Vintage Inspired Bridal Garters

July 1, 2009 | editorial team

Sticking with yesterday’s theme of vintage wedding style, I’m loving these antique looking bridal garters from Bleu Garters that were sent to me by Junebug reader Alexandra. She said, “They are so beautiful, very vintage and feminine, but still kinda rockin’. Wearing a garter hadn’t even entered into my mind until I saw these!” Nice! Check out the Bleu Garters website to see galleries of their products, and then shop online at ShopBleuGarters.com, or contact them for information about custom designs for your wedding.

Vintage inspired bridal garters from Bleu Garters

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  1. I loving the navy & black garter. Very vintage chic.

  2. These might be the most beautiful garters I’ve seen. Love the blush pink and one with jewels!

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