Junebug’s Giveaway Week- Fashion and Beauty Gifts!

December 14, 2009 | editorial team

Happy holidays dear readers! We’re all caught up in the holiday spirit over here, so to spread the love and say thank you for a fabulous year, we thought we’d organize a bit of a giveaway. But knowing us, of course, we just couldn’t go small, we had to go BIG! So we have for you five, count ’em five, jam-packed, product-filled, heart-racingly good giveaways on What Junebug Loves! That’s right friends, a giveaway week! Check back each day, Monday through Friday, to enter to win wedding gifts galore! It’s our way of giving a little something back to you, for all that you bring to us. xoxo

First up… it’s Fashion and Beauty day! Two very lucky winners will soon be receiving a gift package of amazing girlie treats including:

– A Tying The Knot gift set from Philosophy andTheKnot.com

– A $100 gift certificate toward Bella Umbrella’s vintage parasol rental for your wedding day

– And an adorable garter from the “Something Blue” collection of Julianne Smith Wedding Garters!

Read on to learn more about the prizes, and to enter to win simply leave us a comment describing the beauty products or fashion accessories that you’re most excited about using on your wedding day. We’ll accept entries all week long, and randomly choose our two winners this Sunday, December 20th. Good luck everyone! And happy, happy holidays!!!

Tying The Knot beauty product gift set from Philosophy and TheKnot.com

The Knot and Philosophy have teamed up to create a collection of beauty products to pamper nearly all your pretty parts and to help get you glowing for your big day. I love that their Tying The Knot gift set includes everything from perfume to lip balm to micro-delivery exfoliating pads, as well as their best selling moisturizer with the best name ever, Hope in a Jar!

Bella Umbrella's vintage wedding parasols, for rent and for purchase

We’re longtime fans of Bella Umbrella and the fashion fun that their vintage parasols bring to a wedding! We’ve also been known to head to their site and their local Seattle boutique to purchase gifts for our girlfriends. Who wouldn’t love to own an umbrella that looks like this? From lacy and white to bold and bright, you’ve never seen parasol options like this!


Modern wedding garters from the something blue collection of Julianne Smith Wedding Garters

Designer Julianne Smith has a passion for wedding garters that’s contagious, and her modern designs offer a fantastic way to wear your something blue in a playful and unexpected way. Check out her website for all of her garter collections as well as custom design options. Our favorite little extra? Making your garter a keepsake by adding your hand embroidered monogram and wedding date!

A very special thank you to each of the businesses participating in this giveaway. You and your generosity rule! And if you’re planning a wedding in Seattle or Southern California, don’t miss our Plan Your Wedding Hotlist for more talented and trustworthy wedding professionals we love!

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  1. I’m most excited to use my great great grandmothers brooch as a “fashion accessory” to adorn my bouquet. My sister used it for her wedding and I’ll use it for mine. As for the beauty product I’m most excited about, it will be my perfume. I haven’t found the scent yet, but I think the ethereal quality will add one more layer to that special day.

  2. Ohhh, I love those umbrellas! I’m most excited about my shoes. I spent months looking for the right pair and the right shade of green.

  3. im really excited of using an Umbrella for our engagement shoot. i want a very vintage feel to our photos. all of Bella Umbrellas are amazing ,and so classy. Love it!

  4. What a great giveaway! The beauty product I’m most relieved to have in the months leading up to the big shindig is Philosophy’s Help Me. This product totally helped my dull, breakout-prone skin and I can’t hype it up enough. My favorite day-of accessory will be my late Gramma’s pearl necklaces, and lots of them!

  5. oooh! I’m most excited to see Philosophy on here–I love their products and always give the wedding set as a bridal shower gift! I’m looking forward to finally being able to use them myself–especially the [wedding] cake bubble bath!

  6. I cannot wait to wear the floral hairpiece I found on etsy and a really awesome garter like the one above!

  7. This is such a fantastic giveaway! I would jump at the chance to use all the lovely lip products so I can have a perfect pucker for my love on our big day. I live in Chicago where I constantly get chapped lips, so it would be great to have something to combat that tendency.

