Behind the Scenes at the Junebug Weddings Wedding Planning Book Photo Shoot

April 21, 2008 | editorial team

Tuesday and Wednesday of last week Kim, Blair and I, and our amazing team of talented helpers, were going from morning ’til night shooting all the commercial photos for our wedding planning book, and boy did we have fun! With 4 stunning models, and gorgeous flowers, cakes, dresses, lingerie, jewelry and accessories from Junebug member businesses, we were surrounded by beauty in every way.


Our crew on site at the fantastic Pravda Studios (available for weddings too!) included so many talented people. Erin and Chelsea from Bellatrix Studio worked their magic on hair and makeup, our models Leah, Vivian, Alyssa and Amanda made every set up a joy to shoot, Kim’s husband Adam and his friend Mike helped with everything under the sun (especially when it involved heavy lifting, computers or coffee), and our friends Angie and Ashley of One Thousand Words Photography (along with Ashley’s sweet daughter Lilly, our favorite model of the day) helped us photograph it all. We couldn’t be more grateful to them or to the many, many businesses who shared their work with us to be photographed. Over the next few months we’ll be sure to show you all these gorgeous products so you can find inspiration for your wedding, and continue along with us in our book-writing journey!


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  1. I am starring this just for the motivational picture of the girl in her underwear. REALLLY need it right now.

  2. If your book is anything like your site it will be beautiful and amazing.

    I do have to way in and say, though – if you are still chosing pictures for the book the one of the bride in her undies above looks a little too thin. Her pelvic bones are showing. From an artistic standpoint it’s a good picture but I think it might send the wrong message to brides.  

  3. I am SO excited for you! I am really looking forward t this. I do agree about the picture of the bride in her unmentionables– she is way too thin. Otherwise, I think all is great, and I’m definitely on tenderhooks!

  4. Thanks so much for the encouragement and feedback ladies! We will definitely keep that in mind!

  5. Love the behind the scenes look and ALL the pictures are gorgeous! We are so excited for you guys – have fun with the whole process. Can’t wait to see more!

  6. That looks like fun! Prada studio is awesome, what a great place to use for shoot like this. Can’t wait to see more.

  7. love the models, love the cake, love the treats and love the photographers ;-) Great job ladies!!!

  8. I love these pictures. The different hairstyles are such an inspiration. I was wondering if you have a different shot of the asian model’s hair (3rd one down on the right) It looks so classy :)

    Thank you for such a great website!

  9. I am maddeningly sick of the “So-and-so is too thin!” thing. So what if her pelvic bones protrude a little? Mine do, too, and I eat like a pig. Some people just have naturally thin frames. I’m self-conscious about mine- maybe the model is self-conscious about hers, too. Would you like it if someone posted a picture of YOU and all the comments were like, “Ugh- that girl is too fat! Look at the way her stomach bulges out.” Didn’t think so. Maybe you just have a bigger build! So don’t make rude comments about others. Ever. For any reason.

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