Junebug’s Giveaway Week- Chocolate and Cupcakes!

December 16, 2009 | editorial team

Today is day four of our giveaway week, and I must say I’ve been waiting excitedly for this one! Get your sweet tooth ready because today is all about indulging in one of the finest things in life- dessert!!! Delicious treats are a beloved part of both the holiday season and weddings, so we simply had to include some of our favorite sweet things in our week of gifts for you. Today’s oh-so-lucky winner will receive:

– An Ultimate Indulgence Truffles & Caramels gift box from Fran’s Chocolates, our favorite local chocolatier!!!

But that’s not all, since our other favorite treat is, undoubtedly, cupcakes, we contacted a few of the of the very best cupcake bakeries around the country to spread the giveaway love far and wide. If you’re a Junebug reader in Seattle, Los Angeles, Chicago or Washington DC, here’s what you just might win:

– Seattle- A gift card for a dozen cupcakes from Trophy Cupcakes!

– Los Angeles- A cupcake gift box from Vanilla Bake Shop!

– Chicago- A $50 gift certificate to More Cupcakes!

–  Washington DC- A gift card for a dozen cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcake!

To enter to win, leave us a comment describing your own favorite sweet treats, and how you’re incorporating desserts into your wedding. If you’re in one of our four cupcake cities, be sure to include that in your comment as well!

Fran's Chocolates, chocolate truffles and salted caramels

Fran’s Chocolates is a Seattle dessert institution and she’s our go-to gal for sweet, sweet gifts. If you’ve never tried one of Fran’s salted caramels, you simply have not lived. (Just sayin!) This gorgeous gift box includes an abundant assortment of 68 signature truffles and caramels, and will turn you into a Fran’s Chocolates convert in no time flat.


Seattle's Trophy Cupcakes, wedding cupcake and party store

Seattle’s Trophy Cupcakes tempts us daily with their constant stream of creative new flavors and their three lovely locations. Sometimes I can hear them calling my name all the way at my desk! Owner Jennifer Shea is a cupcake super star and she and her team whip up cupcakes perfect for weddings, special celebrations, or just an everyday treat. Favorite flavors: Snickerdoodle, Lemon Coconut, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Chai Cardamom, Chocolate Graham Cracker Smore and Bourbon Eggnog.


Santa Monica and Los Angeles cupcake and wedding cake bakery, Vanilla Bake Shop

Vanilla Bake Shop is a favorite of, oh, nearly everyone in the LA area for cupcakes, wedding cakes and other desserts, and we’re so excited to have them offering up their goods to you! Owned by husband and wife team, Amy and Jeremy, this Santa Monica bakery is a must try! Favorite flavors: Moms’ Birthday Cake, Banana Chocolate Chip, Southern Red Velvet, Fudgy Brownie and Old Fashioned.


Chicago's gourmet cupcakes from More Cupcakes

Chicago’s More Cupcakes take the art of cupcakes to a whole new culinary level. Owner and “cupcake curator” Patty Rothman creates one-of-a-kind flavor combinations that read like a  restaurant menu; Mojito, Goat Cheese Basil, BLT, Gin & Juice, Salted Caramel, Pink Grapefruit and Parmesan Brown Butter just to name a few. Chicago here I come! Check out their website for more information and to learn about their local and national shipping options!


Washington DC cupcake bakery Georgetown Cupcake

Washington DC’s Georgetown Cupcake has just opened their second location and is dedicated to bringing the very best cupcakes to the DC area, and the world (they ship right to your door!) Owned by sisters Katherine and Sophie, Georgetown Cupcake is inspired by their grandmothers and a lifelong love of baking. How sweet is that? Favorite flavors: Key Lime, Chocolate Hazelnut, Lava Fudge, Toffee Crunch, Mocha, Caramel Apple and Gingerbread. Yum!

Thank you to all the businesses sharing their talents and products with us today, we’re so grateful! Don’t forget to enter the giveaways from Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and if you’re looking for wedding planning resources, don’t miss our Plan Your Wedding Hotlist with a trusted list of the very best wedding pros in Seattle and Southern California!

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  1. Oh my goodness….after seeing those yummy pictures all I want to do is eat a delicious cupcake!!! Ok back to the point. I really LOVE cupcakes!! Nothing fancy, just plain yummy vanilla with chocolate frosting. I cant wait to have lots of good tasting cupcakes on my wedding day for everyone to enjoy!!!

