Birthday Giveaway! Dinnerware from Mikasa

July 13, 2011 | editorial team

modern dinnerware for your bridal registry from Mikasa

Another giveaway today? That’s right dear readers! Didn’t we tell you that Junebug’s birthday month would be a fun one?

If you’re planning your wedding right now, we know you’re also most likely thinking about your gift registry and how to choose items like dishes, tableware and home decor. Well, for all of those items and more, look no further than Mikasa, one of the world’s leading brands of dinnerware and gifts. They simply blow us away with their incredible selection of dinnerware designs, which means that there is a china pattern out there for every couple, from the most mod to the most traditional, and everyone in between. To show you just how versatile their designs can be, we’ve partnered up with this long-established company for today’s big giveaway, and I’m excited to say that Mikasa is generously giving away a full 8, count em, 8 place settings of one of these four dinnerware patterns to our winner! Wow!

To enter to win jump on over to Mikasa’s Facebook page and hit that “Like” button, then leave us a blog comment here letting us know which of these four patterns is your favorite and why. We’ll accept entries until next Wednesday, July 20th when we’ll randomly choose our winner.

So what do you say? Do you love the clean, sleek look of the Modern White collection…

Modern White square dinnerware for your bridal registry from Mikasa

The organic romance of the Sketch Floral collection…

Sketch Floral flower design dinnerware for your bridal registry from Mikasa

The delicate and timeless femininity of the Platinum Ribbon collection…

Platinum Ribbon romantic bridal dinnerware for your bridal registry from Mikasa

Or the hip graphic look of the Platinum Links collection… The choice is yours!

Platinum Links modern graphic design dinnerware for your bridal registry from Mikasa

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  1. I love the Platinum Collection. It’s got a very classic look and I think it would be very versatile.

  2. Love the Platinum Links Collection!

  3. I’m going to have to choose the Platinum Links collection. I like that it’s simple, but still interesting.

  4. There is just something about Platinum Ribbon that says ADORABLE!

  5. Plantinum Links!

  6. oooh what a fab giveaway! I adore the Platinum Ribbon collection, its to luxurious and timeless!

  7. I love the Modern White collection because it’s kind of edgy… like me! ;~)

  8. ohmygosh how to decide?! I have it on my life list to own Mikasa wine glasses! I love all of these!!! the last one would be perfect though so I’ll have to say Platinum links

  9. I love the modern white! Great for everyday use, but still unique enough that it doesn’t feel like basic everyday china. With some pop of color on the table, I could use these for a casual dinner party – if I wanted!

  10. Well, I like the Sketch Floral collection but the future Mr. likes the Modern White collection. I think in this situation we should compromise with the Platinum Links…BUT I’m the one posting the comment! Sketch Floral it is! I love Mikasa! Their plates are such good quality.

  11. I really like the Platinum Ribbon collection! How classy!

  12. I love the Platinum links collection, and would love to win a setting for 8!

  13. Love!

  14. Love this birthday give away! I’m getting married October 29th and my favorite setting is the Platinum Ribbon! What a great gift this would make! Thanks!

  15. Definitely the Modern White collection — I love the way the shapes make it interesting while the color keeps it classic!

  16. I adore the sketch floral but I think the platinum bow would probably be more practical for us! Mikasa has some beautiful designs – fell in love with some flatware on their site: simple with style and well within a reasonable person’s budget!

  17. I LOVE the Sketch Floral Collection! The delicate flowers are SO beautiful!

  18. The Platinum Links collection is my favorite. It’s versatile without being plain. You could dress it up or down for a regular dinner on a Wednesday night or for a fancy dinner party on a holiday. I also like that it’s more gender-neutral. I know my fiance and I would love to win this!

  19. I love the clean lines and feel of the Modern White collection! It’s timeless and simple, the perfect blank slate on which to display and enjoy all our culinary creations!

  20. I love the Platinum Links collection! I love the graphic patterns, and I think it would look great with my vintage red glass!

