Black, White and Green Wedding Color Palettes for Spring

June 6, 2008 | editorial team

Last week we received a comment from Vanessa, a bride in search of a little help with her spring wedding color palette… “I am getting married in April of 09 and I am having a huge problem picking my wedding colors. I first came up with green, black and white but wasnt sure if that would be okay for a spring wedding. I really love green but am not sure what colors would go well with it.”
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Thanks for asking Vanessa! I think that for a spring wedding, green, white and black would be absolutely gorgeous! Green is truly mother nature’s favorite color, so it goes with pretty much anything and every thing! Pairing it with white and black will look fantastic and could be appropriate for any season depending on the approach you take. For spring, I would keep the greens light and bright, like the colors of new leaves and flower buds, and use a couple of shades together. Bright grass green and lighter chartreuse would look lovely together and the black and white accents would really set it off. The black is going to add bold definition, so consider where you want to use it and in what style.

For a classic look, you could concentrate on elegance with simple black borders on your invitations, table linens and decor, sophisticated black accents in your bridal and wedding party fashion, and small green accents in light and dark shades to bring in the fresh feeling of spring.

green, black and white wedding color pallete for spring
Top row:
Images from Aria Style

Second row:
Boutonniere by Aria Style
Hand-knotted small pearl bracelet from JCrew.com
Christian Louboutin Very Noeud slingbacks from Net-a-Porter.com

Bottom row:
Wedding invitations by Gryphon Stationers
Diamond, green glass and platinum wedding ring from Facere Jewelry and Art


For a casual, fun and whimsical look, use your colors in patterns like polka-dots and stripes, use bright green granny smith apples or limes in your decor, and wear funky jewelry and accessories that add to the fun.

green, black and white wedding color pallete for spring
Top row:
Images from Junebug Weddings Candy Coated Color Fashion Report

Second row:
Marc by Marc Jacobs Caroline frilled dress from Net-a-Porter.com
Image from Junebug Weddings Candy Coated Color Fashion Report
Wedding cupcake image from Rebecca Thuss

Bottom row:
Wedding favor image from Rebecca Thuss
Table setting image from MarthaStewart.com 


For a more fashion forward and dramatic look, incorporate a black and white damask or large floral pattern into your decor and invitation themes, add a bold black sash to your wedding dress, and balance the dramatic with simple modern table settings and sculptural green and white flower arrangements.

green, black and white wedding color pallete for spring
Top row:
Wedding dress by Tara Keely from Brides.com 

Second row:
Isaac Mizrahi Candy cocktail dress from Net-a-Porter.com
Boutonniere by Aria Style
Silk floral tie from Barneys.com

Bottom row:
Image from Rebecca Thuss
Wedding invitation by Gryphon Stationers


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  1. Adorable shoes! Norstrom’s has a similar pair of satin peep toes with a bow for $60!! They have them in green too!

  2. I love, love, love the Tara Keely dress. Gorgeous.

  3. LOVING that Tara Keely dress! It’s funny, because I’m a black, white and green bride as well – but I’m a fall bride. I had always thought that my colors were more appropriate for a spring wedding, it’s funny to hear the opposite!

  4. Color palettes like this one are so fabulous because they are great in any season. I love thinking about all the different ways you could approach it so that it’s perfect for your season, and totally you. Thanks for the fun comments- I adore the Tara Keely dress and the black Louboutins as well! So dreamy!

  5. Love this color combo! :)

  6. you have such a pretty blog – every post is a visual treat! xo alison

  7. The colors work so great together- very fresh!

  8. these color palettes are my favorite! i love green!!!

  9. Beautiful boards! We had a black, white, and green wedding in April, and I was thrilled with the way the colors worked together. Here are some photos of the details: http://www.projectwedding.com/biography/list/aching?biography_page_id=5531

  10. Green Black and White gets my vote too! It is beautiful. :)

  11. Ha! I was a black, white and kelly green/celadon green bride this past March. I love green!

  12. I always thought black, white, and another accent color would be really stark and harsh- but these schemes have a really lovely and soft quality to them. I still haven’t chosen a scheme for my wedding yet but I will have to keep it in mind!

  13. I’m loving the granny smith apple green with the white and black combination. I am planning to have the ceramony in an Australian bush (gum trees are still small so very leafy) so I was just wondering whether it’d be too much green? Or whether it’d be better to choose black bridesmaid dresses and accent with green sashes/flowers?

  14. I actually am not a huge fan of green, but I am black and white, and I am planning a green, black, and white wedding, just because using green as the accent color makes the whole thing pop. And I am having an outdoor wedding and it just works perfect with the natural scenery.

  15. Each day this week I'll be bringing back some of Junebug's favorite blog posts from the past year to give us a reminder of where we've been, so we can move forward with glee… beginning with my personal favorite, wedding color palettes!

  16. i think that ifyou wanted to go for a black and white wedding for christmas the color should be red but not to red you dont wnt to threw off the color red. and you can still have green cuz you can use chrismas green. it workes out very well.

  17. This is absolutely gorgeous! Those colors never occured to me. I’m looking for my colors now, for a fall wedding, and was more into the Black and Orange Halloween thing. Only I don’t really like orange! I was just into the idea of the holiday theme. I never even thought of green but it would be so easy– leave the leaves on the flowers and they are already doing their part! I wonder if it would be ok for an indoor reception though. Also, are those real apples or ceramic ones? They look too perfect to be real. I saw someone selling ceramic apples on http://www.gatheringguide.com/ec/party_favors_decorations.html when I was browsing last week but I can’t find the specific bookmark anymore. Do you by any chance know where you got them, and how much they are?

  18. I had the same idea as her, my fiance and I are both irish and we wanted to have Kelly green as our color and black and white accents. Well, the problem is that there is NOTHING is actually kelly green, its bright, vibrant and bold. I could only find 2 sets of invitations that were in Kelly green, Abby Jean Press ($750 for 75 invitations and Kate Spade ($450 for 75 invitations). Both of which are completely out of my price range. Now we’re looking into changing our colors because of the simple lack of available items. It’s a nightmare.

  19. Fantastic advice on how to use the black, white and green color palette for any season. I just created a blog post on this same color palette featuring my Leaves of Love invitations. Hope you don’t mind, but I linked to this page on your blog because I wanted brides to see your gorgeous inspiration boards.

  20. I have just picked my wedding colors. I love white, black and green. Date Marc h 2011. I hope i can find the find shade of green.

  21. Aaah, I love, love, love classic black and white made more exciting by an unexpected lift from a vibrant color.

  22. These colors are really nice! Lovely combination and very warm mood:) Very appropriate to a summer wedding, possibly on the beach.

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