  2. I’ve always been a fan of a warm brownie w/ice cream on top.

  3. My biggest indulgence in life is ice cream (I’m even a sucker for the birthday-cake flavor) and I’m hoping to work that into the reception maybe as a gelato cart, mmm! I’m in D.C. and have hit up Georgetown Cupcake during many shopping trips; my fave flavor is the lava fudge chocolate :)

  4. One way we’re thinking of incorporating sweets is by having a candy table. I’ve been researching some purple and pink candies and hope to give our guests a few options for take-home candy. I worked at a gourmet chocolate shop in college for more than 4 years, so I definitely miss those days! If you’re ever in downtown Chicago, check out Moonstruck Chocolate. They have the BEST Vanilla Caramel and Crown Royal truffles!

  5. My fiance and I live in Seattle and we are in love with Old School Frozen Custard on Capitol Hill. We haven’t yet made it to the planning stages of dessert, but in my mind I can see a milkshake bar serving custard-derived goodness. Yum!

  6. Georgetown Cupcakes are by far my favorite and as a wedding planer many of my clients have chosen them to supply the sweets for their big day. No one can say no to their beautiful looking and tasting cupcakes.

  7. When I first asked my fiance if he had any ideas about the wedding, the only opinion he offered was that we should have cupcakes instead of a wedding cake. We live in Washington, DC and love Georgetown Cupcakes – so that’s what we’ll have :)

  8. Oh my everything looks so good! My favorite desert would have to be cake/cupcake with chocolate ganache and raspberry jam! We had that as our cake in our wedding with a marble cake and white frosting. It was so delicious – and we have been ordering a smaller cake for our anniversary every year.

  9. Eh, we are just doing cake but I love all things chocolate!

  10. For our wedding, we will ask our families to bring their favorite treat for the dessert table. This will be a fun way to incorporate some of our traditions like almond lace cookies and blackberry pie. One of my dearest friends has also offered to make the cake for us to cut. She is a wonderful baker and I know that it will taste and look wonderful and be made with love. I live in DC and haven’t had a chance to try the cupcakes yet, so I would love that opportunity!

  11. So sad I don’t live in a cupcake city :( but my sister does! San Fran (and she’s the cupcake addict in our family anyway). I am a chocoholic and it is widely known that I believe in the healing powers of chocolate. As such, we will be having a chocolate cake and chocolate fountain at our wedding. My groom can hardly contain himself :)

  12. I love cake and icing, so that’s pretty simple to work in!

  13. One of my favorite desserts is ice cream it’s also a favorite of my fiance’s. Living in Texas we have access to Blue Bell ice cream which, in my humble opinion, is the best around; I also have friends from out of state that I will ship it for because they love it so. For our wedding I’m going to get an old fashioned ice cream cart to scoop out several different flavors of ice cream cones (Blue Bell of course) to our guests to enjoy in the warm nights. The hardest part now…deciding which flavors to get.

  14. I absolutely love anything salted caramel – whether it’s in a cupcake or ice cream form, or if it is, indeed, a salted caramel. For the wedding, though, we are considering giving everyone some of Seattle’s Theo chocolate as a favor (I live in Seattle).

  15. I love salted caramels they are my FAV!!!!! We are having Pie because we love it and my fiances doesn’t love cake. I love cake and I live within walking distance of Vanilla bakeshop. Its one of my favorite weekend treats. YAY sweets.

  16. hooray for dessert! We are having wedding cake from the bakery I have gotten cakes from since my second birthday–the baker knows my voice over the phone! It is a little mom-and-pop store and I love giving them the business–besides being the BEST CAKE EVER (even vanilla on vanilla, I swear). I’m also trying to think of ways to incorporate my fiance’s Greek heritage into the food–baklava, anyone? PS I love being so near DC–I’ve always wanted to try Georgetown Cupcake as a cupcake addict!

  17. I actually do live in Chicago, one of the cupcake cities… although I have never tried More Cupcakes my fiance and I have had a lot of fun traveling around the city trying out cupcakes for our wedding… We finally decided on Amy Beck and are having a number of great flavors, including Coconut with Key Lime Frosting and Lemon with Cream Cheese Frosting. I am so excited! Cupcakes by the way are one of my favorite sweets, but I don’t discriminate… I do love sugary treats.

  18. I love every kind of dessert. I think my favorites are homemade treats for special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. My fiance and I are looking forward to choosing the perfect dessert layout. I just love how dessert bars look…plus everyone can choose their favorite. If I win this giveaway I would really like to give it to my sister (and Matron of Honor) who lives in the DC area. She is more obsessed with cupcakes that anyone I know.

  19. I Looooove cupcakes too! I live in Seattle and Trophy Cupcakes is amazing! I have attended many weddings with thier cupcakes and they are always displayed so beautifully…they even design cupcake and candy displays that are out of this world cute. Yay for Cupcakes!

