Bridesmaid’s Gift Give-Away from LouLouBell!

September 14, 2009 | editorial team

Bridesmaid's gift give-away, fabric pouches and purses from LouLouBell on Etsy

Happy Monday everyone! To start your week off right, today we have a bridesmaid’s gift give-away! LouLouBell Handmade creates ready made and custom designed fabric pouches in all kinds of shapes, sizes, colors and prints, and they make fantastic treats to thank your bridesmaids with. Choose pouches to match their personalities, or to coordinate with your wedding party style. Fill them with accessories, beauty products, candies or a sweet note and give your girlfriends gifts that they’ll use for ages.

To enter to win 3 ready made or custom designed pouches, just visit LouLouBell’s Etsy shop and choose your favorite design. Leave a comment here describing which one is your favorite, and next Monday we’ll choose a winner!

And for those of you who just can’t wait that long, Lyndsay from LouLouBell is offering Junebug readers free shipping on orders over $100. Be sure to let her know you found her here when filling in the message field during checkout.

Have fun, and good luck! Can’t wait to hear which ones you love!

Bridesmaid's gift give-away, fabric pouches and purses from LouLouBell on Etsy

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  1. Love the Farmer’s Market Blue Zipper bag! The bags are beautiful. Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. i love, love louloubell’s stuff, so it’s tough to pick just one…but the blue peacocks bag is super, super cute!

  3. pretty olive is pretty pretty. junebug is looking great these days, btw!

  4. there are so many cute ones. i think my favorite is the bohemian teal. i’d love three to give to my three bridesmaids!!

  5. So hard to pick! I really really love the Marine Berries.

  6. These bags are so cute! I love the Peacock Zipper Pouch. Thanks for the giveaway.

  7. I love, love, love, the Creamy Meadow print pouch. It’s versatile so that it could be used for going out on the town with the girls or out on a date! Very cute.

  8. there are SO many cute fabrics…very hard to choose…I have to say though the stand out for me is the Vintage Brown Floral – Wristlet…not only is it super cute, but on those many days/nights where I need to take just a few essentials with me, it is a PERFECT accessory!

  9. I’d go for Mirabelle Red – it’s so cute and the colors are happy and bright. Though really, I’d end up letting my friends pick what they wanted, because all the designs rock and I’d want them to be used over and over.

  10. I love candy damask and farmer’s market blue! Adorable!!

  11. I love the creamy meadow (wedding colors!) but if I know my bridesmaids, they’d like the farmers market blue or the kleo sage! Thanks for the giveaway!

  12. I love the Creamy Meadow – Zipper Pouch / Change Purse the colors are perfect for our black and white wedding and it would be a great addition to any purse!

  13. oh I love the peacock one! …and the bohemian teal pattern…both are so cute!

  14. The Cherry Blossom pouch is beautiful. The details on the print are so well-designed and it’s crafted gorgeously. It’s an amazing pouch and piece of artwork.

  15. They’re all so cute! But I think my favorite would have to be the peacock. It’s just adorable.

  16. I love the creamy meadow, definitely my favorite pattern!

  17. My favorite has to be the Blue Peacocks. It’s so fun and festive!

  18. antler damask is my fave! these are sooooooooooooooo beautiful!

  19. You read my mind! Just last night I was thinking of bouquet alternatives and decided matching clutches would be a cute and useful accessory for the bridesmaids to carry. My colors are chocolate brown and Tiffany blue. I think the “brown vintage floral” pattern in the big pouch size would be perfect for them to carry! It might be fun to mix and match with similar colors or patterns. I would fill them with essentials for the day like lipgloss, mints, and jewlery.

  20. Since I love red so much, I’m really digging the basket weave one. Its gorgeous!

  21. Love the blue peacock…i’m having a peacock themed wedding!

  22. What a fun idea! All of the bags are gorgeous, but I particularly love the creamy meadow design. So classy! Thanks for the giveaway.

  23. I love the almost nautical feeling that the marine berries pattern has–so clean and crisp!

  24. Very cute :) I love the Antler Damask Pattern and the Peacock Zipper Pouch ! Nicky. (www.theorganisedbride.net)

  25. I love the Turquoise Henna Garden pouch! The bright flowered pattern really embodies the summer seaside garden look that I am going for at my wedding next June!

  26. Loving the aqua reef zipper pouch! AND love that you’re featuring a Canadian artist!

  27. I love the tanginess of the Lime Juice fabric!

  28. These are great! I love the Pretty Olive the best though. Understated, feminine and classic – I am envisioning it filled with makeup and other goodies. They would make perfect gifts for my girls!

  29. I love them all…but the blue peacock one is beautiful!

  30. I had a hard time choosing just one, but I think I’d get the “Antler Damask Tarragon – Zipper Pouch”. It’s just too perfect – my bridal party is wearing that exact shade of green, and my theme is woodland, specifically with deer!

  31. I love harmony! However, Full moon forest is a close second. I love etsy!

  32. I love the cherry blossom bag! Cute and vibrant!

  33. These are all so cute! I love the Lime Juice one. We’re having different greens be an accent color to the wedding and it would be perfect for my 2 girls. Love them all though!

