Bel Canto Designs Vintage Accessory Giveaway!

November 2, 2010 | editorial team

vintage and vintage-inspired wedding jewelry and accessories from Bel Canto Designs

It’s giveaway day! Bel Canto Designs, the online vintage jewelry and accessory shop (and fabulous Junebug Real Wedding Sponsor) is giving one lucky Junebug reader what must be the prettiest wedding accessory I’ve seen in ages – the vintage-inspired “Isabella” Rhinestone and Satin Hair Ribbon (above). Wear it like a headband or in place of a tiara, or even perhaps as a sash. Beautiful!

To enter to win, leave us a comment here telling us if you’re incorporating vintage style into your wedding day, and how! We’ll accept entries through Sunday, November 7th and choose a winner on Monday, November 8th. And be sure to head over to the Bel Canto Designs website to see all of their lovely refurbished vintage and vintage-inspired designs. If you like antique charm and things that sparkle, you’ll thank me for it!

Good luck everyone!

vintage and vintage-inspired wedding jewelry and accessories from Bel Canto Designs

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  1. My dress is very vintage inspired and simple. I would love to find the perfect brooch for the belt to add a teensy bit of flair to my look.

  2. Pretty! We are using vintage blue mason jars for our centerpieces, I’ll be using my grandmothers handkerchief to wrap my bouquet, my engagement ring is a vinage family ring that’s been in John’s family for 5 generations, and I am re-making my mom’s wedding dress! I’d say it’s pretty vintage, right?!

  3. LOVE all of these pieces! My May wedding is inspired by the 1920s Great Gatsby garden parties and is reflected in our decor, invitations and having an outdoor ceremony. Having a Bel Canto design would only add to that feeling and really add something to my outfit.

  4. Love these vintage looks! The hair ribbon is beautiful.

  5. Vintage will be incorporated into my wedding mainly in the reception. I will have a lot of vintage quilts and photographs. Re-purpose old windowpanes and shutters as displays. These are so beautiful! What a great giveaway!

  6. I plan to wear my great grandmother’s diamond pin from the early 1900s

  7. We’re using a lot of vintage pieces in our decor. We’re having old cookie tins and cake stands on our dessert table to hold all the sweets. I found this amazing vintage fabric we’re going to use as table runners or I may even make napkins out of it.

  8. How beautiful! We are going grey with rustic and vintage aspects in our tribute to our grandparents; and lanterns, mason jars and candles. We have such a blend of vibes and I love it!

  9. What an EXCELLENT giveaway. We’re definitely incorporating vintage style into our wedding day and this beautiful jewelry would certainly help the financial impact of that decision. Vintage=expensive sometimes, eh? :)

  10. We’re pseudo-eloping in a vintage/steampunk style, as we’re inviting a few friends to join us for the festivities and we wanted to pick a theme where they’d feel as comfortable as we did. I’m planning to go for a more traditional/Victorian look, in a dark colored dress and boots, and my fiance intends to wear a morning suit. Guests will be encouraged to dress up however they like, though we were going to make flowers out of fabric and metal for everyone. The Isabella hair ribbon would work amazingly well against my dark, wavy/curly hair, and would let me skip a veil as planned – in style. Thank you for such an amazing giveaway!

  11. What a great giveaway! My wedding next summer will definitely have some vintage and vintage-inspired elements: I’ll be rockin’ a birdcage veil, serving up our signature cocktail(s) in mason jars, and using a few vintage items (mainly glassware and wooden containers) to sass up our venue!

  12. I love this! I’ve been looking for a headband to wear on my wedding day in April. My dress is vintage-inspired with lace and a vintage-looking brooch. We are also using old family photos on the tables as part of centerpieces.

  13. Love it! My wedding inspiration is all about vintage romance- i’m incorporating elements of old Hollywood and art deco designs. The atmosphere I’m trying to create is a timeless, classic black-tie event. The invitations and stationary will be custom designed by my father who will be incorporating an art-deco feel to it. My dress will be vintage – looking with lace and form-fitted.

  14. Vintage flair will be added to our wedding on 4-29-12 in a few different ways. First we will be using an antique stained glass window, we found at a local antiiques shop, as the back drop for our menu. We are also using antique, ornate picture frames to hold our guest seating cards. I believe the Chloe Vintage Rhinestone Cuff will fit in perfectly.

  15. Absolutely! Vintage everywhere! Bell Jars, rings, napkins, my dress, anything I can reasonably find will be used.

  16. Looove the hairpiece! It goes with the 1930’s necklace I will be wearing, that my great-grandmother wore for her wedding, a gift from her father. Our hotel was built in the 1920’s, and maintains a similar, classic style that it had when it first opened. And our ceremony music is 1930’s songs recreated on the violin.

