Jennifer Behr Bridal Hair Accessory Giveaway!

May 10, 2010 | editorial team

bridal hair veils, headbands and accessories by Jennifer Behr, www.jenniferbehr.com

We are huge fans of Jennifer Behr’s stunning wedding veils, headbands and hair accessories here at Junebug and have written about her collections a number of times, that’s why today we’re SO excited to announce a Jennifer Behr giveaway! As a great way to start the spring and summer wedding season, Jennifer is generously giving away one of her lovely Crystal and Silk Chiffon Skinny Headbands to a lucky Junebug reader! The headband, shown above and below, has sparkling crystals against cream chiffon fabric, placed on a cream silk headband, and would be simply divine for a wedding ceremony, reception, rehearsal dinner or bridal shower. (Or if you’re like me you’ll probably also want to put it on a shelf in your home like a piece of art so you can look at it and enjoy it every single day)!

To enter to win, just visit www.JenniferBehr.com to view her beautiful collections, and then leave a comment here describing your favorite Jennifer Behr piece and how you would wear it with your wedding look. We’ll accept entries throughout the week and choose a winner at random next Monday, May 17th. And if you find other pieces that you simply must have, Jennifer is now offering free shipping on any and all domestic orders, so getting your dream wedding accessory is a breeze! Have a blast finding your favorites, and lots of luck!

bridal hair veils, headbands and accessories by Jennifer Behr, www.jenniferbehr.com

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  1. I absolutely adore the double poppy on headband with veiling!!! It’s so dramatic and sophisticated. I’d be thrilled to wear one of her pieces at my wedding.

  2. I am loving the Belinda or the Wide Crystal Lace Headwrap…gorgeous and timeless pieces in my opinion.

  3. Love the drama of the Chloe flower headband! It’s so light and romantic while still being secure on your head :) It’d definitely be part of the Big Day ensemble.

  4. I love the petite vined crystal headwrap. It’s just enough sparkle, and just the right amount of vintage to add to my vintage feel. GORGEOUS!

  5. I’m lusting after the athena tiara -just the right amount of sparkle to pick up the glitz on my dress without taking away from the dress itself. Would wear with wavy hair tied gathered loose and low at the the base of my neck.

  6. I love the encrusted crystal on silk chiffon wrap! It would be the perfect accessory for beautiful bridesmaids. I want them to look unique and feel beautiful! I think this would do this the trick!

  7. I love the petite vined crystal headwrap in “crystal.” It would be a beautiful addition to my veil and lace dress ensemble for the church ceremony, and it would still look lovely on its own during the reception, after I’ve ditched my veil! It’s just gorgeous!

  8. I would choose the Bella, in white. It would be perfect for my wedding!

  9. I’m in love with the wide crystal lace headwrap! I have an extremely simple dress and I’m looking for a statement accessory to bring the outfit together. This would be perfect!

  10. Since my wedding is going to be in a tropical environment, Jennifer Behr’s double poppy on headband with french veiling in cream silk is my dream choice to complete my bridal look. I’d wear it with my blunt bangs and a simple bob, the way Anna Karina’s iconic hair was styled in Jean Luc-Godard’s Vivre sa Vie.

  11. I love the double crystal scallop headwrap. I want to use it on my wedding day this coming september. With my modern greecian theme, I would wear it with a goddess look

  12. I love the double tiny scalloped crystal to add a little sparkle

  13. I have been looking high and low for a perfect headband to wear for my wedding and it has been quite the struggle. So much so that I am getting so close and without a headband I will be bummed. SO this blog opened my eyes to the amazing collection of Jennifer Behr and though it is not under the bridal collection I am in love with the encrusted crystal on ribbon wrapped chain headwrap. I will add the perfect extra wham to my wedding attire that will make my day perfect!

  14. It was love at first sight when I laid my eyes upon Alexa.It has a vintage look to me a look that I’m going for on my special day.I would love to wear this at my summer outdoor wedding down by the river.

  15. My favorite is the wide crystal lace headpiece. Its so beautiful I would wear it through the ceremony and reception. It would be the perfect touch to my lace dress!

  16. I would love to wear the athena tiara with my hair down and some soft curls :)

  17. I am at my desk swooning and drooling all over the Evangeline hair wrap!

  18. I love the double poppy with veiling on a headband in silk! I think it would look stunning in my ultra short hair!

  19. I absolutely LOVE the french veil. I have been looking everywhere for a birdcage veil that is the right size/length- and that one is totally it. After the ceremony I would love to add the petite vined crystal headwrap to my ‘do. Her stuff is so so gorgeous and I would love to have anything from her collection. Thanks for the giveaway!

