Plywerk Photo Panel Giveaway!

August 2, 2010 | editorial team

Eco-friendly bamboo and maple photo and art panels from Plywerk.com

With all those stellar wedding photos you’re about to have, finding a truly unique way to showcase them is soon to be high on your priority list. Enter Plywerk – the ingenious Oregon based company that makes beautiful, eco-friendly wooden photo panels in over 25 different sizes that are clean, modern and creative alternatives to traditional picture frames. We love them! And luckily Plywerk loves all of us too, because they are generously giving away two 8×10 “Upload and Order” photo panels to one lucky Junebug reader! You’ll get to upload your favorite wedding photos, choose from maple or bamboo wood, and voilà! Perfect pieces of wedding art, ready to decorate your home. 

To enter to win, visit www.Plywerk.com and start daydreaming about what your ideal photo panels would look like! Then leave us a comment here on this post telling us about what kinds of images you’d like to have mounted and where in your home you would display them. We’ll accept entries throughout the next week and choose a winner at random next Monday, August 8, 2010.

Good luck everyone! We can’t wait to hear your ideas – we’re daydreaming already! 

Eco-friendly bamboo and maple photo and art panels from Plywerk.com

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  1. I’d love to do my wedding photos (coming up on Oct 2). They’d be perfect at the stop of the stairs in our new house. cassie dot l dot smirz at gmail dot com

  2. I LOVE THESE! I am getting married in September and would love love love to win the bamboo 8×10 photos! We are going to be creating a wall in our den with lots of pictures from the wedding and these would be a great addition. What a great idea!

  3. I love this!!! I just checked out their website, and I just think it’s genius! My ideal would be a photo of each of us on each panel (me on one, my hubby on the other) facing each other across the separate panels. I would put them right above our bed’s headboard.

  4. We just got married on June 26 and we have some great wedding photos that were taken on our Capitol building steps! Would love to show these off with these cool photo panels!

  5. GORGEOUS! I am a photographer and getting married soon and can’t WAIT for my trash the dress session. (I plot my own every time I shoot one!) I’d love to put some photos of us trashing the dress in the great outdoors on an eco-friendly mount and hang them in our new home (in Oregon!!)

  6. I would love this! I would love to get a gorgeous picture of myself and my future hubby on our wedding day!

  7. These are fantastic!! My fiance Alex and I would love these at our wedding. We’ve been together a year and a half but have already traveled together to 5 countries. I would love to use these to show off a photo from each of the places we’ve visited together- from Paris to Egypt. We’d display them at the cocktail hour near themed food stations— a photo from Paris would look great next to a French-inspired station! Amy, amyjlustig@gmail.com

  8. These are fantastic! I love the bamboo! Most definitely would hang them in the family room, with photos from our upcoming September wedding.

  9. My fiance’ is a nature photographer and is extremely talented. I love his work. I would very much like to have his photos from our road trips and some of his creative works mounted by this company. Our house is very ecofocused. This would be such a great giveaway to win! I would also love to mount a couple of our wedding photos when we have our wedding through plywerk! what a wonderful company… and thank you for the wonderful blog and opportunity to win!

  10. These are cool! To me, there are sort of contemporary. I would use them to show two of our more “abstract” wedding photos – probably something in black and white, and hang them in our bedroom where I think they would complement the decor best! I would get the maple panels!

  11. I am not married yet, but I would love to win this to display a picture with my future husband!

  12. These are too sweet! We are getting married October 16th-2010. I would take our favorite shot and spread it our on a collage of Plywerk Photo panels all across the wall! go big or GO HOME!

  13. Awesome! My fiance and I rescued two pets, an awesome tabby and a sweet pit bull mix, and I’d love to get photos of them both mounted to put up in our home. :)

  14. Oh this is great! I would love one of these with one of my own photographs, and I would love to put it in my bedroom. :)

  15. I LOVE it! I have the best photographer lined up for my wedding, and I would love to have some of her images mounted on plywerks. I’m going to use fine art images from my wedding day to display throughout our home. We’re going to take some amazing pictures of flowers and decor so they’ll look like beautiful prints we bought from an artist, but they’ll be extra special since they’re from our wedding day. I can’t wait!

