Sweet Surprise Wedding Planned by the Groom at Hotel 1000 in Seattle – LeeAnn and Doug

January 29, 2010 | editorial team

Todays Real Wedding of LeeAnn and Doug is definitely one-of-a-kind. After all, how often do you hear about a wedding that was a complete surprise to the bride, not to mention one that was planned entirely by the groom? Man-of-the-year Doug Steding secretly took the reins to plan this wedding for his fiancée from top to bottom, and as youll see below, he carried it off with style and success!

surprise real wedding in seattle, image by J. Garner Photography

Lets elope or you can surprise me was the end result of a conversation between LeeAnn and Doug as they discussed wedding possibilities one snowy December night. At first Doug thought he would have to be crazy to try to surprise her, so the couple planned to elope to Fiji on April 17. After giving it a bit more thought, Doug decided he could make the surprise happen and he began to set plans in motion. With a great team of professionals supporting him every step of the way, Doug says his planning was relatively easy. In fact, many of the businesses he worked with, especially photographer Jim Garner of J. Garner Photography and the staff at Seattle’s Hotel 1000, really got into the story and offered him valuable advice along the way.

Family and friends were all in on the secret as well. One friend helped LeeAnn pick out a Monique Lhuillier dress that would work not just on a beach in Fiji, but also, secretly, in Seattle. The day before the wedding was to take place, LeeAnns girlfriends scheduled a girls spa day, with a plan to gather for cocktails at the Seattle Art Museum that evening, leaving the groom (who was supposedly out of town) free to make last-minute wedding arrangements. At 4pm, LeeAnn was delivered to the Grand Staircase at SAM by her friends, where waiting on a landing half-way up with a ring and an invitation to her own wedding the next day, was Doug. After letting the surprise sink in over glasses of champagne, LeeAnn and Doug had engagement photos taken by Jim Garner and then joined their waiting friends and families for a rehearsal dinner at SAM’s restaurant, Taste

surprise real wedding in seattle, images by J. Garner Photography

The ceremony at Hotel 1000 the next day was a small and simple affair, complimented with many lovely personal touches. Doug carried his grandfathers pocket-watch, guests received homemade packages of Almond Roca, and a ribbon that LeeAnn loved had been incorporated into her bouquet by Juniper Flowers. Doug had thought of everything right down to the wedding color palette. As an interior designer, LeeAnn often uses her favorite colors green, brown and cream in her work, a detail Doug picked up on and incorporated when designing the wedding.

surprise real wedding in seattle, images by J. Garner Photography

In the end, everyone agrees it was a great decision to go for the surprise, and the experience of being able to be a guest at her own wedding was a delicious treat for LeeAnn. When asked what his two biggest goals in planning the wedding were, Doug answered, “To keep the secret, and to keep the secret.” Mission accomplished! Amazing job Doug!

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surprise real wedding in seattle, images by J. Garner Photography

Thank you so much for sharing this incredible adventure with us LeeAnn and Doug!

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  1. this is awesome!!! what a wonderful guy!!

  2. WOW!!! I can’t believe how beautiful a wedding that was!!! And a guy planned it too and surprised the bride with it! I am beyond amazed at this point. My fiancee completely surprised me with an engagement getaway, when all my friends and family knew about it. Although, after that weekend, the planning has been 99% all me. The biggest answer I get out of my fiance when asked about wedding stuff is a grunt or he’ll say “I dunno, its up to you” This bride is lucky to have such an engaging groom that did all the work for her. The wedding is mostly about the bride anyways and she got to go to her wedding without the stress of most brides. Lucky, lucky and kind of jealous over here! Just kidding! I love my hubby to be most of the time, when he isn’t driving me up the wall.

  3. LeeAnn is lucky girl!!! The wedding decor looked beautiful. Very romantic feel!

  4. Oh wow – that is so sweet! He is husband of the year… and he did a wonderful job. It’s beautiful!!!

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