The Sweetest Summer Treat- Ice Cream at your Wedding!

June 9, 2008 | editorial team

With summer arriving across the country, what could be a sweeter treat to serve at weddings than ice cream, and what cuter ice cream accessories could there be than these adorable customized wooden spoons from Paper + Cup? Have them printed with your names, your wedding date, or your favorite nicknames for each other and make dessert even more delectable for your guests! Visit Paper + Cup’s website for details and to swoon over all their other gorgeous wedding products.

Other great ways to bring ice cream into your wedding day could be asking your caterer to serve pretty ice cream sandwiches like these chocolate and strawberry, and meringue heart versions from Martha Stewart, or to set up a sundae bar so guests (and especially kids) can add their own toppings. If you’re a Haagen-Dazs or Ben & Jerry’s lover, give out their single serving mini containers at the end of the night, or if you’re in the mood for true novelty, give your guests childhood favorites like orange sherbet Push-Up Pops, Drumsticks, Choco Tacos, or even the wacky Dippin’ Dots.

For Seattle area couples, check out Poco Carretto, the new gourmet mobile gelato cart from Chef Holly Smith of Cafe Juanita. I read about it this morning on Daily Candy (what perfect timing for this post!) and with flavors like Honeycomb, Burnt Sugar and Rhubarb Vanilla Bean Swirl, it sounds amazing! Check out their website, and get a taste test by visiting them at the Fremont, Bellevue and Juanita Beach farmers markets beginning Sunday, June 15th.


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  1. I also had ice cream at my wedding in the form of sundaes and rootbeer floats in lieu of cake. My guests loved it!

  2. Yum! Ice cream, my favorite food! I love the gelato cart idea. I can just imagine the smiling faces of kids at a wedding when they realize there a steady supply of free ice cream, (not to mention the adorable pictures of them enjoying it). Blair

  3. ooooo – love this idea – might use it for a baby shower in august!!!!

  4. What a great idea! I especially like those Paper + Cup personalized spoons. And really how can you go wrong with ice cream? :)

  5. Yummmmmm…… I had a friend who had sundaes at her rehearsal dinner. They were fabulous so we borrowed her idea for ours and changed it a bit. Just ice cream, for us, but from the best creamery in San Francisco.

  6. Great Idea. Ice cream is so fun at a wedding. Many years ago we had a local caterer that always brought peppermint ice cream to go with the wedding cake. It was a yummy  combination.

    You have many more creative ideas, I hope that I get to photograph some of these tasty treats at events here in Florida.

    Regards, Stewart

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  8. How cool are the heart-shaped sandwiches? Please forgive the pun. Ice cream should be a staple at any summer wedding. These could be served like a passed hors d’oeuvre. Who says you can’t have dessert before dinner??

  9. I had ice cream catered at my wedding last year. The Guests could choose from vanilla, chocolate or cookies n’ cream. Everyone loved it!!

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  11. I recently got married and had Cold Stone Creamery in Lockport cater our wedding reception. This is the store we always go to since it is in the town we live in but when I was picking out my flavors and toppings another bride was booking her engagement party and she lives in NorthBrook and they said it was no problem to cater an event that was alittle bit aways

    I choose the option of having the ice cream sundae bar atation and everyone loved it! I was going to do the option of the portabkle frozen stoen that they would mix the ice cream and candy on just like in the store but the sundae bar was a little bit cheaper.

    We had our whole wedding catered for way cheaper than our cake or a chocolate fountain would have cost. This Cold Stone in Lockport is really pretty reasonable and did a beautiful job. My theme was fall with leaves and broze colors and they set their table up to match my theme for free!

    At Christmas thats all my family could talk about was the sundae bar. I would go to this Cold Stone off 159th even if I moved away because they treated us so good. I couldnt decide on my flavors or she let em try all of them again and again and gave me really good suggestions.

    We also had a Cold Stone Candy station setup with cold stone containers on the way out for people to et on the way home

    They also do total Ice Cream cakes!

  12. We are planning on having Ben and Jerry’s at our wedding in October because it was what we enjoyed together on our first date. But we are trying to come up with a creative way to display it. Any ideas?

  13. I am getting married in June 5, 2010. I want to have soft served ice cream but I cannot picture it in my head how I would set up the table…so if anyone has a photo to e-mail me that would be great jbaumler@hotmail.com

  14. We run a vintage 1967 Good Humor truck for special events in the New York area. Have the ice cream come to you!

  15. My fiance` and I love ice cream. We are planning on having ice cream at our wedding in August 2010. We figured a vanilla ice cream with a bunch of sundae toppings. Simple and easy. Instead of a wedding cake, we are going to have a sundae made in a big bowl. (that my mom is going to design), we are then both going to share that one. Root beer floats would be a great idea though.

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