Phenomenal Photography- Elizabeth Messina Shares Her Grandfather’s Wedding

June 11, 2009 | editorial team

Another edition of favorite wedding photographs from our sweet and talented Art Director Kim….

Wedding images by Elizabeth Messina, taken at her grandfather's wedding

The artist: Elizabeth Messina

The adoration: Six years ago while planning my own wedding I came across the most charming and inspiring real wedding in Martha Stewart Weddings magazine. I cut it out to put in my own wedding inspiration book along with fabrics, photos, sketches, color palettes, seating charts, and dozens of pages of stylish details. In the end it was the only real wedding that made its way into my book. I could have only dreamed that six years later I would meet the photographer and become her friend. These photos by Elizabeth Messina are from her own grandfather’s wedding. No doubt you’ll be as inspired as I was by the touchingly beautiful images. We feel truly honored to be able to share them with you.

Wedding images by Elizabeth Messina, taken at her grandfather's wedding

Anthony and Mae began their courtship after Anthony’s friends recognized a kindred spirit in Mae and urged him to call her. When Mae arrived for their blind date she was 20 minutes early and he was already there. Both widowed, both Sicilian, and both longing to travel back to the island, they spent the next year traveling together and supporting one another as they faced life’s challenges and fell in love. One spring day Mae opened her door to find a giant bouquet of flowers and a note that said, “I love you, I need you, let’s get married!” With enthusiastic blessings from their families, plans soon began for an intimate church ceremony and a cocktail reception for 50 guests.

Elizabeth fondly remembers the moments before the wedding when her grandfather, a former first-chair concert violinist, serenaded her alone as he waited to go to his bride.

Wedding images by Elizabeth Messina, taken at her grandfather's wedding

With Anthony’s son as their best man and Elizabeth’s daughter as their flower girl, Anthony and Mae became husband and wife surrounded by their closest family members and friends. Now that they are no longer on this earth, they still remind us that love is all there is.

These gorgeous images, full of joy and promise, were taken in and around the Santuario de Chimayo Church outside of Santa Fe where it is said that miracles happen, and obviously they do.

Wedding images by Elizabeth Messina, taken at her grandfather's wedding

Thank you again, Elizabeth, for sharing these treasured photos with us; you are an endless inspiration and truly a miracle in our lives!

For more images from this incredible wedding visit Elizabeth’s blog, Kiss the Groom, where she showcases her latest work and her own inspirations.

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