Quiz: Which of These Lab-Grown Diamond Engagement Rings is Right for You?

March 5, 2020 | Junebug Weddings

2020 is all about taking steps towards more sustainable weddings, but did you know that your efforts can start with your engagement ring? Choosing from conflict-free, lab-grown diamond engagement rings helps to reduce the impact on communities affected by diamond mining. This is where MiaDonna comes in! Founder and CEO Anna-Mieke Anderson became passionate about the cause and set out to make conflict-free engagement rings crafted from lab-grown diamonds and gemstones, as well as 100% recycled metals, accessible and affordable to couples. Purchasing your engagement ring from MiaDonna is an investment in rebuilding communities negatively affected by diamond mining, helping to create a more sustainable and socially-conscious diamond industry.

If you couldn’t tell, we’re huge fans of MiaDonna — and not just for their incredible mission! MiaDonna’s ethically-made engagement rings are also beautifully designed so you can find the perfect match for your style. Whether you’re looking for solitaire, three-stone, or stacking settings for modern or vintage style engagement rings, their selection of gorgeous lab-grown diamond engagement rings has something for everyone.

Ready to find out which lab-grown diamond engagement ring is right for you? Take our quiz to find out!

Which bridal crown would you wear?

Where would you take your engagement photos?

What are you most excited to register for?

Choose a jacket for your reception.

Choose a romantic reading for your ceremony.

Quiz: Which of These Lab-Grown Diamond Engagement Rings is Right for You?

Modern elegance is totally your style, which is why MiaDonna's Katherine Accented Engagement Ring is perfect for you. The Pear Cut diamond silhouette is timelessly beautiful -- and happens to be trending for 2020. According to MiaDonna, this low profile design is great for active lifestyles, so you never have to worry about sacrificing style or chasing your next adventure!

You've got a creative soul and a romantic heart, both of which are beautifully represented by MiaDonna's Elodie Engagement Ring! Just like you, this ring has a little bit of everything: a Cushion Cut center stone, accented by a single recycled earth-mined diamond on either side, all set on a smooth metal shank. You can't be put into a box and your engagement ring should be just as versatile!

With an affinity for all things vintage, MiaDonna's Grace Vintage Engagement Ring is your perfect fit! The Grace Vintage Engagement Ring features a lab-grown Round Cut center stone accented by natural recycled diamonds. With Art Deco influence and unique flower design, this antique-inspired beauty makes a big style statement while remaining versatile for everyday wear.

Like MiaDonna's Isla Three Stone Engagement Ring, you are fashion-forward with a little edge and not afraid of bold style choices! This show-stopping engagement ring features a basket set Emerald Cut center stone with smaller Emerald or Baguette Cut stones on either side. We have a feeling you're going to take more than one #ringshot to show off this beauty for your 'gram!

Much like MiaDonna's Willow Engagement Ring, your style is characterized by a delicate minimalism. You've got an appreciation for the little joys and an eye for detail, which is why you'll love the Willow ring's delicate single bar style of setting and natural recycled diamond accents.


Which ring is your match? Be sure to check out all of MiaDonna’s lab-grown diamond engagement rings (and matching wedding bands too!).

photo by Brittany Boote Photography

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