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January 7, 2008 | editorial team

Today we are lucky, lucky, lucky to get to see the favorite images of the year from John and Joey Hong of John and Joseph Photography. Two amazingly talented photographers, and wonderful people, I always love to see what cool things they’ve been up to. John even sent a photo he took of his own new wife while playing on the beach during a honeymoon photo shoot. How sweet! No wonder it’s one of his very favorites! Thanks guys!

1. “Photographed on one of the most popular wedding dates of the century: 7-7-07. The wedding ceremony was held at 7:00pm and the temperature at the location was 77 degrees! The image really speaks for itself… one can feel the love between the Bride and Groom, as well as the Grooms son and daughter. The ceremony was held at the Salish Lodge and Spa.”

2. “An amazing moment after the get-away from the wedding location. The sky, Bride, and Groom were all beautiful. The Bride and Groom were also one of the coolest and sweetest couples we have ever had the pleasure to photograph.”


3. “Words can not describe the simple beauty of this moment. The Bride and Groom were just introduced into their reception at the Newcastle Golf Club. Like a perfect gentlemen, the Groom sat his wife down and gave her a gentle kiss.”


4. “I had my own wedding this year, and I wanted to find a way to photograph my own bride. So we took her wedding dress on our honeymoon, and photographed her on Fiji Islands. The entire image is composed of textures – Jane’s veil, her dress, the gentle tide, the sand, water, and sky. They all interact in a beautiful way that only this photograph can describe.”

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