Birthday Giveaway! A Necklace from The Aisle New York

July 5, 2011 | editorial team

Suzanna Dai Monte Carlo necklace from The Aisle New York

Welcome back from the long weekend everyone! Although your holiday festivities may be over, the celebrations at Junebug have just begun, and today we’re kicking off our birthday month right! The Aisle New York, the incredible invitation-only online wedding fashion sale site, is generously partnering with us all month long for a giveaway every single week! Woo-hoo! The Aisle New York is an invaluable fashion resource for brides-to-be. From their dazzling dresses and accessories straight from the runway, to their online magazine featuring top fashion trends, killer sale prices that will lighten up your wedding budget, and custom made collections available nowhere else, The Aisle is a true wedding treasure trove.

Today’s item up for grabs is the Suzanna Dai Monte Carlo necklace pictured above, and to be 100% honest, this is one of those times when we truly wish we could enter our own contests! The style experts at The Aisle say, “We love this piece because it feels as good as it looks. This Suzanna Dai Monte Carlo necklace is backed in touchable gray suede, so it is as comfortable as it is beautiful. The crystal details are luxurious and sparkly, without being over the top. And it would look as amazing with a T-shirt as it would with a wedding gown!” We whole-heartedly agree.

To enter to win, simply leave us a comment here telling us about the accessory you’re most excited about wearing on your wedding day. We’ll accept entries all week long and randomly choose our winner next Monday, July 11th. And once you’re done here, don’t forget to head over to TheAisleNewYork.com to register your account and sign up for their newsletter letting you know about all their weekly sales and specials. I promise you, you don’t want to miss all that they have to offer!

Designer wedding dresses and bridal jewelry and accessories on sale at The Aisle New York

Take a peek over at our Photobug blog for another great giveaway today, and check back here all month long for giveaways, surprises and super special content looking back at the 5 years of Junebug! We’ve got lots of great things in store and hope you’ll come help us celebrate!

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  1. I was most excited about wearing my shoes that had I glued blue rhinestones to each of the soles: “I” on one foot and “Do” on the other. That served as my “something blue” too!

  2. I have been searching for a vintage inspired statement piece necklace and I am in love with all of the above items, especially that necklace! Our wedding is June 2, 2012 and is “french vintage inspired.”

  3. i’m most excited about my necklace… yet to be found.. it’s the center of the attention since i’m wearing a strapless dress… i love this necklace featured here because my wedding color is silver and light pink :)

  4. I am most excited to buy my wedding shoes!!

  5. I’m most excited about wearing the cuff bracelet I’m making from some of the lace that came from the bridal gown both my mother and grandmother wore!

  6. I’m most excited about wearing my beautiful headpiece that I got from etsy. It’s really unique and beautiful. I’m so excited to be marrying the love of my life this Saturday!!

  7. I’m most excited about my veil-it is cathedral length with lace on it and my dress. :)

  8. I can’t wait to wear my wedding band! My fiance did such a thoughtful job picking out my engagement ring and keeping it all a surprise, that I can’t wait to pair it with my wedding band that is equally beautiful, thoughtful and the sign that we are finally married!

  9. I just can’t wait to wear my ring. Something I have wanted to wear since I was a kid, and now I get to put it on, once, for the rest of my life :)

  10. I’m most excited about my two veils. I have a beautifully rhinestone birdcage for my first look and reception from twigs and honey and then a more traditional finger-tip veil for the ceremony. so excited about my two different looks!

  11. Well, besides my beautiful wedding band, I’m looking forward to wearing earrings! I don’t wear them everyday & I haven’t selected ones for the wedding yet – but I’ve been obsessed with looking for vintage rhinestone earrings, so gorgeous!

  12. I am already married, but the most excited thing I wore on my wedding day (and throughout my my 7 years of married life) is my engagement ring. My husband picked it out for me as a total surprise and if I could have chosen any ring in the world I don’t think I could have picked one that is more perfect for me.

