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July 27, 2007 | editorial team

The other day I got tagged by the lovely Vane over at the Brooklyn Bride Blog to post eight facts or habits about myself, and then to pass it along to eight other bloggers. How fun! But since you all hear about what I love every other day, I thought I’d expand this little project so you could get to know more about the Junebug team. (I’m not the only one working over here!) So here you go, get to know the quirky traits and favorite photos of Christy, Blair and Kim: Junebug owners, wedding photographers, and lucky, lucky ladies!



1. There’s not much that makes me as happy as food does. I get excited just thinking about it!
2. I really, really love pretty underwear. If my under things don’t match I feel like a big mess all day long.
3. I was born in Brazil, grew up in Michigan and graduated with a BFA in dance in Seattle.
4. I’m a big crier. I often well up during sappy TV commercials. A glass of wine and an episode of Oprah are a lethal crying combination!
5. I was a big tomboy as a kid. I’m not sure how or when I became so girly.
6. I’m a really good parallel parker.
7. My favorite part of photographing a wedding is when I get to take portraits of the bride just after she’s finished getting ready. I get so happy and blown away that I can’t stop telling the bride how beautiful she is.
8. I love my job!



1. I always cry during the father/daughter dance when I’m photographing a wedding and have to wipe my eyes on my sleeves in order to keep shooting and not miss anything.
2. When I really feel like indulging my cravings for ice cream, I love peppermint with candy chunks in it, on top of double dark chocolate.
3. I dream of retiring to a stone cottage in the Poitou region of France and spending my days taking pictures.
4. My business partners are the smartest, most talented women I know, and I couldn’t be more grateful to spend my days with them.
5. Makena Beach on Maui is my favorite place on earth.
6. Cats are my obsession and even though I am ridiculously allergic to them I always have at least one super plush Persian by my side.
7. Discovering beauty in the world is what draws me to photography. When I am not documenting weddings, I feed my passion for beauty by photographing women, fashion, kids, and gardens.
8. Compassion is the quality I admire most.



1. I love my job so much my husband has to pull me away to get me to stop working! :) Whether I’m at a wedding and everyone is on the dance floor, or I’m editing the amazing photos taken by our Junebug Photographers, it is so hard to stop. I think I have the best job in the world!
2. I am a complete Francophile. Ever since I was little I dreamed of getting married in France, and of finding someone who would love it there as much as I do…  how lucky I was to find Adam and get married in a real French Chateau! (http://www.chateaustjulien.com/)
3. My favorite days in the world are rainy Sundays in Seattle. Nothing could be better: my husband, our dog, and a good book. Perfect.
4. I am a closet Harry Potter fan. (Go Hermione!)
5. I collect antique teacups and saucers. It started when I received some from my great grandma and I can’t stop. Now I just need to actually drink some tea!
6. I am a complete coffee snob. Living in Europe spoiled me and now, living in Seattle, I am surrounded by the best of the best. I really look forward to my mornings. Yum.
7. I love to be in the kitchen… whether baking or cooking, it is a great creative outlet and a comforting place to be.
8. I love apples. When I was in college I would eat at least 4 a day, and my husband actually courted me by bringing me the best ones he could find.
Tag, you’re it…

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And all you readers out there, we want to get to know you too! Leave a comment and tell us your 8 traits!


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  1. so great to get to know the girls behind Junebug!

  2. Ok, here are my 8: 1. I am fiercely competitive and love a physical challenge. My last race was a 12 hour adventure race and my next race is going to be a 36 hour adventure race. 2. I have been married 19 years to an amazing man whom I adore. 3. I have visited 6 of the 7 continents. The only one I have not yet stepped foot on is Antartica. 4. I love dogs! My latest love is Lucky who we adopted in June from Canine Connections, a program at Echo Glen that pairs incarcerated kids with unwanted dogs. Lucky had his femur broken and was shot in the side by his first owner. He is now laying in the back yard chewing on a cow bone. It feels so good to give this guy a new start in life. He’s a gem. 5. I love my work. Mostly, I love creating an environment where women meet, become friends, support and encourage each other. and blow themselves away by what they accomplish. 6. I am a Seattle native. I was born in Ballard hospital and still live in Seattle proper. I still call the Seahawks stadium “the kingdome”…. 7. Coffee (only really good coffee) is my biggest necessity. People ask me if it’s good for them….and I can’t answer because my attraction to the brew is irrevelant to whether it’s healthy….it’s necessary. 8. I am a closet bird watcher. I have no training, and don’t have a “life list” or anything. I just find birds amazing and for me they make the world full, rich and mysterious.

  3. Wow Christi- You are such an inspiration! Able to do a 36 hour adventure race, stay happily married for 19 years and help women feel great about themselves… pretty impressive! Thanks for sharing! -Christy

  4. Done and up at out blog! Thanks for tagging us. That was fun!

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