the color schemes, especially the dresses. Clients ask what kind of dresses suit them. http://www.stylemadesimple.net

  61. I’ve always loved her designs… love these dresses… and love the colors!!!

  62. I L-o-v-e the Bailey dress in black. so so cute. But truly. all of the dresses are lovely!

  63. I love the Amber dress. It would look so cute on all my bridesmaids who could then accessorize however they pleased :)

  64. I love the Maya Silk Wrap Skirt because there are so many options. And I love the bright colors. This will definitely be my gift to my wonderful Maid of Honor (and my little sister!).

  65. i hate to be selfish, but i need a beautiful dress to wear to my dad/s 3rd wedding without looking ridiculous. and these fit the bill.

  66. I love the short sleeve wrap dress. Simple, comfy, and a little more casual, I would get a lot of use out of that – showers, honeymoon, etc.

  67. I loved Kara on PR! I am maid of honour at my sister’s wedding later this year and I would love to rock one of the chartreuse styles (I can’t get the website to work correctly and I don’t know the name of the dress).

  68. LOVE, love, love the Maya silk wrap dress. I would get it in violet for my BM’s and let them wear it however they liked it best. It is sooo important to me that they like their dresses and feel comfortable in them, this would be a great option.

  69. Picking one is so hard!!!!! But, if forced to, I’d have my three bridesmaids wear the Morgan bubble dress in fuscia. I’m getting married in the sculpture garden at a contemporary art museum and these would complement the design so well. Thanks!

  70. The polka-dot Bailey dress is awesome and would be a great addition to my wedding wardrobe and beyond!

  71. Loving the Bailey from Spring ’10! Perfect for a night out on the town!

  72. I LOVE them all for my wonderful daughter!!

  73. I love the Dylan. I would wear it for my rehearsal dinner. But I would wear it again and again after that.

  74. I just LOVE the Zuri Dress in Eggplant. It’s the perfect rehearsal dinner dress!


  76. The Amber dress in violet is PERFECT for my rehearsal dinner at a winery! I’ve been searching high an low for a one-shoulder cocktail dress in a color that won’t clash horribly with my red hair…and I think this is it…

  77. I love the Bialey black and white polka dots! Definitely for the rehearsal dinner :)

  78. LOVE LOVE LOVE…all of the dresses…but if i had to pick just one…the Maya Silk Wrap Skirt/Dress in black would be perfect for my bridesmaids!!! They can all wear the same dress but would be able to express their individual personalities. I would love it too in any color for any of my upcoming events! Engagement pictures, bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, bachelorette party…the dress is just SO versatile!!

  79. I actually can’t find out what the name of my favourite dress is! It’s the strapless white dress with a big bow on the chest that’s featured first under the Spring 10 Collection. For some reason it’s not listed in the Shop but it’s still my favourite (though, I love ALL of them!) I’d definitely have to wear it to my bridal shower. And I’ll have to wear it on one of my nights out with my husband on our honeymoon :)

  80. I really love the Dylan dress- super cute! I would like to wear it to the rehearsal dinner or even out for the night of my bachelorette!

  81. I love the yellow dress! I would wear it to the rehearsal dinner of my friends wedding this summer!!

  82. I love the Amber. It is so fun and flirty! I would love to wear this dress to one of my bridal showers!

  83. I’m loving the Morgan Bubble Dress! It’ll totally hid my wide “birthing hips”! Oh the shoes I’m already mentally planning to go with it!!

  84. I love the Dylan dress in the green and would totally rock that at my “hair of the dog” picnic after our wedding!

  85. The Kelly Long dress is soo bright and vibrant. I would definitely wear it at my bridal shower to be summer chic and totally sassy.

  86. The violet Amber is my favorite! That color is so rich and fun, and I’d wear it on a bright Spring weekend!

  87. I love the Morgan Bubble Dress ! It would be so perfect to wear to a summer wedding I have :) Lots of really great dresses though, thanks for sharing!

  88. That green Dylan dress is breathtaking. Where I’d wear it? My rehearsal dinner, my honeymoon, a night out with the girls… I could even put it on after a bad day at work and just wear it around the house to brighten my day! The possibilities are endless.

  89. I would love to wear the Zuri dress for our rehearsal dinner.

  90. I love the Dylan dress! I would wear it for my rehearsal! I could even wear it on our honeymoon too. It would be perfect for our hawaiian honeymoon! Love it!

  91. I absolutely adore the black Bailey gown! I need a gown for my cousin’s wedding and I only have one other that’s suitable. So I really hope I can get that dress. Otherwise love the whole collection!

  92. I adore the Myra Silk Wrap Skirt. I would love to have my brides maid in the violet. They would wear it with matching bold pumps and large pearls. The whole collection is great. I can certainly dress myself in several of these outfits!

  93. I love the Maya Silk Wrap Skirt, and I’d wear it on our honeymoon :o)

  94. Ruffle dress for sure! I’d wear it to upcoming weddings, my first anniversary, and maybe even over tights. Sooooo pretty!

  95. Sorry Bmaids, your dresses are already good to go, but Mama Bride needs a new rehearsal dinner or honeymoon dress. I heart the Amber dress in that yummy citrus orange color.

  96. The Dylan dress is beautiful!

  97. love the Dylan, especially in the green. would be perfect for rehearsal! so bright and fun!

  98. I would love to wear the ruffle dress in lilac to my friend’s wedding in Hawaii this fall.

  99. LOVE the Bailey dress! Absolutely perfect for the rehearsal dinner!! Adorable!

  100. Dylan dress in black is my favorite-i would wear it to weddings and would ahve my bridesmaids wear it next to me.

  101. I would pick the morgan bubble dress in champagne to wear for my fun feminine wedding. Accessorized with over the top Crystal necklaces, hair piled in a messy know on my head a strong cuff and a fabulous platform peep-toe heel in red. So fun!

  102. I love the ivory dress with the sweetheart neckline, huge bow and bubble skirt. I especially love it on the website in red, minus the bow. SO lovely. I would hope to wear it in my sister’s wedding this August! :)

  103. I cant decide. I don’t think there is a dress on your site that I dont like. I want it all! Now until summer, I have three baby showers, 2 weddings, My birthday,  a few fundraiser, many parties, and of course church. I cashed out my IRA today just so I can shop on your site. My girlfriend said I’m crazy. At least I’ll look good crazy! So I’m just waiting for the check, then I’m shopping for at least 10 dresses. Yeah! cant wait!  and SHHH, don’t tell my husband.

  104. That pink one with the halter top is exactly the color I’m looking for with my bridesmaid dresses! I saw some more on http://www.gatheringguide.com thanks for all the great ideas!

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