  17. This piece is gorgeous! We’re having a 1940’s inspired wedding with just a little bling, and this would be a perfect accessory. Since I’m not wearing any other jewelry, I need something that will finish off my look and I’m so glad I came across this and that you’re doing a giveaway! Thanks!!

  18. I will be wearing my grandmother’s silver cuff bracelets during the wedding.

  19. My dress is beautiful and vintage-inspired. All of my bridesmaids are carrying bouquets with antique brooches, and my mother and mother in law are both wearing corsages pinned to their lapels by matching brooches.

  20. Vintage Parisian postcards as the RSVP cards and my Ouma’s brooch affixed on my bouquet. What a stunning piece to procure!

  21. My wedding themem is classic black, white and red theme with vintage patterns. My favorite are Bel Canto Design are the Ruby Rhinestone Drop Earing.

  22. What a beautiful belt! My wedding theme will be based on my favorite classic film Breakfast at Tiffanys. It will be a mixture of vintage inspired and modern elements. My dress is very modern but I plan to accessorize with vintage pieces. Also, the groom and groomsmen will be wearing white dinner jackets with black ties and pants to evoke that old-Hollywood, leading-man style.

  23. These amazing headpieces and necklaces are just what I am looking for to incorporate into my vintage inspired wedding. My engagement ring was my grandmother’s and is over 60 years old so from the moment I said yes we have incorporated vintage pieces into our big day. One of my favorite things we are going to do is use my Great Grandfather’s type writer as a place for guests to sign in and type us a note.

  24. Not sure yet but would love to win and get started :)

  25. Well, the piece wouldn’t actually be for me. My cousin is getting married soon, she’s almost like a sister, and her dress is in dire need of some sparkle and she is totally into the vintage thing, her weddiing is Gastby themed. So thinking of her dress and theme and looking at this beautiful sash I know that it would incorporate beautifully with her whole attire. She has done so much for me and I would love to give her something that she wouldn’t wear just once, but could wear it again. I want it to be something she will always remember!

  26. I’m just starting to plan but I love vintage style and now that it is going to be a big part of my big day!

  27. We are incorporating vintage into almost every facet of our wedding… My favorite “vintage moment” so far- we are using vintage travel postcards as place cards, and are storing them in vintage suitcases for guests to find their seats <3

  28. I’m having a vintage styled wedding.We have vintage cameras,typewriter,vintage dolls,vintage brooches.Since planning my wedding I have fallen for all things vintage.We even had a vintage E shoot.Thanks for the giveaway.

  29. we’re having a black and white wedding which is our way our incorporating a vintage feel – i’m also going for a vintage feel with the jewelry which is why i love this giveaway!

  30. I’m still in the process of final decisions but I’m strongly considering using vintage books as centerpieces for the reception. Along with a vintage book re-purposed for the ring bearer to carry.

  31. I am just starting to plan, but know I’ll be incorporating vintage style in the reception – table numbers will include photos of couples from as far back in our family trees as we can find, and flower arrangements will use a variety of milk glass and metallic vintage finds from thrift stores and Grandma’s attic as containers. I’m also toying with the idea of having a dress made very similar to the white dress worn by Ginger Rodgers in The Barkleys Of Broadway :)

  32. what an amazing and beautiful idea! My wedding, on July 30th, is completely all vintage and some farm theme involved. I’m using an old truck’s flatbed for my buffet line for food, the entry into the tent will have two old tractors, i’m hoping and tracking down old farm wood for some of the sides of the tents, with old windows with love phrases and verses. Old frames with grandparents and parents (both sides) wedding pictures on an old table top. Will be using old tables for guest books/gift tables. Center pieces will be old baking pans (i’m a baker, the grooms the farmer:)) with old vintage color flowers and old lace. My wedding dress is new but with an old cream and lace look. Plus my love is from Europe so there will be lots of european people coming from what i always like to say our old country! The vintage jelwery would match prefectly with my gown!

  33. Gah – those are some of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry I’ve ever seen. Totally my taste! For our wedding we are going heavy on the vintage – I’ve been scouring thrift stores and antique stores for chandeliers since the day after I got engaged. I’ve already acquired three and I’m looking for at least two more. Our reception is going to be in my parent’s backyard, so we will have them hanging in the gazebo and from trees, etc. Also, I’ve taken on the enormous task of finding and collecting vintage plates and silverware for 150+ guests. I am thrifting to find unique vases and candle holders to decorate the tables with, and we are using all vintage lace tablecloths. I love vintage!