  34. Love the woodgrain bag!! Super cute!

  35. Wow, they’re all really cute! I love the “All Cotton” =)

  36. I love Aqua Reef. I did a post about LouLou Bell a while bag. Love her work and stylish fabrics! Makes for a great and inexpensive bridesmaid gift. :)

  37. The cherry blossoms are my favorite… although they all have so much spunk! :-) Very fun find- thanks!

  38. These are such cute bags! I love the marine berries pattern. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  39. I love those bags!!! I have so many that I love, I think my favorite is creamy meadow, but I would carry just about any of them :)

  40. I love this idea and can see it going in so many different directions. You could fill it with your favorite beauty products and present it to your bridesmaids before the wedding. You could buy a luggage tag and a passport cover and present it to them at the rehersal dinner for their future travels. I adore the LouLouBell products and am so excited to have stumbled upon her site. If I won this giveaway I think I would choose the same size bag and three different fabrics each matching my girls personalities. There are so many fabrics to choose from that it’d be a difficult decision but… oh so fun! Thanks for this giveaway.

  41. I love the Kleo Sage design! It reminds me of Japanese textiles.

  42. As an ardent birdwatcher- these cute little pouches really appealed to me- bird decor is simply the best! It was so hard to pick one favorite, but I think the Cherry Blossom padded zipper pouch was my favorite! The colors are beautiful! Keep up the good designs!

  43. Hard to choose just one. My favorite, though, is the All Cotton.

  44. I love the Didi Red! :-) Such a vibrant and bold shape. I’ve just favorited a new Etsy shop- YAY! Affordable too!

  45. LOVE the bohemian teal! Thanks for the find.

  46. You have to love the cherry blossom pouch. It would be perfect with jeans or the “little black dress” Thanks for the give away, these do make an awesome gift.

  47. My favorite is Aqua reef. My wedding color, absolutely.

  48. Wow, this was a tough choice – they’re all so cute!! My favorite would have to be “Pretty Olive,” although “Harmony” was a close runner-up. Would love to buy a few more (I have 6 bridesmaids) and use these as part of a gift for my girls! Thanks so much for doing this contest, Junebug!

  49. I love the black and white bag..Very good and cool for wedding..Love it :)

  50. I love Coriander Pine! Just the right hint of blue, and such a beautiful design. Thanks for the giveaway =)

  51. My favorite is the Cherry Blossom! Being from DC, it reminds me of my favorite time of year here — as well as the fact that my fiance and I got engaged on the National Mall, not too far from all the cherry blossoms!

  52. love didi red! so cute!

  53. So many cute choices. I have to say though that if my arm was twisted and I’d have to pick JUST one, then I’d have to go with the Mirabelle Red wristlet. If I was given a second choice? I’d pick the Mille Fleur wristlet. They are so bright and would brighten up any ensemble!!!

  54. Hard choice! I think the Bohemian Teal Zipper Pouch is lots of fun, and probably my favorite.

  55. my fave is Baaad Sheep – Zipper Pouch

  56. I can’t decide between Brown Vintage Floral, Coriander Pine and Wild Begonia!

  57. I love, LOVE me the Harmony Zipper Pouch… and it’s in my wedding colors!!

  58. How cute are these?!?! I LOVE Mille Fleur – the bright colors are so vivid and amazing and I adore the pattern. These colors are perfect for my spring wedding!!

  59. Love the Vintage Rose purse – reminds me of a very elegant affair. We are getting married the day after Christmas this year and would love to have this purse by my side. Thank you for the offer!

  60. The fabrics and bags are so cute – love them!  My favorite is the Marine Berries Zipper Pouch.  Thanks for the chance!


  61. I love the Candy Damask Bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are ALL so gorgeous!

  62. Your bags are adorable! I LOVE the cream meadow design!

  63. i love the All Cotton – Zipper Pouch i love the fabric! how cute!

  64. I love the Didi Red – Zipper Pouch.

  65. I had a hard time picking just one since each of my bridesmaids is so different, but if I had to I’d say I love the olive damask pouch with the vertical stripe. So cute and I can think of so many ways to use them.

  66. I’m lovin’ the antler damask tarragon pouch!

  67. The Woodgrain bag is so fun and unexpected! Love it!

  68. oooh I love them alll but if I had to choose one it would be the pink peonies one!! So cute and i love those color combos

  69. I adore the pattern on the Bohemian Teal – Zipper Pouch. It is such a lovely gift!

  70. Beautiful! I love the pattern of the Autumn Lace – Perfect Fit iPhone Case / Teeny Zipper Pouch, but maybe in a bigger size! Thanks for the chance! =) thesweetestpetunia [at] gmail [dot] com

  71. I love, love, love the nosegay design! So pretty!

  72. I love all of them, but I think my favorite is the Peacock Zipper Pouch.

  73. I love the black and white damask print pouch. My bridesmaids are all classy ladies, and I think this would be the perfect gift for them!

  74. I love the Bohemian Teal! It looks like a rainbow, a peacock, and a (happy) weeping willow tree had a delicious group hug all over that purse! It’s so cute!

  75. I absolutely adore the black and white damask print! I am using this exact same damask print as overlays for my tables at the reception, paired with spring green as an accent color, so this would just fit perfectly. My bridesmaids are all from out-of-town, so I would love to put together a little care-pouch for them for their first visit to Nashville and these pouches would be a fabulous start!!

  76. I love the Creamy Meadow – Zipper Pouch / Change Purse. So cute!

  77. I love the pink peacocks- so cute!

  78. These are so beautiful!! I love the Cherry Blossom one. mandyhornbuckle (at) gmail.com

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