  8. I’m going with very minimal jewelry because I don’t want it to compete with my wedding dress, but I’m really excited about the few accessories I am wearing: A pair of oh so sparkly drop earrings, my engagement and wedding rings, white dendrobium orchids in my hair, and a lovely parasol! I think I’m probably most excited about the parasol! I’m also thinking about getting a pair of tall black rain boots and an umbrella in case it rains, but hopefully it won’t!

  9. I’m excited to exfoliate my whole body, top to bottom!

  10. My grandmother got me a fabulous sapphire brooch to wear as my “something blue,” and I am so excited about it.

  11. I can’t wait to wear my hot pink pumps under my dress. My fiance’s only request when choosing wedding colors was no pink, but I had to have a little punch somewhere! I would love to rock one of those umbrellas. They are so great and I can’t believe all the styles they have!

  12. Well to start, I am getting married on the water in June of 2011, so the parasol would be a fantastic way to avoid the harsh rays of the sun, and provide awesome props for fun photos! I would love to use the entire beauty kit, especially the lip gloss to make our “kiss the bride” moment special and memorable!

  13. It would be so wonderful to have the Ivory umbrella with matching ruffles from Bella Umbrella on my wedding day! Very cute.

  14. I can’t wait to wear my grandma’s pearls. I’m very sentimental and they will hold a lot of meaning.

  15. I’m really excited about wearing a tiara on my wedding day – when else do you get to feel like a real princess?

  16. I got a gorgeous silk hair flower to wear for the reception – can’t wait to wear it!!!

  17. Seriously? You’re giving this all away? I’m double crossing my fingers this time. I am SO head-over-heels for Bella Umbrellas. I really want to work umbrellas and parasols into the wedding, but they aren’t quite fitting in the budget (Darn food! Stop being so expensive!). If I win this giveaway, I could make that dream come true!

  18. this is a great giveaway, thanks! i’m super excited to use false lashes on my wedding day to help my eyes pop.

  19. I would love to be able to pamper myself with the TheKnot Philosophy package. I love all of their products and can totally see myself enjoying an at home pamper session with the products inside it.

  20. Paying for the wedding ourselves, my fiance and I are trying to keep the budget at $10K. For this reason, the accessory I’m most excited about is a DIY project I found online while shopping for affordable accessories on Etsy. There are many tutorials online on how to make your own organza flowers, and my fiance and I are going to spend the few days between Christmas and New Year’s testing it out! http://whipup.net/2009/03/07/organza-flower-tutorial/

  21. I’m most excited about using parasoles in my wedding! Since I want it outdoors, with parasoles, I won’t need a tent as a back-up!

  22. I’m really excited to wear my SHOES! They’re a gift from my best friend, and I’m so excited to don them on the big day! I think I’ll probably be wearing Amazing Grace too, my Fiance loves the smell of it. ;-)

  23. I am very excited to wear my great-grandmother’s broach on my wedding day. It has a lot of family history and it will get to be my something borrowed. I love the knot and all their wedding planning books :) I am having an outdoor beach wedding and an umbrella would be great to incorporate into the engagement photos :)

  24. I am crazy in love with those umbrellas! How adorable! They are so classy and My Fair Lady inspired. THE perfect accessory for my June wedding! My fingers and toes are crossed for this contest!

  25. I think the accessories that I am the most excited about are two pieces of white material from my two late grandfathers. I plan on using an old shirt from one grandpa and an old tie from the other grandpa to represent them on my wedding day. My grams is an amazing sewer (she made my mom, my aunts and their entire wedding parties dresses/outfits on thier wedding day) and she is going to put the two materials together for me to wrap around my flowers! It’s a great way to honor them both!!!

  26. I just ordered myself an early Christmas gift for my wedding: a Clarisonic! I’m ridiculously excited for it to come in the mail, and I can’t wait to start using it to have smooth, glowing wedding skin. I’ll definitely be using that first thing in the morning on my wedding day!

  27. I’m wearing an ivory lace gown and our colors are brown and moss green. I’m planning to purchase a vintage necklace off etsy that has green pearls and an emerald and diamond pendant. This will totally complete my look! Ps. Philosophy products ROCK!

  28. I’m so looking forward to wearing the beautiful veil that my grandmother, mother, aunts, and even my mother’s sorority sisters all wore! I get to wear it in the same church my mother and grandmother were both married in. I love it!