  34. My dress is very vintage, and I’ve taken one of my mom’s old vintage broaches to incorporate it into my cake design.

  35. We’re using vintage picture frames to hold our table numbers! I adore this hair ribbon!

  36. vintage ring and hairpiece!

  37. My style is usually quite simple, and I’m looking for something to add that special little touch, or flair. I recently heard about Bel Canto Designs from a woman I met at “Get Hitched Give Hope” and she mentioned she found the nicest items from them. I would love to use this piece as a hair accessory.

  38. To me, vintage is synonymous with with the things we cherish. For our wedding, we’ve planned a small ceremony in the meadow where my fiance proposed to me with a reception to follow in a turn of the century farmhouse nearby. As a collector of old books and ephemera – and being with a bit of a Hemingway man – I want to incorporate and channel the sophistication (but not the inability to commit) of The Sun Also Rise’s Lady Brett Ashley. I think she’d agree that this statement piece from Bel Canto is perfect for me — even if it might compete with the sparkle in my eyes on my wedding day.

  39. Oh that’s gorgeous!! Simply breathtaking and it would go amazing with my dress. My ring is vintage inspired and so is my dress. Those earrings pictured would look amazing with my dress too. Sadly I can’t afford either of them so winning this would be amazing!! :)

  40. Hmm I hope to incorporate some of my dead grandmother’s jewelry! I’ll have to crack open that safety deposit box!

  41. I love all things vintage inspired, this hair piece is beautiful. I am having a vintage wedding theme. Dusty pinks, lace, crotchet, crystals and the vintage hair piece will make my day perfect! :)

  42. WOW! What a great giveaway! My fiance and I are using a lot of vintage pieces in our wedding ceremony and reception decor. We’re are incorporationg a cake stand that was used at his greatgrandmother’s wedding. We are using vintage tea cups and siverware as well as vintage fabrics for our table runners and napkins.

  43. I LOVE the vintage-inspired “Isabella” Rhinestone and Satin Hair Ribbon! It is simply stunning. We just got engaged this past weekend, so not a lot of planning has been done. The only thing we have confirmed is that we wilol be having a Great Gatsby themed wedding at my future in-laws house that is a Victorian style estate with a huge backyard.

  44. My fiance and I are planning our wedding from scratch, inspired by many blogs such as this one. We are hoping to incorporate many vintage aspects to our wedding including our table numbers that will have photos of couples from as far back in our family trees as we can find, and flower arrangements placed in vintage milk glasses.

  45. My fiance and I love vintage items, but some of them can get a bit expensive, so we have been searching through our local thrift shops and garage sales for items that will fit our “Found in your grandmother’s attic” theme.

  46. The pieces from Bel Canto, and especially the Isabella hair ribbon are swoon worthy! My fiance and I are planning to incorporate vintage details in our wedding decor, including vintage glass vessels to house flowers & candles, vintage inspired fabrics to line tables and create the chuppah, etc. Additionally, there is a vintage diamond on my left ring finger :) Thank you for the chance to win such a beautiful piece, which I know will complement my wedding attire perfectly!

  47. Oooooh! Oh yes – Midsummer Night’s Dream meets steampunk!

  48. these are STUNNING! incorporations…”family tree” with vintage wedding day photos, vintage wine tags on my escort cards and vintage wine boxes to hold them in, resetting my grandmother’s engagement ring to wear on the big day!

  49. I am incorporating the vintage theme into my gorgeous wedding dress with a vintage inspired very sparkly rhinestone belt. It is going to be the centre piece of my dress. We are also incorporating the vintage theme into the reception with an old hat box from my great aunty being used as a card holder and some beautiful vintage photo frames as table lists so our guests know where to be seated. The above designs are just stunning!

  50. What a striking piece! We’re going for sort of a modern vintage DIY feel – my mom and I have been collecting vintage glass vases of all shapes and sizes for centerpieces. We’re using a modern orange paisley as the recurring pattern. I’m also wearing my grandmothers paisley shaped diamond brooch to accent my dress. Just looking for something equally as beautiful for my hair!

  51. We are getting married in an old library and using vintage books as part of the centerpieces.

  52. Who doesn’t love those vintage! I’m definitely incorporating some vintage jewelry into my bouquet and accessories. It just adds a touch of elegant sparkle.

