20 Out of the Box Date Ideas

September 30, 2014 | lexi

Cornelia Lietz Hochzeitsreportagen Photo by Cornelia Lietz Hochzeitsreportagen

Whether you’re planning something special for your anniversary, or just want to keep life interesting, we’ve compiled 20 date ideas to inspire you to create a date that you and your partner are bound to love! Check out our list, and leave a comment below with your own favorite date idea!

1. Picnic in the park

Pack a blanket and your favorite bottle of wine for a lazy day of people watching and enjoying time outside.

picnic Photo by Thomas Pellicer

2. Horseback Riding

Hit a trail on horseback for a laid back afternoon.

horsebackriding Photo by Ash Imagery

3. County Fair

A trip to the fair is a great excuse to eat fried food and act like a kid!

fair Photo by Michael Wachniak

4. Exercise together

Go on a jog or take a yoga class together. Bonus points if you can incorporate your pet like these two!

yoga Photo by Daniel Stark Photography

5. Board Game Night

Great for couples with a competitive edge, board game nights are inexpensive, provide hours of entertainment, and don’t even require a change out of your pajamas!

boardgame Photo by Ken Kienow

6. Canoeing 

Rent a kayak or canoe for a few peaceful hours on the water alone with your special someone.

canoe2 Photo by Taylor Lord Photography

7. Bike ride

Get some fresh air by breezing through your city’s streets on bicycle. If you want to try something unique, rent a tandem!

bikeride Photo by Gleason Photography

8. Have a water gun war

Get playful and cool down on a hot summer day with a couple of Super Soakers!

watergun Photo by Spencer Combs

9. Splurge on a weekend trip

Surprise your partner with plane tickets for a spur of the moment weekend trip! (Be sure their schedule is open before you book)

airplane Photo by Raheel Gauba of Fia Forever Photography

10. Act like tourists

Don’t have the time or money to travel the world? Spend a day exploring your own city like a tourist, and be sure to take lots of pictures!

tourist Photo by Adagion Studio

11. Get caricatures

Have a street artist draw caricatures of the two of you to be whimsically displayed in your home!

caricature Photo by Adagion Studio

12. Walk a dog

If you don’t have a pup of your own, borrow a friend’s, or volunteer together at your local animal shelter!

dogwalk Photo by Amanda Wilcher of Amanda Wilcher Photographers

13. Spend time outdoors

Climb a tree, take a hike, and enjoy each other’s company while getting some fresh air.

tree Photo by Ash Imagery

14. Go Rollerskating

Take it to the next level by dressing in sweat bands and 70’s attire as you zoom through a park or your neighborhood in a pair of super cool rollerskates.

rollerskate Photo by Ricki Ford

15. Take a Scenic Flight

Check out the aerial view of your favorite city by taking a scenic flight. Be sure to check Groupon for deals in your area!

scenicflight Photo by KLK Photography

16. Visit a Library

Make your inner nerd grin by spending your day together with your noses in books.

library Photo by Scobey Photography

17. Visit a Farm

Learn how to milk a cow and take home some fresh produce!

chickens Photo by Lauren Belknap of Callaway Gable

18. Browse through a record store

A perfect date for music lovers!

record Photo by DWJ Studio

19. Go to a football tailgate

Even if you don’t plan on going to the actual game, tailgates are fun and festive! Dress up in game-day gear, grill out, and sip your favorite brew while laughing at outrageous body paint on crazy fans.

football Photo by Matthew Moore Photography

20. Recreate your first date.

Laugh about how nervous you were and bask in nostalgia as you think of how far you’ve come since date #1.

date Photo by Heather Waksa Photography

Don’t forget to comment below with your own favorite date idea, and check out this Vancouver by Bike Engagement Photo Shoot for more date inspiration!


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  1. All really interesting ideas. I enjoy being out in nature .Where it’s more condusive to ditch technology..

  2. All of those are very interesting photography . Thanks for sharing.

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