  21. Oh my gosh! I completely LOVE the modern white collection!

  22. I love the Platinum Links collection! So beautiful!

  23. The modern white collection will make all of my average food look like it belongs on Top Chef!

  24. Platinum Links is gorgeous!!!

  25. I love the Platinum Links because of the juxtaposition of classic with modern.

  26. The Platinum Links is the best because its sleek.

  27. I LOVE the Modern White! So clean, sleek and stylish.

  28. Platinum ribbon is stunning. I love mikasa but with 6 adopted children it is hard to even afford the food, LOL Getting married soon so this will be the lords blessings to get this.

  29. ooooh! I SUPERLOVE the Modern White collection!! It will go PERFECTLY in my home… everything is white – including the furniture!!

  30. I love the platinum links!

  31. I love the platinum links collection because it is versitle. It has the sleek and modern look with some funky circular shapes, but at the same time has traditional lines and shapes that can make it classic. This is my all time favorite because I think it suits our style as a couple, fun and timeless.

  32. loving the Platinum Links!!! so very graphic and modern. i adore the mis-match plates with this collection – very unique.

  33. The Sketch Floral collection is my FAVORITE! Love them all though. :-)

  34. Oh I forgot to include why! I love the Sketch Floral collection because it’s so elegant and pretty.

  35. I will have to choose Platinum Links. I like the interesting pattern on them.

  36. LOVE love love the modern white. clean lines, elegant and timeless! After just celebrating 11 years of marriage, I was thinking it was time for new dishes, but after a short search, I quickly realized, the ones I choose years ago are so simple and elegant, I couldn’t replace them with anything else! But if I did, it would have to be with something very much like the Modern White Collection!

  37. LOVE THEM ALL… but I would definitely go with the Platinum Links.

  38. Tough decision to make but my favorite is the Platinum Links collection! Timeless and a fresh look. Love Mikasa- lasts forever!

  39. Platinum Links is sooo pretty!

  40. I love the Sketch Floral design. It’s lovely! This is NOT the Mikasa of old. I’m impressed!

  41. I love the Modern White Collection. I have always loved the modern beauty of a purely white square dish, however Mikasa has blown me away with this set. The elegant sloping silhouette in this collection is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Mikasa has taken a simple dinnerware design and brought it to another level of sophistication!

  42. I LOVE the platinum links, and I liked them on fb.

  43. I like the flower one. Very pretty!!

  44. I love the Modern White! Anything to replace my Ikea dishes lol!

  45. I gotta say – I really LOVE the platinum links collection. Its simple, timeless, and while it looks good, will make food look even better with the understated design.

  46. I love the Platinum Links collection – it’s such a gorgeous set, and so classic! My fingers are crossed!

  47. I love Platinum Links! My fiancé and I have a more contemporary style, and I like that this pattern has that while keeping a china look to it.

  48. i loves the Sketch Floral one best for Easter dinners

  49. I think the sketch floral is very pretty and classic

  50. I like Sketch Floral

  51. I love the Sketch floral because it has a timeless look. I could see myself using it for several holidays with various color chargers. :)

  52. Platinum ribbon is gorgeous I like that one the best! But the Modern White is a very close second!

  53. i like the clean, updated look of the modern white collection.

  54. My favorite is the Platinum Links. We’re decorating our house with silvery touches, and I love polka dots! This set would be PERFECT for my kitchen! (And help us get rid of hand-me-down dinnerware!)

  55. I love the Platinum Links! The set is so stylish and modern, it would definitely be an upgrade to the handmedown dish set I have now!

  56. I love the platinum links. It’s very sleek and simple, yet modern. It very much fits our personality and it’s not too girly so my fiance will love it too!

  57. I adore the delicate prettiness of the Sketch Floral.

  58. All about the sketch floral!

  59. Love the Platinum Ribbon! A classic collection.

  60. I love the Platinum Ribbon! So pretty!

  61. I love platinum links!

  62. They are all lovely! However, I think the Platinum Links is my favorite pattern. Clean, modern, awesome.

  63. They are all beautiful but Id have to go with the Platinum Links set {with the platinum bow coming a very close second} because it looks very like my mother’s Mikasa wedding china and I have always wanted that. Hers was a platinum collection too so if I win I’ll someday have both and they will look perfect together!

