Phenomenal Films- Aaron Horton Productions

March 15, 2010 | editorial team

The Artist: Aaron Horton Productions

The Adoration: Pure and simple, the editing of this wedding film from Aaron Horton Productions is brilliant. Without narration, without a script, without any effort required by the viewer, it slows down time and draws us in, and powerfully tells the story of Susie and Ryan’s wedding day. Enjoy!

For more information about this wedding and all the vendors involved, be sure to visit the Aaron Horton Productions blog!

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  1. Very nice. There is a really nice mood created in this movie.

  2. Lovely video! Its nice that Susie and Ryan shared their wedding with us!

  3. It’s a simple yet powerful video. Not too extravagant, but it has attained its goal to show the essence of the event. Very nice video.

  4. This is a fantastic wedding video!

  5. Great video!!! Love it!

  6. Cool video–I like the way Aaron Horton Productions played with speed. Fun and beautiful!

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