  20. I’m in Seattle and I love Torphy! …but I don’t end up stopping by very often, because I am mostly a home baker. My best cupcake is my red velvet. In fact, I’ll be making all of the cupcakes for our wedding (we’re not having a big cake)

  21. I haven’t decided between a lovely dessert buffet or red velvet cupcakes or a King’s Hawaiian bakery wedding cake (my favorite cake in the whole world–and quite affordable)!

  22. cake and ice cream…I can’t live without them, together, apart, whatever way I can get them… I do L-O-V-E the s’mores cupcakes from Trophy Cupcakes, they might be my fave! Oh, I need chocolate now!

  23. Desert is my second favorite thing. Brunch is the first so the plan is to have a brunch buffet with a whole table dedicated to sweet treats. In my world brunch is not about breakfast and lunch but breakfast and desert! Cupcakes, baked custard, chocolates all for the taking. I am in Seattle home to Frans and Trophy so please feel free to send something sweet my way.

  24. My FAVORITE sweet treet is mint chip ice cream! It could be 20 degrees outside, but nothing warms me up like a lovely bowl of green yumminess! I am in Seattle and also very much LOVE Trophy Cupcakes. Their Nutella cupcake is a close second to mint chip ice cream, in my opinion! :)

  25. I love ice cream and we are trying to support local businesses in these tough economic times. Thus, we have decided to supplement our cake with ice cream from a local dairy farm. We will even have professional ice cream scooper!!!

  26. I love trophy cupcakes. They have the most creative cupcake flavors in the cutest settings which they called a store. All the bright colors , green and white makes you feel like you are in an adult candy shop and also brings you back the memory of childhood play ground and cotton candy. My favorite dessert is rich chocolate dessert and vanilla cupcakes ( fruit flavors like lemon drop, lavender etc). For my hawaiian beach wedding 3 months ago, we had a triple layer chocolate ganache cake with cream cheese fillings ,top with fondant and green orchids. It is still by far my favorite thing ever. All the guest loved it as well.

  27. My husband and I live in Seattle and we LOVE Trophy cupcakes. To accomodate my giant sweet tooth at our wedding we at white chocolate and milk chocolate fountains with pieces of fruit cake, rice crispy treats, cinnamon bears, marshmallows to dip. Each tier (three) of our cake was a different flavor – red velvit, lemon poppyseed and chocolate with raspberry filling. We finished the night with a candy bar that people could load up their own favors with candy of our wedding color and seal it with a sticker of our initials and wedding date. It was a great night!

  28. I live in Seattle and absolutely adore Trophy. They were always my little treat on Wednesdays with the Wallingford farmers market, but now that it’s winter I need to get myself some more creative ideas for “just happening” to stop by. I recently baked a gluten-free carrot cake for a friend’s wedding and had a ton of fun. Whatever the dessert, a wedding isn’t complete without sweets!

  29. I live in the Los Angeles area. My favorite treat, hands down, is chocolate peppermint cake with peppermint buttercream and chocolate ganache. I don’t make it more than once a year because i will eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner until it’s gone! To incorporate desserts into our wedding, we are baking my favorite cookie (choc chip) and my fiance’s favorite cookie (mexican wedding) and putting them in a little box or bag for favors. And our friend is making us a cake with buttercream frosting and fresh flowers. :) So exciting!

  30. I live in Seattle and we are having Trophy Cupcakes at our wedding! Who wants cake when you can have cupcakes??? Most difficult choice is narrowing down the flavors to just four…it is so difficult to pick just four! Too bad there isn’t a salted caramel cupcake flavor yet. Hmmmm?

  31. I want to have a CUPCAKES cake at my wedding! I mean, c’mon that’s the ultimate treat to end an awesome reception meal, get people’s blood pumping with sugar, and begin a night of fun and games! Besides, cupcakes from trophy’s (I’m in a cupcake town!) are oh-so-cute! Cupcake artists at Trophy’s are so amazing, I’m sure when I hire them to do my cupcake cake, they will create one that would make people say “They look sooooooo good, i *almost* don’t want to eat it!… *almost!*” Cupcake’s got a special meaning for me and my fiance… i remember when we first started dating, he surprised me at work with a cupcake: something that i was craving all day! At that time, he didn’t know about trophy cupcake was only 10 mins from where he was living. He ended up driving all around town for hours looking for a cupcake… all because i said i was craving one. Granted, the cupcake he got me was no Trophy’s, it’s the thought that counts… right? Not to mention he did all that on his bike… in the middle of the summer… while stuck in traffic on his way to surprise me… Yup he is a keeper!

