Quilled Marriage Certificates

January 12, 2011 | editorial team

quilled mariage certificates by Ann Martin of All Things Paper, rolled paper art for weddings

If you’re a lover of paper and paper art, then you’ve probably heard of quilling (a rolled paper art technique that creates the beautiful and intricate designs you see here), and if you’re anything like me, you’re probably mildly (or wildly) obsessed with it. Since I’ve always got my eyes open for more inspirational examples of quilling, I was thrilled when these images arrived in my inbox! Ann Martin is a quiller who creates lovely alternative marriage certificates custom decorated with paper designs that correspond with your wedding colors and personal wedding style…

quilled mariage certificates by Ann Martin of All Things Paper, rolled paper art for weddings

For the wedding of Kristyn and John, Ann worked with calligrapher Living Letters Studio to create the quilled marriage certificate seen here. It matched the colors and chandelier design from the couple’s wedding invitation, and she even added quilling to a paper flower from The Crimson Poppy for the bride to wear in her hair. So cool! For more information about Ann’s marriage certificate designs and lots of quilling tutorials be sure to check out her blog All Things Paper. Are you incorporating interesting crafts or paper art forms like this in your wedding?

quilled bridal hair accessory by Ann Martin of All Things Paper, wedding day photo by Jeff Greenough Photographers

Wedding day image above by Jeff Greenough Photographers.

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  1. I am a huge fan of Ann Martin and love her style of quilling. These designs are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!

  2. The quilling is beautiful! The paper flowers from that link to The Crimson Poppy are awe-inspiring – they are incredible!!

  3. Thanks for the feature, Christy! Ann was a dream to work with and we were so thrilled to have her pieces as part of our wedding!!

  4. I am in awe! The workmanship is exquisite and what a dream to have a marriage certificate and a hairpiece like these!

  5. This is gorgeous and a wonderful idea!

  6. Love quilling! I also love the idea of making your marriage certificate a special keepsake (Ketubah anyone?). I can attest to the art form and patience that it takes having made a few items at home. If you love quilling pick-up a very old edition of Martha Stewart Weddings, years ago featured an entire article on this paper art. Gorgeous!

  7. I love this idea! Making the little things more special is what makes a wedding perfect!

  8. I was honored to be the hairstylist for Kristyn and was enthralled at the quilling on the paper flower from The Crimson Poppy. Truly exquisite and breathtaking. It nestles into the hair softly, but is dramatic and polished at the same time.

  9. Wow – that is absolutely beautiful! I wish I’d heard of this when I got married!

  10. I agree, Ann’s quilling is stunning! And to the commentor who wanted a Ketubah, I have Ketubah’s to do as examples with quilling. Now I just need to do them!

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