All That We’re Thankful For This Thanksgiving!

November 26, 2009 | editorial team

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

This year, like every year, were making our lists of what were thankful for and well cheerfully ask (or force if we have to!) everyone at the Thanksgiving to table to share the things theyre most grateful for too. Here are some of the things that have touched our hearts at Junebug this year and made us feel like very lucky girls

Southern California wedding photography, image by Jasmine Star Photography
(Image by Jasmine Star Photography)

1. This year we launched our Southern California Hotlist and in our numerous travels from Solvang to San Diego we met and fell in love with the most artistic, generous, and amazing people. We would have to write you a novel to tell you all the sweet ways they have touched our lives, so well just leave it at saying my-oh-my, are we grateful for them. (And the sunshine that traveling to California provided to us Seattle gals over the rainy winter months!)

2. Speaking of books, we are grateful to finally be able to see our wedding planning book for real, on paper, in our hot little hands, and to open the pages and see all of the people we adore who contributed their time and talents to help us create it. (And of course were thankful that we are finished writing it! Phew!)

Planning Your Wedding, A Step by Step Guide to Creating Your Perfect Day

3. No one can do it all alone, and we are wildly grateful for the support we feel from the wedding community- local, national, big and small. From the personal notes of thanks we receive from our members and pals to the coverage we are given in major publications, we feel like we have thousands of cheerleaders chanting for us to go, go, go. (Thank you!)

4. Great wedding photography makes us crazy happy, and weve been on cloud nine this week as photographers around the world have sent us their images for this years Best from the Best Fashion Report. As weve moved from being full time wedding photographers to full time website owners, were so grateful to get to work with photography in a whole new way. (Well be featuring the best wedding images of 2009 this January. Dont miss it!)

From Junebug's Best from the Best 2008 Fashion Report, Images by Elizabeth Messina
(Images by Elizabeth Messina, from Junebug’s 2008 Best from the Best Fashion Report)

5. Were grateful for the technologies and products that save our behinds every day and keep us connected to the great big wonderful wedding world out there. Twitter, Facebook, MailChimp, Quickbooks, Google Apps, Batch Books, iPhone, iTunes, Lightroom, Photoshop, we love you. (Who knew we would ever become such tech nerds?)

6. Were big partnership people and we firmly believe in the power of creative collaboration. Well this year the universe took notice and we were bowled over by the invitations we were given to work with some seriously brilliant people and projects. The B-List conference, Brides.com, Bloomingdale’s Sage Wedding Pros, Engage09Encore, Urban Unveiled, Elizabeth Messina, Mindy Weiss, Monique Lhuillier, and a whole bunch we’re not allowed to mention yet for 2010, we are beyond grateful for you. (And so humbled to read over that list. Wow!)

The Junebug Weddings team, image by GH Kim Photography
(Image by GH Kim Photography)

7. Blair, Kim, and I are grateful beyond measure for being friends and for thriving as business partners for so many years now. Our commitment to one another is a powerful force and has helped us grow, create, be challenged, surpass obstacles and celebrate together as weve pursued the work we love. (Girlfriends are forever. Love you ladies.)

8. And last but most definitely not least, we grateful that for the very first time since we launched Junebug, all three of us are taking this whole holiday weekend off. At the very same time! With out-of-office replies and everything! Its a holiday miracle! Were thankful for the time we get to spend with our families, for the yummy food were about to eat, and for a quiet moment to rest our heads. (See you on Monday! Xoxoxo)

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  1. Awwwww… Thanks gals! Kelly and I are so grateful for the ladies of Junebug too!

  2. Darn tootin’! You girls deserve a weekend off! Cheers!!

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