  32. ah, i looove love ice cream and cookies… but cant resist a good cupcake either :) i’m in SF but originally from LA/OC, which means, vanilla bakeshop come to meeee!!

  33. Hi! I AM OBSESSSED WITH CUPCAKES. I just saw on one of my Chicago blogs that there is going to be a ‘Cupcake crawl’!! yesss… needless to say, we are having a cupcake smorgusboard at our wedding, complete with handcrafted cupcake tower made by my dear old dad. So excited!

  34. I have the biggest sweet tooth but if you had to force me down to one, it would be cheesecake. Actually my fiance used to tease me that I ruined him because after every meal he HAS to eat something sweet because I always need dessert. We know we can’t decide on just one cake at our reception so we’ve decided on having a cake buffet instead!

  35. Trophy cupcakes AND Fran’s chocolates?? Two of my favorite dessert places in Seattle (where I am), and both places we’re considering for desserts/favors for our wedding – too perfect!!!

  36. I’m in Seattle and LOVE Trophy cupcakes as well as Fran’s salted caramels – TO DIE FOR! My wedding has come and gone and I had an amazing cake (almond flavored) and a chocolate buttercream groom’s cake, but if I had it to do over again I may have to go with cupcakes instead of the traditional wedding cake, plus chocolate salted caramels as wedding favors for the guests.

  37. I’m in Seattle and love Trophy Cupcakes. I love anything sweet actually but mostly addicted to Cupcakes!! And am throwing out the traditional wedding cake and have Cupcakes for my wedding. And the best part you can have so many different flavors what could be better! And for all the other sweet lovers having a candy table with cake pops and handmade suckers and other treats! And with my love of Cupcakes actually using them in my decorations!

  38. I love love LOVE Trophy Cupcakes in Seattle. I must also add that Fran’s salted caramels are delish! Since Trophy first opened in Wallingford (and before I was engaged) I’ve planned to have Trophy Cupcakes at my wedding in lieu of a “traditional” cake. My wedding is in August, so I should probably get to ordering! My fave is the Red Velvet and fiance’s favorite is the Carrot Walnut. I really love ALL the flavors I’ve tried.

  39. I have the worst sweet tooth. I have to have something sweet after every meal. If I’m at home I’ll just grab some twizzlers or sweettarts, but if I’m out somewhere I love pie. There isn’t much I won’t eat. For our wedding we’re going to go with cupcakes as opposed to the traditional cake; and are offering a candy buffet as a favor. Here’s hoping there will be some leftovers! I’m in DC, and have only heard great things about Georgetown Cupcakes,although I unfortunately haven’t tried them yet.

  40. My fav desserts are cookies and cupcakes. I live in Seattle and Trophy is by far my most favorite cupcake place!! Am considering doing cookies from Dancing Deer and cupcakes from Trophy for the wedding in lieu of a wedding cake.

  41. I am all about cupcakes! I have this crazy obsessions with them, and not only do I frequent local stores (Trophy’s s’mores cupcake is the best!), but check out cupcakes stores whenever I’m traveling. Of course, at our wedding, we’re having tiers of cupcakes in addtion to an elegant 3-tier elegant wedding cake. There’s no way our guests are leaving hungry!

  42. I love both Fans chocolates and Trophy cupcakes and live in Seattle!! I am a sweet tooth but a big cake doesn’t do it for me. I prefer a dessert bar so everyone gets a little something they LOVE!

  43. I love cupcakes, especially the mini ones! I live in Los Angeles, and we’re thinking of doing the candy bar, but putting a spin on it — I love the all-white ones with the candy placed on antique stands and dishes. Alternatively, we might do a cotton candy bar in our wedding colors. :)

  44. I live an hour from Seattle.I’m getting married in July and I will have a small candy table with nothing more than 5 jars.I will also have a cupcake stand filled with pink cupcakes to go with my pink theme.My favorite sweet treats are Pralines from New Orleans!

  45. my favorite sweets are creme brulee and dark milk chocolate with sea salt and almonds – so yummy!!! Thinking about it now makes me want to go out and get some

  46. for my bridal shower we had a table and i had boxes for people to take home it was such a hit and the cupcakes we made by my fiance they were so good. and for the wedding we thinking a truffle table with little boxes for people to take

  47. I am excited to have really good food at my wedding. I dont want anything that resembles “wedding” food. I want something totally delicious and that looks pretty as well!

  48. … I’m obsessed with wedding blogs. I tried out the whole magazine thing at first and must have blown a hundred or so dollars. No more! Now I have a list of about 20 wedding blogs… that I go through at least every other day. I just LOVE it!