  29. I’m most looking forward to wearing a locket with my grandma’s photo. She died this past year but was able to meet my future husband and I’m honored to know she’ll have a place in this joyous occasion.

  30. I don’t wear makeup or use beauty products very often, so I’m most excited by going all out at my wedding. I think the microderm peel from philosophy will definitely help clear the way for a good wedding day!

  31. I am so excited about my shoes!!!!!!! What a great subtle way to add some punch to your dress! Especially when it’s your favorite color, GREEN.

  32. I’m going to wear the most perfect pair of bright pink Louboutins on the day of my wedding. Besides the dress, they are my favorite part of my wedding day outfit! As far as beauty products, I’m going to be rockin some very pretty fake eyelashes!

  33. I am most excited about carrying this beautiful sapphire blue clutch to complement my natural white wedding dress. My colors are sapphire and champagne and I get excited every time I look at my little handbag!

  34. I’m so excited to use the vintage earrings my mother was given by her mother on her wedding day. Back when my mom married my dad, they were very poor and therefore my father didn’t have much money to give my mom anything of lavish. It was also tradition to be given earrings as a gift from her mom. My mom didn’t even have a proper wedding gown so it means so much to me to be able to wear her earrings on my wedding day so that I feel like her special day (many years ago) will now be a part of mine.

  35. I am most excited to use lots of shimmering highlighter on my cheeks and across my face for an allover wedding day glow. Nothing says blushing bride like some Bobbi Brown highlighting powder!! I hope to use the Philosophy products to get my skin in the best shape possible beforehand.

  36. Swoon…. this is the most amazing prize EVER. I have often drooled over Bella Umbrella and imagined myself frolicking around on my wedding day with one of those frilly pieces of perfection. Not to mention that Philosophy is the biz-omb. The best makeup anyone can wear is good skin.

  37. I can’t wait to sport my Bella Umbrella in pictures!

  38. I would so love to use the kiss me lip gloss. Could anything be more perfect?!?

  39. Super giveaway! Philosophy products have been personal favorites of mine for years, and I’ll definitely be wearing my Endless Love lotion on my wedding day. I’m quite excited about all the girly, white things I get to wear for my wedding because I’m normally a very classic, outdoorsy tom boy. Jeans and tees and muddy boots. I can’t wait to play dress up and wear my white dress, pretty shoes and get my hair done pretty. Yay!

  40. What a great giveaway! I’m most excited about wearing the most awesome pair of blue shoes – my favorite color and something blue!

  41. For our super-chill, laid-back, summer picnic wedding, I am most excited about using the vintage red gingham picnic blankets I scored. These will be randomly scattered throughout the lawns of the B&B property we are hosting our wedding at. At one corner of each blanket will be a galvanized bucket filled with iced beverages.

  42. I would love to win one of those parasols! I’ve been drooling over them since I first saw them a year ago! It would be some an awesome prop for some photos.

  43. My most exciting beauty product and fashion accessory will always be my fiance – he’s wonderful to look at and certain to turn my cheeks their best shade of blush.

  44. As an “encore bride”, I hadn’t planned on the whole garter toss deal. However, after checking out Julianne Smith’s website, I’ve changed my mind! Her garters are too cute to miss!

  45. I love the parasols! I’ve been trying to decide on what color/style to use and how to use them! So much fun!

  46. I am super excited to use a variety of cute umbrellas for photos and for people to use, if needed. With an outdoor Seattle wedding, we know we’ve gotta be prepared! Here’s tp hoping that it will be so sunny, that people will use the umbrellas for shade! ;)

  47. I’m excited to wear my late aunts broach in my hair. It’s a diamond-studded broach and will look gorgeous with my dress!! I am also ecstatic about my dress in general- it’s beautiful!!

  48. My shoes are going to be my favorite accessory. I’ve never been the girl who dreamed about the dress, but the shoes were the first investment! They are 5″ tall, peep toe, sling-back covered with silver glitter! LOVE IT :-) Since I got engaged I’ve been using Philosophy’s Help Me. It’s been a lifesaver for my combination/do weird things when I’m really stressed skin. I know it’s going to leave my skin in the right condition for the big day!