  16. Thanks for the giveaway.If I won I would love to have one mount of my fav E-pic and one of my fav wedding pics.Love the idea.I really like the bamboo look.I would decorate my den with both. twils2001@yahoo.com

  17. I would love to have falling leaves. Or flower petals. I think that would be beautiful.

  18. These are so awesome! Totally love the idea. If I won one of the 8×10’s I’d probably do a sweet close up in black and white for my living room. I might even order a couple more and to a 3 panel type display.

  19. Wow – these are beautiful! We’re getting married in June, so I’d love to put some wedding pictures up in our living room. :)

  20. Wow these are very cool I would love to use these in the staircase wall

  21. wow. these are amazing! we have some fantastic engagement photos and will have our wedding photos after our wedding in january and i would LOVE to have four or five of these to place in our hallway! this would also be such a great gift for our groomsmen too!

  22. My fiance and I got engaged two weeks ago. We have been dating for five years. We can’t wait to get married and have a house together. Things like the two plywerk panels are the kind objects that will be, not mine, or his, but OURS. These panels and the memories they will display are the kinds of things that will make the house we buy together OUR HOME!

  23. AAAAh! These are fantastic! We got married over 2 months ago and we still haven’t put any pics up because we haven’t been able to decide on a unique and interesting way to display them. These would be awesome!!

  24. I would love one of our engagement sessions put on that maple! What a cool idea!

  25. I would love to have one of our wedding ceremony photos or a picture of my husband and I snowshoeing in these neat frames!

  26. These are beautiful!! I would love a photo of me and my future husband exchanging our vows. <3

  27. I would love a few panels to showcase my photography in my newly redesigned office!

  28. Great giveaway! I would love to put up photos of my beagle Emma and Tabby cat Butters in the hallway/entry of our house. Thanks!

  29. This is the most amazing way to showcase our gorgeous engagement photos! The nature and snow of our pictures would be a great compliment to the woodgrain of the photo panel!

  30. These are so unbelievably cool. I would love to create a photo collage, like the ones on the web site, using panels of all different shapes and sizes, and arrange them either over our bed or in our living room over our couch. I would love to sit down with my hubby and choose lots of great photos from our upcoming wedding day (10.10.10) of people, the scenery, and just great images from the day. I think these would be perfect for pics of our farm wedding. Thanks for having such a great giveaway!

  31. I would really love a picture of my future husband and I in an intimate moment. Or an engagement photo! I think I would post it in our room or hallway. This is a great giveaway!

  32. I would love to put up some photos of my fiance and I in our bedroom, and this a truly beautiful way to display them.

  33. These are gorgeous! What a fabulous way to mount photos while being eco-friendly! I would choose two pictures from my upcoming July 8th, 2011 wedding to mount and hang up in our living room. One picture will be taken by the ocean and the other will be taken in the mountains. There’s a Chinese idiom that says a vow made with the mountains towering overhead on one side and the ocean on the other, will be an eternally held promise. We’d like a reminder of our “forever” vows documented in this way and hung up in our living room. Thanks for this fantastic giveaway!

  34. I love the simplicity of these panels. Our wedding day is just around the corner, August 28. Yepeee! We are getting married in the beautiful state of MT. I would chose to use a photo that showcased the landscape which we will marry and a photo of the two of us that compliments the first image. What an awesome giveaway!

  35. I’d love to get some of my fine-art landscape photographs in my room to remind me to just get outside and enjoy everything that mother nature has given us! =)

  36. How awesome is this? I’d definitely get some very special photographs mounted – of my grandparents wedding back in 1941. I just recently got those pictures from a relative and they are so dear to me – treasures so to say – esp. since I never had the chance to get to know my grandparents. Yeah – I’d get those on wood and hang them in our livingroom and have them for the generations to come.

  37. These are fantastic! I already love canvasses, but these are such an awesome alternative! I’m getting married next June, but am taking engagement photos in October. I would love to use the 8 x 10s (and possibly order a few more) to display some engagement photos our living room. They would match our decor perfectly. :)

  38. Amazing giveaway!! I’d get one of our upcoming wedding photos. I’d display it on the mantle of our fireplace :) I visited their website & bookmarked for future use! kikisescapades(at)gmail(dot)com

  39. I would love to win a couple of these Plywerk Photo Panels. They would be great to mount some of my fiance’s photography on (including our engagement photo)!