  49. I was so so SO very tempted to do a Reeses Peanut Butter cup wedding cake. Brown being one of my colors and all. I was talked out of that (mostly by a tasting that confirmed it’s just not the same when it’s in a different format) BUT…I’m wondering…perhaps a cupcake version would work (smile). Trophy cupcakes in Seattle is AWESOME. Especially if I didn’t have to share my dozen.

  50. I absolutely love tiramisu! It’s by far my favorite dessert. The bakery I’ve chosen to create my wedding cake makes a tiramisu flavored cake…tiramisu wedding cake anyone!? Yum!

  51. I LOVE cupcakes! Lucky for me in Seattle we have Trophy Cupcakes and Cupcake Royal right in my neighborhood. I love trying the exciting new flavors too! For my fiancee and I we have a special little ritual of splitting a cupcake and coffee on Sunday mornings. So Cupcakes are a natural choice for our fun and funky August wedding! I plan on stuffinfg one with blue icing right in his face!

  52. I am in love with Red Velvet cupcakes. I love them so much that I had to have a red velvet wedding cupcake tower for my wedding next year!

  53. Mmmmm cupcakes! We live in Chicago and are leaning towards simple – a small round cake to cut and offering to our guests a variety of cupcakes. Although, it could be a possibility that we’ll have a wedding pie to cut as the groom isn’t a huge fan of cake but I have my eye on a certain cake style.

  54. I am totally a baked goods bride. Picking out a cake is the one thing that I ahve been super excited about!. Our favors are going to be a selection of my favorite cookie recipes – cherry cheesecake cookies. They are fabulous.

  55. I don’t have a sweet tooth and don’t eat sweets much but when I do, I go to a place called Jin Patisserie in Venice, CA. She has the most delicious mini cakes that melt in your mouth. I especially love the Passion cake. We are incorporating sweets in several ways at our wedding. We will have a candy bar where guests can fill up a bag of candy as their favor, we’ll have a dessert bar filled with mini pastries and a cupcake tower in place of the cake.

  56. My fave treats definitely change with the season and my mood. I’m an avid baker and cook, and pretty much love it all, from humble homey crisps to fancy chocolate concoctions. For our wedding, I’m still debating which dessert route to take. One thought is Molly Moon ice cream, but cakes or cupcakes or pies are definitely still contenders. I’m excited about this giveaway because I live in Seattle but have actually never tried Fran’s chocolates (gasp), so thank you for this opportunity. I am definitely a fan of Trophy Cupcakes :)

  57. *drooling over all those mouth-watering images*!!! I love tortes & chocolate!!! I’ve been thinking of having a chocolate w/ orange buttercream torte!

  58. I LIVE for cake. And I can’t wait to have an amazingly delicious wedding cake for my wedding. We’ve decided to do a dessert bar though because my fiance isn’t a big cake person. We’ve asked his 5 aunts to prepare different pies from their top secret recipes… so it’s going to be a really special treat at our wedding. I’ve also decided to suprise him on the big day ::::shhhhhhh::::: and have ice-cream catered in from Molly Moon’s Gourmet shop in Seattle. He’s an ice-cream fanatic and I can’t wait to see the look on his face, and get a great shot in our album with a GIANT ice cream cone. PS> I love Trophy here in Seattle, and I’m pretty sure they have me on their regulars list. YAY for dessert! You really nailed it with this post, cake and Frans (dark choc grey sea salt caramels…..) Oh lordy.

  59. you can never go wrong with chocolate! frans salt caramels are my go-to gift for anyone at all. we’ll be having a friend make our wedding cake, but i’m also letting my four kids make their own small cakes for the cake table. i want them to be part of the wedding from start to finish!

  60. I live in DC and I’m OBSESSED with Georgetown Cupcake… their cupcakes are so sweet and moist. I’m doing cupcakes for my wedding, and I’m pretty sure I’m using them! :)

  61. I’m probably too late to enter but I thought I’d try anyway! My biggest wedding resources are sites like yours, inspirations like Green Wedding Shoes, 100 Layer Cake and Snippet & Ink, occasionally Martha and always other brides!

  62. Alright you had me drooling from that first picture of boxed chocolates! My fiance and I just got done picking up my ring from our custom jeweler, and we were debating on what to do about deserts for our guests at the wedding. I’m not a big fan of cake, so I didn’t want a lot of that at my wedding. I sure wouldn’t mind doing something different and having chocolates out there for my guests. Where did you get them all from (especially the ones at the top)?

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