  13. I am most excited to wear a bird cage on my wedding day. So far people are giving me mixed opinions on my hair accessory, but I’m wearing it no matter what. ~Jenni~

  14. I love The Aisle! And I’m actually most excited to wear my veil — it’s the piece that really make me feel like a bride :)

  15. Um, if I won the necklace, I would be most excited about my necklace! Barring that, however, my earrings are going to be fabulous.

  16. I am most excited about finding a wonderful statement necklace to wear on my wedding day! This one would be beautiful!

  17. Most excited about my vintage engagement ring! Have only had it for two weeks and it’s already dear to my heart.

  18. My new wedding band!!! And this necklace…

  19. My engagement ring – my fiance picked it out. It is absolutely beautiful. He knows that I collect gemstones and also wanted to tie us into the ring. On the side stones he put our birthstones and the center was a beautiful diamond. He couldn’t have picked a better engagement ring for us. I’m going to tie the ring into our invitations as well.

  20. I want this necklace very much because I haven`t ever seen such a beautiful necklace in my life! Each bride dreams that she will be the most beautiful! and I dream too… this necklace is done me the most wonderful bride in August!

  21. I’m most excited about wearing my headpiece!

  22. I’m most excited about wearing my wedding ring for the first time!

  23. My local-flower headpiece!

  24. My wedding is in October and I am most excited about finding the perfect necklace and hair accessory. I have not had much luck with either so far. I want each piece to really compliment my dress.

  25. I am most excited about the wide sash tied in a huge bow in the back that I plan on wearing with my dress. It will either be black or deep purple (depending on the final color decision) and it will trail behind me a little. Because I’m wearing a short dress, it will be a “train” of sorts, and complete my look.

  26. OMG LOVE this necklace! My wedding is 10-22-11, and I’m most excited to wear my great-grandmothers 60 year old brooch!

  27. My shoes! I would make a neckalce out of them if I could! Or if I didn’t win this contest :)

  28. i am so excited for my big crystal encrusted earrings! love the necklace.

  29. I am most excited about the shoes I’m going to splurge on! The brighter the better and the more likely I will wear them again!

  30. I’m really excited about my shoes! Yellow! :)

  31. I can’t wait to wear my wedding band! This necklace is gorgeous.

  32. My SHOES! I bought a pair and hand glued over 6000 swarovski crystals on them. They look fantastic.

  33. Honestly I am most excited to be wearing my grandmother’s wedding ring…. not exactly an accessory, but still. This necklace would be perfect with my dress!

  34. Eek! I love the Suzanna Dai Monte Carlo stuff that’s on The Aisle! I honestly stare at the stuff every few days. Okay, the accessory I’m most excited about is, at the moment, the shoes I’m wearing for our reception (I’m a two shoe bride at the moment). My first pair of shoes (a $248 pair I snagged at the J. Crew factory in Lynchburg for $8) is very sweet. My second pair is a pair of bright blue, peep toe heels. I know colored shoes are almost ubiquitous these days, but I love my blue shoes. :)

  35. I have never been the girl that had my wedding all planned out since I was 7! With that said I think I was about 14 when I knew the one accessory I would wear. My late grandmother’s diamond watch bracelet has been in my wedding dreams since the day she gave it to my mom. I remember saying, “Mom, I want to wear that to my wedding” totally out of the blue. Now that I’ve found my future husband and we’ve set the date, I can finally wear it! This piece of beautiful and meaningful jewelry with be my “something old and borrowed.”

  36. I’m most excited for my wedding band. :) The most important piece of jewelry I will ever wear.

  37. I’m excited about our rings: they are my parents’ wedding bands. My parents never really wore them all that much (because they were too small), so now they are ours. I always wanted them!

  38. My glorious wonderful day is this Saturday, July 9th! I am most excited about the man I am about to marry in 3 DAYS!! He will love seeing me in all my beautiful accessories. I hope that I can rock the vintage ribboned necklace above on our first big event on the town as Mr. & Mrs. Johnson!!

