4 Ways to Add Personality to Your Engagement Photos

August 27, 2014 | lexi

5o years from now, when you’re flipping through your engagement photographs, you’re going to want your photos to bring back memories of you as a couple. That’s why it’s important to ensure your engagement photos are authentic and memorable; filled with personality. We’ve put together 4 simple rules when it comes to planning your engagement photo shoot. Follow these rules, and your photos will always bring you joy!

1. Incorporate Your Hobbies

What better way to show your personalities than doing the things you love doing together in your photos?


Angela Varveri of Rchive Visual Storytellers


Photo by Kristen Weaver Photography


 Photo by Jacki Bruniquel


Photo by Daniel Stark of Stark Photography

2. Be Yourselves

If you and your partner are goofballs, staring intensely into the camera for those “serious” photos may not be the way to go. Don’t be afraid to be yourselves and get goofy in front of the camera.


Photo by Spencer Combs


Photo by Spencer Combs


Brian Leahy of Brian Leahy Photography


Photo by Ken Kienow

3. Get Your Pet Involved

Obsessed with your dog, cat…or chicken? Why not let them in on the fun? Just be sure to let your photographer know so they can plan ahead.


Photo by Lauren Belknap of Callaway Gable


photo by Kristi Odom of Kristi Odom Photography


Jessica Stout of Stout Photography


Photo by Jason Tran of Jason Q. Tran Photography

4. Choose a Sentimental Location 

Choosing a location that holds a special place in your hearts is so much more meaningful than just taking your photos at the most scenic spot in town. Get inspiration from thinking about the place you met, fell in love, your favorite date spot, or the proposal location.


Shari Vallely of Shari + Mike Photographers


Catherine Hall of Catherine Hall Studios


Justin Mein of C&I Studios


Photo by Heather Waraksa of Heather Waksa Photography

Follow these four tips and you will definitely add personality to your engagement photos, and you’ll have more fun! For more engagement photo inspiration, take a look at our Best of the Best 2014: Engagement Photo Collection.


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  1. Great advice! I love it when couples include their four legged family members!

  2. Great tips and inspiring ideas. Often when you introduce a third subject element in the picture frame, you take off the pressure from the couple to perform. The pictures come out more spontaneous and at ease. Like the ones above. Great shots!

  3. There are so many awesome photos here. I love how gorgeous they all are.

  4. How fantastic . I’m very inspire to see those .

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