  40. These are so interesting! I would use one to display a childhood photo and the other an upcoming wedding photo.

  41. We are working on a photo wall for our office and this would be a beautiful addition!! I would love to use these for photos from our home, the wedding, and our puppy.

  42. Awwh I love these and what a perfect way to mount your perfect day for all to see, I would love to have one of our engagement pictures posted because it has very bright vibrant colors and than a picture from our wedding to put in the living room for us to share those special moments with everyone that comes into our home!!

  43. This is an amazing way to do photos! We are having an Autumn Themed wedding in October. I would love to get a group photo of ourselves and all our wonderful family/friends that will be celebrating with us standing in front of the roaring Blackstone River in RI – with all the autumn splendor that will surround us. Now imagine that scene captured on a Plywerk Photo Panel mounted on our foyer wall to welcome said family/friends into our home!!

  44. Very cool – perfect for our “green” wedding. I would choose to mount one of our engagement pictures w/our puppy.

  45. I would either put photos from my upcoming wedding or art from my sister. I’d have to think of a place to put them… but the spot I’m thinking about would be my home office — I can gaze upon the beautiful panels when I need a break.

  46. We just got our engagement photos done and we’d love to have one in our bedroom and the other featured in our living room! They’re more wide-angle shots than “BAM here are our faces” so I think they’d make great art for our new home!

  47. I would love pictures of our engagement session to display at the reception.

  48. I would get a picture of my fiance and I and surprise her with this for a wedding gift. She would love it!

  49. Would love to win!

  50. I love these! Been obsessed with them for a bit actually, so fun that you have a giveaway! I would use them to frame some photos I’ve taken of trips with my hubby :)

  51. This is very exciting. Thank you for the opportunity! I would display on of the 8X10 on the wall that faces our bed. The image would be of me and my husband exchanging our vows. I want to wake up every morning with the feeling that both had of true love and honesty with each others feelings. The second 8X10 will be displayed at my office and image would be of my mother saying gorgeous things a mother would say to her daughter on her wedding day. My face was glowing as she was saying these things in Spanish. Love that moment!

  52. jose villa photos would look so good mounted on wood!

  53. Love it! I would put my beautiful dog and cat photos.

  54. We’re committed to filling our house with original art, photographs included, as hard as it may be while we’re still young. It would be amazing to display wedding photos mounted on bamboo in our home. What a special touch, and a way to give wedding photos a modern edge.

  55. Definitely, definitely my wedding photos!

  56. Even though this would be AWESOME for wedding photos, I also think it would be quite handsome to frame urban landscapes this way, providing a sort of counterpoint between the naturalness of the wood and the gritty urban-ness of the imagery.

  57. I going to take a picture of me on one knee and put it in the front hallway and the other one above my girlfriend’s bed with a photo of me holding a “will you marry me?” Poster. I thik she’ll say yes

  58. I love these!! I’ve been trying to figure out whether to frame or canvas-print my wedding photos, but these are much better! They would look great above our sofa in the living room. Eeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!

  59. I dream of having my dreams in print. Dreamy images of the hearts, my haps, my joys, spinning in girly twirly tutus and boyish hipish waistcoat through the empty rooms of our house before we moved in, with our rascally pup airborn too, nipping too at their heels. Ah – and I have the perfect space too – heaven! xx

  60. I have some amazing photos of my daughter that I would like to use. So typical right?? Can’t help it! :)

  61. Wedding and honeymoon photos in the living room ’cause those walls are bare!

  62. These are sweet….and I would display some of my BMX riding fiance’s riding photos….cause they are amazing and pieces of art.

  63. These are just gorgeous! I would love to print two of our “getting ready” photos and hang them in our bedroom from either side of our headboard. Our bedroom is dying for some artwork!

  64. Yikes! So many choices! I would LOVE to print the detail photos from my wedding on these panels. We also have some beautiful portraits that we took out in the Vineyards that would look just beautiful on these Eco-Friendly panels :) Can’t wait to see what they look like in person.

  65. Love love love! I’m a wedding photographer here in Oregon and I would love to offer these to my clients for my photos of them!

  66. I’d showcase the beauts on my website http://www.everlongphotography.com and use them at wedding fayres…

  67. I would love something like this to display our wedding photos. I either one panel with the 2 of us or a cute split panel of one pic but spli in 2 with me in one pic and him in the other

  68. I’d love to show these off with my baby girls newborn images in her nursery which has an organic theme!

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