Wedding Genealogy Charts from Melangerie Inc.

January 28, 2009 | editorial team

After being inundated with wonderful messages on Facebook this morning (It’s my birthday! And is Facebook not the very best thing to happen to birthdays?) I’ve got family and friends on my mind. What a perfect day to show off the super cool family trees and genealogy charts made just for your wedding by the gals at Melangerie

wedding family tree and genealogy chart from Melangerie

These creatively designed charts map out all of your friends, family and wedding party and how they’re related to you and your sweetie. You can display it at the wedding to help guests know who’s who, and keep it as a family heirloom long after the fact. Customize it to match your wedding colors and personal style, order one framed or unframed, and even have it turned into paper place mats for your reception! Such a fun idea. Visit the Melangerie website or their Etsy shop for more information.


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  1. Happy birthday Christy! It was mine yesterday, so I totally know what you mean about the deluge of facebook messages! Facebook really is a wonderful thing! :)

  2. The tree in the middle is absolutely AMAZING. It would require way more organization than I am capable of – or all our rsvp’ing guests are capable of – to get it done in time – not to mention a fall wedding that I’m not having – but I swear, it’s almost enough to change the plans completely. Love, love, love it.

  3. hey Christy!. belated hppy b’day …..hope u enjoyed a lot …yeah I agree …Facebook  is awesome .

    Btwn ..nice genealogy cards ;)

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