  64. I am in love with the Platinum Ribbon Collection. It is modern enough for casual dinnerware, but the ribbon design gives that extra little pop! Love it! Great giveaway!

  65. I love the Platinum Ribbon – such an Audrey Hepburn classic style! Breakfast at Tiffany’s? How about at my place!

  66. I love, love, love, the sketch floral! It’s beautiful and would be great for guests and special occasions.

  67. Platinum Ribbon is truly versatile & simply beautiful for any table setting – formal or everyday. I also believe the design is perfect for all sexes…not just feminine as it is described.

  68. My fiance and I adore the Platinum Links! Especially when our core colors for most of our home is black and white!!

  69. They are all really beautiful. But my favorite will be the Platinum links :)

  70. I grew up with Mikasa in my parents’ house and always envisioned it in my own one day. I really like the Platinum Ribbon. I am obsessed with the square plates and love the simple, sleek design.

  71. I love the modern white collection. It’s sophisticated yet understated. I feel like anything served on this collection would look stunning and tasty!

  72. Ahhhh! I love them all!!!! I guess my favorite is the Sketch Floral but I’m really torn!!

  73. My favorite is the Modern White collection because the classic look of white will go with anything!

  74. I love the Modern White because it looks simple yet elegant

  75. The Platinum Links pattern totally matches our modern kitchen and fun personalities!

  76. I love the Platinum Links collection!

  77. I love the sketch floral design. It reminds me of my mother’s china with a modern touch. Classic and elegant.

  78. I love the Platinum Ribbon design for my more formal get togethers. Thank you for the chance to own it!

  79. My fiancé really loves square and rectangle plates, and I would love to surprise him with the gorgeous Modern White collection!

  80. I love the Sketch Floral pattern the most. It is so elegant and classic and would be perfect for serving my family with. Thank you!

  81. I love the sleek & modern look of the Platinum Ribbon…elegant & sexy!

  82. I love the Modern White collection. I love the contemporary lines and the fact that it will go with anything. Thank you for this opportunity!

  83. I think the Modern White would be a fun pattern to use!

  84. The Platinum Ribbon has got to be my favorite…..very classy and can add and stack so many options with it!

  85. Love the Platinum. Clean lines.

  86. i’d love to have the Modern White or Platinum Links collections! :)

  87. The platinum ribbon collection makes my heart go pitter-patter!!! It’s gorgeous!

  88. I still adore the Sketch Floral. I have been a fan of Mikasa on FB for a while and although they tempt with lovely graphic and cool colors, I am still a romantic at heart. Love the florals. Thanks for the chance to win some!

  89. I love the Sketch Floral pattern. Truly an attractive pattern and very timeless.

  90. I LOVE the Sketch Floral Collection!

  91. The Sketch Floral.

  92. I love the modern white collection–they would be the perfect addition to several patterned tablecloths I have. I have had my eye on some rectangular dishes and woud love to wn some by Mikasa.

  93. The Sketch Floral rings my chimes!

  94. I love the Platinum Links collection! Beautiful!

  95. Liked on fb. Love Modern!

  96. While I love them all, I must choose the Modern White collection because it is simple, elegant, and could be paired with so many other dishes to give it continual variety and fun.

  97. I love the platinum links collection. Very classic, simple, and modern. My fiance would like that one too (another reason I chose it). I’ve also “liked” Mikasa’s FB page…I’m surprised I didn’t “like” it earlier than this, I love their products!

  98. It’s all so beautiful, I love it all! I am a follower on FB, and I guess I would go with the Sketch Floral (hard to decide between that and Platinum Links). Thanks for the opportunity!

  99. I love the sketch floral collection :)

  100. Love the platinum links!!!

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