Announcing the Winner of the Lukab and Motwani Clutch!

August 29, 2008 | editorial team

We have a winner! Drum roll please…
ivory raw silk wedding clutch by Lukab and Motwani
the lovely Jordan is Junebug’s big winner of the Lukab and Motwani “Rumi” clutch. Congratulations Jordan! Her comment was chosen randomly with the help of the Random Integer Generator (there were so many great ones, how cold we have chosen ourselves?) and here’s what she had to say…

ooooh, shiny!

my real handbag would be filled with:

-pictures! (family, friends, and dad who just passed away)

-passport & plane tickets (to our dream honeymoon to italy, of course…we are dreaming, right?)

-alcohol minis: gin for me, jack for hubby ( to calm our ‘nerves’ ;)  )

-the rings (bc i know i will totally be the one to lose them)

-compact (which matches the clutch, of course)

-gloss (i must admit, dr. pepper lipsmackers is ‘my color’)

-bobby pins (bc im sure ill need more than the 870 that will already be in my hair)

and Mary Poppins would surely understand:

-both of our puppies (not allowed at the site :/ )

-’68 Chevelle (the one he hasnt yet finished restoring) to whisk us away at the end of the night

-iphone (i dont have one, so this will come in the dream bag…right?)

-cupcakes (yum.)


..okay the ‘real’ and ‘mary poppins’ list ended up overlapping a bit…

a girl can dream, cant she?

Thanks so much to all the readers who left such thoughtful comments. We had a fabulous time reading them all and getting to know each of you better. Thanks also to Lukab and Motwani for sponsoring this great give-away. Be sure to check out their website to get the “Rumi” for your own wedding, and to see all of their other beautiful designs. 

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