Sexy Wedding Boudoir Photography

October 30, 2008 | editorial team

Ooh-la-la! Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about! Want a fantastic gift for your spouse-to-be or an anniversary present to remind him why he married you? Look no further than a sexy photo shoot showing off your (and his) favorite assets. Photographers around the country specialize in these intimate and empowering photo sessions that make you forget about the stresses of everyday life and feel utterly gorgeous and unique. From personal experience both in front of and behind the camera, I can say for certain that boudoir photo sessions can be all kinds of fun!

bridal boudoir photos by In A Frame Photography, sexy wedding gifts for grooms
To find the photographer who’s right for you, start by asking your wedding photographer if lingerie shoots are in their repertoire, or look around for other photographers in your town who really specialize in this type of art. Choose someone whose work you love and who you feel comfortable with personally. In the Seattle area, check out the boudoir photography of In a Frame Photography (who shot all the amazing photos above- thanks so much Cheryl!), Laurel McConnell Photography, Katrinka’s Secret and Old School Pin Ups.

Once you’ve got your photographer chosen, here are a few tips to get you ready for your big photo shoot:

  • Wear loose fitting clothing and no tight bras or undies before hand to avoid dents and lines on your skin.
  • Bring along some music that makes you feel happy, feisty and playful, and reminds you of the one you love.
  • Show your photographer images from movies, magazines or websites that you think are beautiful and that embody the kind of sexy style you’re going for. 
  • Photo shoots can take place anywhere; consider a hotel room for luxury and privacy, your own home to spice up your everyday environment, or take a few minutes to shoot some special photos as you’re getting ready on your wedding day.
  • Choose an assortment of lingerie that makes you feel fantastic, as well as any props, sentimental items or other outfits you want to play with. You may not use it all, but it’s great to have options to inspire you.
  • Most guys I know love the look of their ladies no matter what they have on, and often times, the simpler the better. Grab a few items from his closet and wear his favorite tee, his button down shirt, his work uniform or his favorite team’s jersey, and, well, not much else!
  • Relax and have fun! Your partner already thinks you’re stunning, and a good photographer will know how to photograph you in a way that makes you look and feel comfortable. Your ease and confidence will show through in the images, and that’s really what sexiness is all about!

We want to hear from you- are you having boudoir photos taken? Have you found a photographer you love? Share your recommendations and resources with all of the Junebug readers and help your fellow brides-to-be treat themselves to some fun! 

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  1. I highly recommend to all those brides-to-be!!!! I got married 3 weeks ago and gave the pictures to my husband as a gift and he was seriously speechless. He can’t stop talking about them now – even weeks later – he loves the book I got made of the pics. Our amazing wedding photographer, Amy Carroll in Michigan, took my pics and I recommend her hands down – she is fabulous!

  2. I did it! And it was AWESOME!!! I had a great time and the pictures turned out amazing!! My photog, Rae Leytham, is actually a husband/wife team and they run their business out of their home. So it was just hanging out at their beautiful house taking photos! And I thought I’d be nervous about the husband being behind the camera, but my biggest problem throughout the shoot was keeping a straight face! They were so laid back it relaxed me and we just had a great time. hooray for personalities clicking! And, they offered a glass of wine or sangria when i first go there. I very much recommend it just to ease the nerves a touch.

  3. Check http://www.thirtyfiveatlanta.com/. They are incredible.

  4. I had Cheryl (In a Frame Photography) take my pictures as a gift to my husband for our 5th wedding anniversary in January…She did an amazing job and I was so happy with them. I am very critical of my body and she was able to even make me happy with them. It was so much fun and I felt very sexy!

    A good tip though…take a friend you trust with you. I did and she was able to help manipulate me just to make sure that I did not have any pouches and anything hanging out! My friend knows me well…so she knew what I would like and would not like!

    Thanks Cheryl for a great experience…

  5. Hi Junebug Weddings, thank you very much for posting the OldSchoolPinUps.com link. OldSchoolPinUps specializes in Retro Style Pin Up and Boudoir photography that ensures a timeless quality.  OldSchoolPinUps is a full service studio incorporating the talents of husband and wife Lance Wagner Photographer and Trixie Lane stylist each with over 30 years of professional experience . Each shoot includes a complete retro makeover to the era of your choice including make up, hair styling and wardrobe. Then it’s on to the set of your choice for a series of different poses shot by America’s premiere pin up photographer, Lance Wagner.  OldschoolPinUps features many exciting sets including the Boudoir, the Tiki Room, The Bachelor Pad, the Oriental Bar and more.  Seattle Bride Magazine has awarded OldschoolPinUps “Best Grooms Gift from the Bride for 2008”. Give your groom the best, beautiful photos of who he loves most, you.

  6. Ever since I saw some photos from a boudoir shoot earlier this year I have really really wanted to do it! I would be so nervous though, I think the photographer would really have to take the lead and tell me what to do. Any suggestions for a Minnesota girl??

  7. Now that’s something else! Though I am not quite yet getting maried – I’m still a bit young for that. I think that the idea is great. juliet xxx

  8. I had my photographs taken by Cheryl Jones (In a frame photography). I wanted a unique and memorable gift for my bridesmaids and the beautiful photography by Cheryl proved to be just that. We took part in a boudoir marathon where she devotes one hour to each girl in a suite at a local hotel. She encourages you to bring several outfits and props (I chose champagne, a button up shirt, and some very fun lingere!) We were nervous at first but quickly warmed up to the camera. Cheryl gave suggestions on poses and we ended up using evey inch of the suite for our pics! I presented the photographs to my husband on our wedding night and he was thrilled!

  9. I just got back my b-pics from Cheryl of In a Frame Photography last week and I am THRILLED! I do not fancy myself a model, and really went into it having no idea what I would do or if I would like it…and had so much fun! I brought along a good friend, who helped make me laugh and feel comfortable, but really Cheryl is a pro! I cannot wait to give the pictures to my husband (or he will be in 6 days)! I would recommend her to any ladies who want to try something new (and fun) for their love!

  10. Awesome bold pictures.  My favourite is the lady with her legs up against the wall, it’s such a fun image.

    Boudoir and fine art nude photography can be so much more than beautiful pictures in an album or hanging on your wall.  This can also be a life changing experience building your confidence to new levels.

  11. This is becoming such a fun trend! We’ve had a few brides say they’ve scheduled theirs for a wedding gift for their fiance or anniversary gift. Gotta share your tips w/ DW readers and share local photogs we know offering these. So much fun!

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  13. this is a nice collection for honeymoon…a definite jaw-dropper for the groom

  14. I’d love to do this for my partner I just need to save up in order to buy the underwear and pay for the photographer! Maybe next year, but It’s definitely a great idea to keep the romance in the relationship :-)

  15. Love the shots! they are of a great quality!

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