  49. I can’t wait to wear ALL of my accessories! I’m planning on making myself a three-strand necklace of round turquoise beads, and i love my veils. Style is one of the most exciting parts of planning my wedding!!

  50. The philosophy products are awesome & the umbrellas are so cute (and appropriate for Seattle)!

  51. I can’t wait to find the right pair of smokin’ heels for my wedding day! I just got engaged and haven’t worked everything out yet!

  52. I’m most excited about a flower that I will wear in my hair. The sequins in my dress have a pink sheen to them, and I’m going to have a beautiful head piece to match. One of those Bella Umbrellas would be fabulous too top it off. I can’t believe my wedding is in less than two weeks! December 27th, 2009!! So excited! Great products and give away!

  53. I’m super excited about my custom yellow shoes that I ordered from Nina. barely fit into a size 5 and it was so frustrating to see so many beautiful shoes available, but none that came in my size. I also plan to wear japhet/cattelya orchids in my hair and carry a bouquet with them in it. I first saw these on this blog when bouquets were featured several months ago, and fell in love with them. As for beauty products, I plan to use lots and lots of Dior Blackout mascara!

  54. What a wonderful giveaway- thank you!!! My favorite wedding day fashion accessory is definitely my very sparkly ballet flats.. I’m not a high heels girl but I still wanted to feel special and fun in my wedding day shoes.. luckily I found a pair of ballet flats adorned in sparkle, they are just perfect. Beauty product wise – it’s all about the perfect scent … Philospohy’s Baby Grace!!

  55. I heart the Bella Umbrella parasols — as an April bride, I’m living in fear of April showers. But these umbrellas would be perfect with my other ruffly love for the wedding – my flowers! I have the most amazing florist and we’ll be taking full advantage of the spring blooms.

  56. I love Philosophy’s Kiss Me! I’ll definitely be using it on my wedding day! My lips are always so dry and this will leave my lips EXTRA soft for our first kiss as husband and wife!!

  57. I’m most looking forward to wearing something of my late grandmother’s. We have much of her costume jewelry and I think I found the perfect earing (the other one’s missing somewhere) to use as a broach in a “home made haute couture inspired bracelet.” Very excited about this!

  58. Wow! Those parasols are *gorgeous*!!! I’m entering on behalf of my friend. I think the item she’s most excited to wear is a birdcage veil, which we’ll hopefully make ourselves!

  59. I am looking forward to wearing the perfect perfume, which I have yet to find, for that each time I put it on it will remind me of my wedding day and the day I married my best friend and biggest supporter.

  60. I’m really looking forward to accessorizing my hair with a little birdcage veil, my bouquet with a locket as a remembrance of my dad, and I’m still looking for earrings on Etsy. And I loooove Bella Umbrella…I’ve been thinking about renting one of those, too. :)

  61. I am soo excited to wear my grandmother’s bird cage veil and brooch. I can’t wait to see the look on her face as I walk down the aisle….she has no idea that I found them in storage when she thought they had been lost during a move! It will be priceless!

  62. The Bella Umbrellas are great gift ideas. I will be using that as presents during this season. Janette Clark at “No Bull” wrote a great article on the style of marriage, trend or classic. Take a look: http://bellesandbulls.com/bbblog/2009/12/14/divided-we-fall-united-we-stand/

  63. I can’t wait to wear my hand-knit garter…that will be made by a dear friend of mine!!

  64. hooray for philosophy body products. i’ve used their face cleanser “purity” for a few years now and i love it ~ so light. will definitely continue that through the wedding day. i will also use “Carol’s Daughter Lemon and Rose Hand Cream” for pretty hands and Essie Nail Polish in “Mademoiselle”, the best soft pink ever. my favorite wedding day accessory will be my groom, i’m pretty sure. ;)

  65. i am most excited about using my grandmother’s vintage embroidered handkerchif as my ring pillow (and my something old!) of course i’ve had tons of fun perusing etsy for unique finds too!

  66. Wonderful giveaway! I am most excited for my shoes! I found these blue shoes at 9 west and they are awesome. They are peep toe and they make my calves look awesome. Also, my mom is making my veil so that is super special to me, I can’t wait to get all decked out and get married!

  67. I am excited for false eyelashes!! Mine are so small and even the best mascara never seems to work on me. I can’t wait to have long, beautiful lashes on the big day!

