Busy Beaver Buttons

September 5, 2007 | editorial team

Over the weekend I got to spend some quality time picnicking with my dear friends Nicole and Robin who are making the big move to New York today. (Bon voyage guys!) I was reminded of their wedding last fall and of the fantastic buttons they made and gave out as wedding favors. They were just 1 inch across and couldn’t have been cuter! Turns out Nicole ordered them online from a Chicago business called Busy Beaver Buttons. They produce thousands of custom buttons orders each year and have their system down pat. You can design your own artwork, or use their design services for help. It’s easy, quick, totally affordable and makes for some fun and truly unique wedding favors!


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  1. OMG I love this idea!! what a fun little favor. i would totally wear one of these on a tote or jacket or something. They would be great for so many points in the celebration- shower presents, save the date announcements. Not too expensive, either. Thanks!!

  2. Busy Beaver is great. They have awesome customer service and help you make the best possible button. And they’re fast!

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