Alternative Wedding Neck Ties from Etsy.com

February 10, 2009 | editorial team

Every man looks dashing in a suit, but there’s no rule that says he has to look overly serious too! Neckties and bow ties in bright colors or creative patterns that match your wedding color palette and personal style are a fantastic way for him to have some fun with his wedding day fashion. Check out these hand made men’s wear options from Etsy.com…

Hand made colorful neckties from Me and Matilda on Etsy.com

Me and Matilda is based in North Carolina and creates “classic style with a twist”. Their handmade neck ties and bow ties are whimsical and fun in funky color combinations and retro inspired patterns, even the ever popular damask! I love the pink and red apple print and the optional monograms, how fab would any of these look on groomsmen with a navy or tan suit?


Screen printed wedding neckties from RokGear on Etsy.com

RokGear is a family based business out of Burbank, Ohio that specializes in screen printing their original designs on handmade neckties, one at a time. They use water based eco-friendly inks, silk and microfiber ties, and they never mass produce their designs. RokGear can print on any color tie you like, so you could easily work with them to create ties for your whole wedding party. Order the airplane, steam train or motorcycle engine designs for your grease monkey, the ravens design for your nature lover or the George Washington Bridge design for your native New Yorker. Explore all the amazing finds on Etsy and discover your wedding favorites!

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  1. I love the patterns and colors of the ties! Talk about a way to add some personality to your wedding!!

  2. The screen prints are awesome, really fun and unique!

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Thanks for sharing!

  4. those are amazing! great recommendation. i love the orange and red ‘apple’ one. great idea!

  5. Check out Mr. Tie Dicker on Etsy too. I just got my wedding ties in the mail today! So Exciting!!!

  6. Love ’em all!!

  7. These are great! I like the playfulness of the Me & Matilda ties. The colors are fun. I especially like the polka-dotted ones. As for RockGear, well, they rock. They’re very dramatic – perfect for the groom who wants to make a statement. And I like that they’re eco-friendly, too. Stylish with a conscience. Perfect.

  8. Oh I Love these! Great finds– I’ll be linking :)

  9. These are amazing. Thank you so much for sharing these. I want to get a few different ones for my husband. :)

  10. These are fantastic! This really adds personality to the groom’s attire and welcomes playfulness! I love it!

  11. How beautiful are these ties!? I’m a makeup artist and hairstylist who specializes in bridal beauty. I generally work in my “uniform” of black chinos, a black v-neck t-shirt, because a v-neck looks more formal than a crew neck, and comfortable black shoes. For my work I need to wear clothes that are comfortable, functional and most importantly, slimming! However, I’ve been invited to stay for a fair share of weddings and there are a few times when I would have, if I had thought to bring a change of clothes. Maybe his wedding season I’ll keep a few ties from Etsy.com in the car along with a dress shirt or two so I can stick around and do the electric slide and chicken dance with the bride!

  12. I love the first tie.

  13. They are very stylish and unique, though not sure if they would suit my wedding, but they look great

  14. lol. Some of these are very very nice,but I can’t see all men wearing them. Some will think these are too girly. I see it all the times at weddings how some guys can’t even wear purples or light blue ties. Dmitri

  15. I LOVE the damask pattern! Those ties are soooo cool!! I think my fav is the white with the purple pattern.

  16. WOWHOO those are some sweet ties… Great pictures of the ties BTW… Colors look great.

  17. I like the black and white tie.

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