  68. I am looking forward to using fake eyelashes!! I’ve been practicing for months now! I’ve almost got it down, just need to work on perfecting the length :)

  69. I have been using Philosophy for years and will use the tried-and-true method for my skin that day! And my dress! My sister helped me pick it out!

  70. i am most excited about my $4 christian louboutins that i got at a garage sale…they go perfectly with my dress! this is a fantastic giveaway. i would be so lucky to get this!

  71. I will being going for a vintage look including a deep red lipstick. I have light eyes and light skin, so I will compliment my bold lips with some pink blush and jet black mascara. I will also be wearing a birdcage veil with a peacock feather fastner, as my wedding colors are lime green and turquoise.

  72. I’m most excited to accessorize with a triple strand rhinestone headband that matches my dress perfectly!

  73. what Seattle girl would not need, check that, LOVE a parasol for a summer wedding day? not like we get sun here all that often so you need SOMETHING to block out the rays. Might as well be super cute (smile)!

  74. I can’t WAIT to put together my vintage look! Long soft waves, an ivory gardenia in my hair, and simple peaches and cream makeup. The parasol would be PERFECT.

  75. I am most excited about my teal shoes. They are going to be a fabulous splash of color. The exfoliating pads would help me make my skin look clear and beautiful for my wedding!

  76. I am excited to be wearing my borrowed tiara – it belongs to one of my bridesmaids, and is EXACTLY what I was looking for! I’m still hoping that a red parasol finds its way to my wedding day – I think it would look amazing in pictures!

  77. I’m getting married outdoors in the summer.A few months ago i fell in love with the umbrella idea for me and the girls in my bridal party.I would love that look for our pictures and because i reside in WA you never know when rain may hit.Now after seeing Bella Umbrella on here i am really in love and i’m really happy they are in my area.I live about an hour from Seattle.

  78. I’m excited for my awesome fuchsia shoes I found at nordstrom. I’m also hoping to find the right flower for my hair.

  79. Those blue garters are adorable (:

  80. I am very excited about wearing a pearl necklace that has been passed down in our family for generations as it something that I treasure deeply and I can’t wait to wear it on my wedding day.

  81. I am most excited about sparkling accessories that will make me feel like a princess! I also can’t wait to have my makeup done by my favorite artist and friend at MAC :) I love MAC makeup, so of course I’d be wearing on my special day! I also would love to add that black and white parasol to my look! They are simply gorgeous.

  82. I have to say the accessory I am most excited about wearing is my mother’s pearl necklace. It’s a lovely necklace and I am going to be proud to wear it next October when I get married. (Mom passed away over 12 years ago). But the most exciting part is my daughter will use the necklage to wrap her bouquet stem when she gets married in May next year!

  83. I’m most excited to wear my Vera Wang dress! I swear I saved up countless paychecks for this dress since I was a kid.

  84. I am super excited to use my parasols which I will DIY with our initial. I am also super excited about the vintage bracelet my mom bought me to go with my dress. I also bought really cute sequin shoes to wear. I love the details in weddings.

  85. I am excited about wearing my mother’s wedding dress train. I ordered a new, simple wedding dress for myself and turned the train from my mom’s dress into a detatchable train on my new dress. The colors aren’t perfect, and the train is obviously a little old and misused. But I don’t care, I just love the fact that a bit of my mom’s dress will be with me as I walk down the aisle. I also have yet to find the perfect green pair of shoes, but that doesn’t stop me from being excited to wear the ones I picture in my head :)

  86. I’m most excited to use my birdcage veil with large red flower on the side…. and of course my beautiful red shoes!

  87. What a great giveaway! I’m most excited about two things – first my shoes! I had custom made flowers put on them to match my beautiful dress. Second, my jewelry. I made it all myself and I love how simple and unique it is.

  88. i can’t wait to accessorize! i’m going with a very simple dress, to fit my style and my budget, and accessories will make it all work. i already purchased a glorious pearl necklace with a lucite orange flower that i want to wear EVERY day!! i’ll be seeking out the perfect birdcage veil, and creating an orange silk sash to pull everything together. and shoes! can’t forget the shoes!! :)

  89. Exciting!!! i can’t wait to find the perfect colored shoes – i love all the shoe shots, photographers are doing these days. Also, fake eyelashes – i love the way they make my eyes look.

