Sun and Moon Jars to Decorate an Outdoor Wedding

August 27, 2008 | editorial team

I ran across these fun, solar powered Sun and Moon Jars from Uncommon Goods yesterday, and I can just picture them scattered around a rustic outdoor wedding reception once the sun has gone down. You leave the jars open in the sunlight to power up and then seal them tight for a glow that lasts for hours. After the wedding they would be great as yard or porch decorations, night-lights, or lining a living room windowsill as an alternative to candles. I don’t know about you, but here is Seattle we could always use a little extra sunshine! I may have to get a few for myself!
solar powered lights for an outdoor wedding from uncommon goods

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  1. I always want to get a few but I never did. I am even more tempted now.

  2. These are so much fun! What a great addition to an outdoor wedding; you’re right. Thanks for sharing. I may have to get a few of these. These would add some great light for a summer BBQ.

  3. Oh what a fun idea! I’m going to get some for sure, maybe this will get us inspired to work on our yard! Thanks!

  4. I love these–I think they are so amazing! I am a daily reader of your site and love it!

  5. Uncommon Goods- I almost forgot about them! What a very cool idea for some unique lighting that is “set & forget”.

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