  53. I do plan to incorporate vintage into my part vintage part DIY part earthy party rock & roll wedding (with just touches of each)… but clearly i’m clueless as to where to start but anywho, that hair ribbon is absolutely DIVINE!

  54. My wedding them is vintage couture! I am using antique vases for my centerpieces and also vintage frames…everywhere! My gown isn’t white it is the most beautiful vintage shade of taupe. That headband would look gorgeous with my dress!

  55. Thinking of my great-grandmother still brings tears to my eyes. She was my biggest champion as a kid. My mother gave me this beautiful square ruby ring of hers to wear on my wedding day. It’s in a gorgeous art deco setting and I love it!

  56. What a beautiful piece! We are definitely incorporating vintage into our wedding next summer. My dress is a beautiful ivory color with lace and beading – very classic, romantic feel. Our wedding is taking place at a historic inn are we will be incorporating other vintage style elements into the wedding. I’ve designed the cake to be very classic/romantic looking and all of our decorations will go along with this theme!

  57. Oh my, so lovely! I love the idea of using it as a sash!

  58. Ohmygosh! Well I am looking for pieces exactly like the beautiful ones from Bel Canto Designs for myself and my bridemaids. Our colours are peach, blush and pewter. Our wedding is being held in a old castle in Malta in the med. sea. We are hoping to incorporate the old world feel and vintage style the country already exudes. Please Help! Thanks so much for the oppurtunity! XO Sam

  59. I’m searching high and low for gorgeous vintage looking bridesmaid dresses and accessories… I’m also using vintage empty picture frames for photo ops, vintage glass bottles and vases for centerpieces and so on. Love love love this piece. Exactly what I’m looking for for myself!!!

  60. I’m planning on making my own brooch bouquet out of vintage brooches from friends and family. It will reflect our color scheme- jewel tones! This would be the perfect accessory to go with it!

  61. Love the bling! These are clearly one of a kind style.

  62. My June wedding is traditional vintage eclectic and fresh chic loft!

  63. My vintage dress was from a charity seller on ebay for £25 and I’m searching for accessories! xx

  64. How beautiful! I am planning on having multiple vintage aspects in my wedding in June and I am wearing my grandmother’s dress, which would be the main vintage piece. This gorgeous piece would accentuate the dress!

  65. Beyond ‘something old,’ vintage means much more to my fiance, our families, and me. Vintage, as we envision, entails honoring the past with gratitude while carrying hope and promise for the future. As we plan our special day, we recognize the deep significance that each part carries. Fondness, appreciation, and love for history and the past will be woven throughout our wedding. We will be holding our wedding ceremony in the same church at which my parents married 28 years ago. We will be using the veil and cord my parents used (per Filipino traditions) for their wedding mass. I will be carrying a soon-to-be-heirloom ‘bouquet’ created from old brooches and pins gathered from friends and family, including my dear grandmother who passed away this September. A woman who is both my friend and mentor is designing my dress, inspired by Audrey Hepburn’s embroidered dress from ‘Sabrina (no doubt, this stunning Bel Canto creation would complete the look as my belt!). Our reception setting is one-of-a-kind: a lovely museum whose mission is dedicated to enriching lives by preserving, sharing and teaching the diverse history of the city, region, and nation. Yes, our backdrop will include a Boomtown Seattle street circa 1880 and salmon fishing vessel, bunkhouse, and cannery. To top it off, were getting married on New Years Eve this year (!) truly, we will give thanks for what weve shared together in the past and celebrate to the fullest whats to come.

  66. Though my fiance and I did not intend to create any kind of theme for our wedding, it turns out that our appreciation for history and family have brought some vintage flavor to our plans. Our ceremony will be held at the beautiful Sarah P. Duke Gardens, which were built in the 1920s. The reception will follow in the main floor of a historic bed-and-breakfast nearby, which was built in 1911. Since its original construction, the building has been updated in a way that preserves the fine architectural details, and the custom-made furnishings are true to the era. We hardly need to add anything to the gorgeous venue! My favorite vintage piece of our wedding is my grandmother’s wedding gown. As soon as I tried it on, I knew it was perfect for me — no alterations needed at all! It is floor-length cream silk, a rich and shiny fabric that has amazingly held up for 66 years. My mom and her three sisters used to play dress-up in this gown, so it’s really hard to believe it’s still in such beautiful condition! I would love to win an accessory to add some sparkle. Thanks! : )

  67. I am the Mother of the Groom, the wedding will take place at the Belvedere Hotel in Baltimore and will be sort of 1930’s, 1940’s themed. What jewelry would be appropriate? I want to look classy and will be wearing a vintage full length gown.

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