A Soolip Wedding Recap

March 30, 2009 | editorial team

A Soolip Wedding, Los Angeles wedding show, images by Junebug Weddings

I apologize for the very late afternoon post, but we had such a blast photographing A Soolip Wedding here in LA yesterday that we were absolutely determined to get the images edited and up online today! Between the three of us we took about a gazillion pictures, lusted after endless amounts of delectable foods and beautiful product designs, and met all sorts of fabulous people- brides and professionals alike. What a day! Get ready for a marathon post!

A Soolip Wedding, Los Angeles wedding show, images by Junebug Weddings

Everyone there seemed to be having a fantastic time. The location, the stunning Vibiana in downtown LA, was so uniquely bright and beautiful, and the energy in the room was through the roof. There were adorable girls everywhere you looked, and quite a few adorable guys as well (including our buddies Jeff and Loop, and cinematographer Russell Fowler above. Love those boys!) And being an LA event, there was of course a fun celebrity sighting. The gorgeous and very gracious Rachel Hunter (above with Soolip founder Wanda Wen) was there to find inspiration for her own upcoming wedding!

A Soolip Wedding, Los Angeles wedding show, images by Junebug Weddings

Scrumptious treats abounded and created seriously happy attendees. We adored the cakes, cupcakes and macaroons from Vanilla Bake Shop (top two rows above), the signature cocktails from Aroma Events and the pretty pomegranate lime cocktails from sponsors POM Wonderful and Belvedere Vodka, the pristinely decorated wedding cakes from the legendary NancyKay’s Confections (the pink and green cakes in the fourth row above), and the incredibly artistic and organic food and desert from Patina Wedding (bottom two rows above).  Yum!

A Soolip Wedding, Los Angeles wedding show, images by Junebug Weddings

Paper goods, decor design and treats of all kinds were well represented too. The invitation displays and calligraphy demonstration from Soolip Paperie & Press (the paper designer and the show’s namesake, top two rows above) were to-die-for, and another invitation designer called Flite Design (shown fourth and fifth rows above) really got us excited with her ultra customized invitations and decorative lanterns that hung in her booth as well as from the tall, tall ceiling above us all.

A Soolip Wedding, Los Angeles wedding show, images by Junebug Weddings

Another aspect of the show that was really cool was how truly interactive it was. Models in Kirstie Kelly Couture gowns walked through the crowds so everyone could see the designs up close, and there were facials to receive, treats to taste, presentations to attend, prizes to win, and jewelry to try on. Dreamy! The conversations with experts that took place outside under the amazing tenting from Raj Tents were really informative and full of creative ideas, and I really appreciated how open to questions and discussion the experts were. Both Wanda Wen of Soolip and Mark Held of Mark’s Garden were a delight to listen to and were incredibly warm and encouraging (pictured third row above).

Kim, Blair and I had a fantastic time and can’t thank Tarin and Wanda enough for the opportunity to get involved. We have so many more photos to share, but can’t possibly fit them all into just one post, so stay tuned tomorrow for a look at all the fabulous fashion from Kirstie Kelly. We are total suckers for pretty dresses and fashion models so you know we followed them around and took ridiculous amounts of photos! Should be a good one!

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  1. I attended the Soolip show and saw you cute girls in action. The show was awesome, full of gorgeous goodies and fabulous fashions. I had a few too many cocktails which I don’t regret. Fun, fun, fun!

  2. I thought I’d stop in for an hour and stayed all day. I had my eye lashes done at the Fiore and now I’m hooked. I wish I would have met you ladies.

  3. DIE! I simply ADORE these photos…you girls are just way too talented…where is the justice?! ;) Glad to see you had a great time and I can’t wait to see the rest! xoxo

  4. I wasn’t able to attend. :^( I live in WA. I loved the cupcakes picture. They are such a cute addition to a wedding.

  5. SO bummed i missed you ladies!!!  i am feeling better today but now i am  really regretting not just sucking it up and going!  it looked fabulous!  and it would have been a real treat to meet you girls  :)

  6. wow….everything is so amazing…that black and white cake is to die for and the dresses are amazing…..ones that I have never seen before. Looks like a fun event too bad it was in LA. Come to Canada!

  7. Los Angeles is lucky to have Junebug. Pictures are amazing and breathtaking! Great job! Homerun!

  8. it was GREAT to meet you gals at the show!! Seriously great shots!!!! Can’t wait to meet/hang out again!

  9. The images looks amazing and everyone really seemed to enjoy themselves. I would have loved to tasted some of the desserts pictures above… they looks excellent. Thanks for the recap. TJ

  10. Wonderful images. I absolutely LOVE your detail shots! Looks like a fun event with lots of vendors showcasing their offerings.

  11. Wonderful journey and experience!

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