The Image Is Found and Amelia Lyons Photography

November 14, 2008 | editorial team

While down here in Southern California, Kim, Blair and I have been unbelievably, ridiculously, absurdly lucky to meet up with a slew of incredible wedding professionals. Their talent, passion and hard work have blown us away, and even more than that, their kindness and generosity have touched our hearts. All next week we’ll be bringing you blog posts highlighting some of these amazing artists, and today we’re starting in with some seriously fun photographers!

Nate and Jaclyn Kaiser are the husband and wife team behind The Image Is Found, and their work is craaaazy good. Their wedding photography is fresh, stylish, and just plain real…  

The Image Is Found Photography, Southern California

…and their engagement, family, and kids portraiture simply radiates the excitement, joy and love in life. We were honored to meet Nate in their gorgeous Oceanside studio and simply can’t get enough of their unique photo style! 


The Image Is Found Photography, Southern California

Justin and Amelia Lyons are the husband and wife team behind Amelia Lyon Photography, and honestly they are the most adorable people I’ve met in ages. Their wedding photography shows couples in such stylish, intimate and romantic ways…
Amelia Lyon Photography, Los Angeles, Orange County

…and their detail shots make me swoon! I could look at them all day long. 

Amelia Lyon Photography, Los Angeles, Orange County

Check out their websites and blogs for more eye candy, and to fall in love with their families via all the hilarious photos of their bright eyed, fun loving, funny face-pulling kids! And be sure to follow along with Nate and Justin’s big adventure next week, the Mammoth Men Tour part 3!  They’re traveling through the Southwest on a giant tour bus with 10 other guy photographers and documenting the whole antic-filled journey on their blog at MammothMen.com. Seriously, don’t miss it!


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  1. Love Amelia Lyon Photography… Do you happen to have the link to the full post of the wedding featuring the “honesty” table name card?

  2. LOVE this feature! I am a huge fan of both and can’t get enough of these AMAZING images!

  3. These photographers are amazing. And how great is the name This Image is Found!

  4. I love those lovely pictures…. Good catch!

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