Candlelit Woodland Wedding Style on Thompson Island, Boston – Leigh and Amy

January 25, 2011 | editorial team

romantic rustic decor wedding on Thompson Island, Boston, MA, Bernadette Coveney Smith - 14 Stories, photos by Kathempel Photography

The couple: Leigh and Amy

The wedding: 9.12.09 – Thompson Island, Boston, MA

What three adjectives that best describe your wedding? Mystical, ethereal, moonless night

What inspired your personal wedding style, and how did you incorporate your style and personalities into your big day? We wanted our wedding to reflect our lifestyle we split our time between St. Croix USVI and Florida. Leigh spent much of her childhood on an island off the Florida Panhandle so the location of the wedding being on an island was important. (Being in Massachusetts so that our marriage was legal was also important we incorporated part of the state Supreme Court opinion affirming the fundamental right for all people to marry the person of their choice in our ceremony). We wanted a mystical, otherworldly feeling so we chose a schooner to transport our guests and we chose to get married by candlelight under a huge tree with lots and lots of flowers. Amy wanted white flowers and Leigh wanted a broader range of colors, so the ceremony flowers were white and the reception flowers were intended to look more woodland garden/fairy-like. We used a bagpiper and a Celtic harpist to create the atmosphere we wanted. We wanted our guests to commit to support us and so we asked each guest to join us in processing to the tree and each to carry a candle and to affirm our commitment during the ceremony. We also wanted the ceremony to express our love for each other but not be too informal, so we worked with our celebrant to craft a ceremony that was very personal but also had elements of a traditional service.

romantic rustic decor wedding on Thompson Island, Boston, MA, Bernadette Coveney Smith - 14 Stories, photos by Kathempel Photography

Looking back, what are the moments, decisions or memories that you love the most about your wedding? During the rehearsal the day before, the reception location had not yet been transformed, so there were literally fishnets with plastic fish hanging behind the bar! We did not see the reception site until after the ceremony so when we walked in with the Celtic music playing and it had been transformed into exactly what we wanted with gorgeous flowers and linens and candles everywhere it was a total wow!

Looking back I would not change a thing about the wedding (except maybe that it could have stopped raining sooner, although it certainly created a misty, romantic feeling we were trying to achieve.) It was beautiful and felt like we were in another magical alternative reality the whole evening.

We had a snafu with Amys clothes when a Florida designer let us know at the last moment that her clothes would not be ready for the wedding. Boston designer Denise Hajjar performed a miracle and created an outfit in 48 hours with a bustier that matched the blush color of Leighs Vera Wang dress. Her design was better than what we had originally ordered. Amys clothes were literally delivered at 3 pm the day of the wedding what an exciting moment!

Oh, and the Cake! Yum!

Wedding color palette: Peach, chocolate brown, blush pink and white

romantic rustic decor wedding on Thompson Island, Boston, MA, Bernadette Coveney Smith - 14 Stories, photos by Kathempel Photography

The Wedding Team:

Photographer: Kathempel Photography
Event Planner: Bernadette Coveney Smith – 14 Stories
Ceremony Venue: Thompson Island
Reception Venue: Thompson Island
Officiant: Deb Goldman
Invitation Designer: J Sherman Studio
Calligrapher: Pier Gustafson
Catering: Above and Beyond Catering
Florist: Spruce Floral
Cake: Above and Beyond Catering
Wedding apparel: Vera Wang (dress) and Denise Hajjar (suit)
Make-up: Justin Tyme
Live music: Aine Minogue Ensemble, Kevin Wisehart – bagpiper
Lighting: Boston Uplights
Transportation: Tall Ship Formidable and Carol Kent Yacht Charters
Rentals: Be Our Guest Rentals

Thank you so very much for sharing your wedding with us Leigh and Amy!

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All images above by Kathempel Photography.

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  1. An absolutely stunning wedding! The candlelight is so soft and romantic and the colors are beautiful- love the peach and the chocolate brown together.

  2. I love that the flowergirl is like a mini me of the bride!! so adorable!

  3. Absolutely stunning! What gorgeous apparel. Every detail is just divine. Of course it’s a Junebug feature so the level of style, skill and personalization is over-the-top.

  4. Congratulations to the wedding couple! What gorgeous, gorgeous details! The tree is magical!

  5. Leigh and Amy , Yay for Massachusetts.!!! So glad I live here, even though I forgot to get married. Thompson island. what a great place to be married and a schooner no less. How completely romantic! Thanks for sharing your joyous day. Looking forward to the day when people have the right to marry in any state to the person they love.

  6. It was an absolute joy to share this magical, mystical, stunning moment in your lives with you. Your vision was truly inspired…the sailboat arriving in the misty dusk to the sounds of the solo bagpipe…the silent candlelit community processional to the tree…the pledge of support from your friends and family…the powerful words you chose to include throughout your ceremony…your personal vows to one another…It was a priviledge to be standing there with you. Thank you!

  7. this is the best couple I ever met in my life!!!! they deserve to have such a great wedding day.

  8. What a lovely wedding. So charming and romantic!

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