  39. I’m most excited about wearing a beautiful fascinator.

  40. I am most excited to wear a great pair of diamond earrings that have been in my family for over two decades. My mother, grand mother, and great grand mother wore them on their wedding. Annndddd of course I would love to wear the Suzanna Dai Monte Carlo necklace it would be the cherry on top of the sundae!!!

  41. As sappy as it is, my new wedding band – it’s simple and delicate, and I’m picking it up on Friday!

  42. I’m incredibly excited about the entire ensemble that makes me a bride! But to choose one–I can’t wait to pair my engagement ring with its matching wedding band, the way my fiance and I will become an official Mr. and Mrs.!

  43. I’m most excited to wear my wedding band…and to be officially married! :D

  44. My momma’s favorite ole pearl earrings :)

  45. I want this necklace very much because I haven`t ever seen such a beautiful necklace in my life! Each bride dreams that she will be the most beautiful! and I dream too… this necklace is done me the most wonderful bride in August!

  46. I’m excited to wear a big statement necklace!

  47. Cliche I know, but it comes down to the wedding band. Best jewelry ever. Although I’m not sure it’s really an “accessory” if you never take it off, right?

  48. This necklace is stunning! I am looking forward to wearing my rings. (I am not even engaged yet)Just the thought of wearing rings that represent ‘us forever’ makes my heart flutter!

  49. I’m most excited about wearing my grandmother’s charm bracelet. At first I thought it was a bit to tacky- it’s large and gold. But I think I can make it work in a vintage sort of way.

  50. I was most excited about my earrings. My husband got pearl drop earrings for my first birthday we were together. Amazing!

  51. I’m most excited about wearing my blush-colored dress with my gold shoes! I’ve been looking for the perfect necklace to add some sparkle to my outfit, and I absolutely love this option from The Aisle! I ogle the jewels there pretty regularly :)

  52. I am most excited about wearing my grandmother’s sapphire earrings. They’ve been marriage “good luck” and I can’t wait to carry the tradition forward. Still in search of a necklace though!

  53. I am most excited about wearing my wedding ring :) Its something that represents more than just an accessory or cute statement!

  54. i can’t wait to wear my wedding band!

  55. I’m most excited to not wear, but carry my favorite accessory down the aisle, my grandfathers hankerchief who passed away before he could see me get married.

  56. I’m most excited about getting to wear my wedding band! Thats probably really cheesy but I love it and I want to wear it already

  57. I am most excited to wear my wedding ring, though if I had this necklace, it might be a toss up! :)

  58. I’m most excited about wearing my beautiful 5 inch purple heels under my white wedding dress. I’m so in love with them and the best thing is… they’re really comfortable too!

  59. I cant wait to wear my first pair of jimmy choos! it is the most expensive and most fabulous thing ive ever bought!!

  60. I am most excited to wear an amethyst pendant that my great grandmother wore in her wedding. All of the women in my family have worn it since and I am the first of my generation to wear it! Instead of wearing it as a necklace I am removing some sparkle from my dress and sewing it on to the center of a bow. I can’t wait!

  61. The two accessories I am most excited for are my shoes and my necklace. My sister and I lived together when I graduated college and we had a “shoe room” so that obsession is obvious. I am wearing a strapless gown and the thing that brings the attention from your gown to your face is a statement necklace! I only hope the necklace I choose is as amazing as this one!

  62. The accessory I was most excited and honoured to wear was my grandmothers navy pin. Technically only a Canadian armed forces member can be seen wearing it; and to honour that code, I wore it on the inside panel of my dress!

  63. my wedding band which will be made from my Grandmother’s diamonds.

  64. Since I haven’t bought any of accessories yet, I am currently most excited about my dress. However, I do love earrings and I am absolutely certain that I will pick amazing earrings to go with my beautiful dress!

  65. I am most excited about finding a beautiful pair of glittering gold shoes, that I can wear over and over beyond my wedding next July. By the way, this necklace is a stunner. Wow!

  66. i’m most excited about wearing the blue and white evil eye bead pinned to my garter to protect me and my future husband from harm!

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