Wedding Hairstyles from Oscar’s Red Carpet

February 25, 2008 | editorial team

Last night was one of my favorite nights of the year, the Super Bowl of all awards shows, the 80th annual Academy Awards. I think it’s fun because I’m a big fan of movies, but also (mostly) because of the lovely ladies in fabulous fashion! If I had to choose between watching the red carpet coverage and the actual awards show, well, I’d have a hard time choosing! This year there weren’t many white or cream wedding reminiscent dresses, but there were quite a few pretty hairstyles that could absolutely be wedding worthy…

Loads of women like Jennifer Garner, Cate Blanchett, Ellen Page and Cameron Diaz wore their hair pulled back in a loose, side swept, low chignon or pony tail with face framing waves. Side parts are generally universally flattering, so this is an easy wedding hairstyle for anyone to wear and love.

Other starlets like Heidi Klum, Keri Russell and Hilary Swank wore more traditional, glamorous up-dos with their hair pulled back off their faces. Jessica Alba added texture by incorporating braids into her hairstyle, and Anne Hathaway had fun with a style that looked super classic from the front, but was actually more of a playful pony tail from the side.


Many other ladies wore their hair down, either in old-Hollywood style waves like Marion Cotillard and Amy Adams, in a simple shorter cut like Laura Linney, Diablo Cody and Katherine Heigl, or partially pulled back with lots of soft cascading curls like Penelope Cruz and Kelly Preston. Love it! How are you wearing your hair for your wedding?

All images from Yahoo Movies Academy Awards coverage 

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  2. Any of these would make great wedding hairstyles. I love Heidi’s look for a classic updo.

  3. Can you send me step by step directions for Jennifer Garner’s hair? I would like to do my hair like that for my wedding. thanks

  4. They just look so different with a veil and tiara! Jenna.x http://www.tiarasbyprincesspea.co.uk

  5. hello..i have medium lenth hair styled like jennifer aniston’s hair..we are going to have a formal dinner..can you send me some suggestions of a perfect hairstyle and steps how to do it..thanks

  6. I have hair that is just a lil past my chin (growing it out) and our wedding is July 11th this summer and I need some advice or pictures of hair styles that will work. I have a tiara/headband thingy and want to wear that on the sort of back of my head (if that makes sense) and Ideas??

  7. Could someone please tell me who that is in the middle picture in the second row in the top set of pictures? I absolutely love the hairstlye!

  8. Kristin Chenoweth (girl from Glee and Wicked etc) there is a front view here: http://popbee.com/image/2008/02/kristin-chenoweth-armani.jpg

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