Alternative Wedding Boutonnieres from Fritts Rosenow

April 7, 2010 | editorial team

Wedding boutonnieres are an often overlooked accessory when it comes to a groom’s wedding day style, but it’s amazing how much personality can be packed into such a tiny little space! Case in point, the Bespoke Boutonnieres by Fritts Rosenow. No traditional flowers here, these boutonnieres are strictly for the playful, the quirky, and the fashion fun-loving. If that sounds like your guy, what could be better?

creative, alternative wedding boutonnieres for grooms and groomsmen from Fritts Rosenow

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  1. Okay, those ARE awesome!

  2. these are adorable and so creative! i hope some of my groom’s want some ;0)

  3. FUN ideas! Thanks :)

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