  90. getting my makeup & hair done… i don’t think i’ve gone all out with this since high school dances :) :)

  91. I’m most excited to wear my dress and feel beautiful in it!

  92. Oh I am so excited about the philosophy products! I love philosophy and can’t wait to use these products to prep my skin for my wedding next November!

  93. I am most excited to wear an old locket that my grandmother gave me when I was 10. For years this locket stayed empty as I couldn’t think of who or what to put in it. However, on my wedding, day it will hold a picture of my father who passed 5 years ago and a picture of my fiance’s grandfather who passed 3 years ago. I can’t think of a better way to carry them with us on our special day.

  94. Well I haven’t figured out my wedding day makeup/accessories yet, but I know I’ll be wearing my favorite makeup: Bare Minerals :)

  95. I am most excited about the fake lashes i love how they make my eyes pop and also I am so excited about my earrings and bracelet I will be wearing they are gorgeous and they make me feel so fancy

  96. I am so glad you listed Bella Umbrella, because that is the accessory I am most excited about on my wedding day! I’m planning it in November in Seattle…so I’m prepared for rain and want to rent beautiful umbrellas for me and my wedding party.

  97. My future mother in law gave me pearl earrings and a bracelet for use on the wedding day. I am really excited to wear them.

  98. My dress is very simple, and to jazz it up I plan on wearing a statement necklace. I haven’t found the perfect one yet, but have been keeping my eyes out.

  99. This is not at all unusual but I’m really excited about…my wedding shoes. I don’t have them yet, but just like the husband I dreamed about as a little girl, I’m sure the reality will exceed my expectations! I have a pair that I’ve been considering for over a year (and even before I was engaged!) that I have displayed on a table in my home. Needless to say, it’s a conversation piece!

  100. i love the philosophy products i got them as a gift from a shower and they were great. the garters are beatiful!

  101. I’m most excited about my blue shoes! ;)

  102. I am excited to go antique shopping and find fun, random, quirky things to help make my wedding day beautiful and different!

  103. My grandma made my mother’s wedding dress & veil and she has always told me that she wanted to make my dress. I would love for her to make it, but I would also love to have my own dress. As a way to help her make something for me, I have asked her to design and create two garters for me, 1 to wear and 1 to toss. I have asked her to use the lace from my mother’s wedding viel as the material for my garters. I cant wait to see what she comes up with!

  104. I am most excited to wear as many “something old” accessories as i possibly can. Im such a sucker for sentimental things.

  105. I am most excited about my shoes although I haven’t found them yet! I’m searching for the perfect shade of green to match my bridesmaids dresses!!!

  106. I am excited to finally be able to pamper myself a bit. Some brides go all out with a spa day but im on a limited budget I consider it decadant to have my massage therapist friend and MUA friend give me a day of relaxation and beauty. I am thrilled to wear my turqouise thrift store find heels and to wear a vintage birdcage veil with peacock feathers. I intend to do away with flowers all together since the garden grounds already have so many where I will be married and to carry a feather fan instead of a boquet. I will wear my moms blue garter and antique earrings of my grandmothers. I am such a shy and passive person in my day to day world, im ecstatic to have my wedding day be all about me for once in my life!

  107. I am so excited to find an amazing bold hairpiece. i am looking for something unique and simply beautiful! I am inspired by the bubble veil and also a large flower head piece!!!!

  108. I’m most excited about my veil. I’m making it myself (hopefully). After that I am most excited about my emergency rain wellies (I almost hope it does rain!)

  109. I have a lot of work to do on this front. I’m not a big makeup wearer, and basically have to start from square one with beauty products. The Tying The Knot gift set would be an amazing start to this. Thank you for such a great opportunity!

  110. (I just submitted a comment, but forgot to include my email address, so here it is. Sorry ’bout that!)

  111. I cant wait to get my makeup done by my best friend Katie. She is such an artist and I look forward to getting all dolled up with her.

  112. Hello, I’m most excited about my shoes and dress. I spent two hours looking for the right pair and the right dress…. my friends think that I’m crazy but when I saw it I knew that it was for me. The umbrellas are very very beautiful.

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