  20. What fabulous work. It’s hard to decide. I adore the Chloe headband. So romantic. This would look fab with loose curls in a side swept look paired with my Pronovias gown. Just may have to get this one… hmmm…

  21. double vine bobby pins hown in crystal gunmetal is my pick! It is stunning yet subtle and would go great with my simple white strapless gown! My veil has some lace but this will add some pizzazz for my half up half down curl look!

  22. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the artemesia tiara! It would be amazing with my dress because it resembles feathers/leaves and I have feathers along the bottom of my dress!

  23. I ADORE the Eloise headband – it would add the perfect touch of vintage glam to my look.

  24. I covet the Artemesia Tiara to wear with my deco inspired gown in our seaside garden ceremony and reception.

  25. Peonies make me weak in the knees but with an August wedding in sunny Napa, they won’t be in season and wouldn’t survive the heat. The Bella would be a beautiful way to incorporate my grandmother, mother and my favorite flower into my wedding day and a sweet way to bring that perfect touch of romance to a loose, sideswept updo.

  26. I wish I had the overlapping crystal twist for my big day.

  27. I love the Grosgrain Headwrap with Dangling Crystal Bow. It would be great to wear to my reception, and I love that I could wear it again after the wedding.

  28. i am in L-O-V-E with the spiked turban headwrap. That is so beautiful! i have never seen such beautiful hair accessories!! thank you for introducing me to that site…i think i am in hair heaven haha. I would love to wear that piece all the time….especially out for the night with the girls (how cool would that be!)

  29. I absolutely love everything from Jennifer Behr especially the Eloise….what a beauty!!! It would go perfectly with our victorian styled picnic wedding. I’m thinking it would pair nicely with long loose curls.

  30. I am in love with the wide crystal lace wrap. I do not want to wear any jewelry other than earrings, so I think some sparkle in my head piece would be just amazing!

  31. artemesia tiara is my favorite. It fills me with nostalgia. My Grandma Lee passed away in 2001, thankfully before September 11th. She was a holocaust survivor and an avid new yorker. She had seen enough in her life and it would have devestated her to witness such a tragedy. She loved and lived for NY~ I wish my Grandmother could be with me on our wedding day. I would wear this in her honor. I remember dressing up in her costume jewels all the time – it was one of our favorite things to do – play with all her fancy darling jewelry! Especially on New Years Eve. I absolutely adore all of these headresses and would be supremely honored to wear one on our special day.

  32. I am in love with the artemesia tiara. I could definitely see myself in one of these great hair accessories with my hair pinned up with fresh flowers added. The details would match my dress perfectly.

  33. So hard to choose! I love the modern classic look of the Overlapping crystal twist, and the Petite vined crystal headwrap provides that perfect touch of subtle femininity. Both would look gorgeous, but are not too ‘bridal’ so I could wear them again on a special occasion.

  34. I absolutely love the wide crystal lace headwrap in Light Topaz. I am planning on wearing my hair down, or half up, and this would compliment it perfectly. I am going for a very feminine feel and this is perfect.

  35. I love this bridal collection. I think that the Isis would be perfect as my head piece. It is simply beautiful and will compliment my halter bridal gown. I plan on wearing my hair braided and wrapped low on my head. I think that this piece will set of my look beautifully. ~leela

  36. Oooh what lovely items! I would lurve the overlapping crystal twist to wear on W-day. I’d wear it to take place of veil, but to add a lil’ pazazz to my otherwise low key style. My hair will be a side pony/braid and this headband would really pull it together nicely!! Thanks!

  37. I’ve had my eye on Jennifer Behr for quite a while. Her designes are timeless and so delicate! I’m in love with the “Ava” head piece and it would go perfect with my vintage glam dress and overall feel of the decor… And Ava is my Mom’s name:) Thanks Junebug! xoxo

  38. I love the Belinda one. I would probably use it for my rehearsal dinner or my bridal session!

  39. I’m so excited! I’ve been dying to find a beautiful bridal sash and the encrusted crystal on chiffon belt more than fits the bill!

  40. The violette with scattered crystals is the most beautiful veil I’ve ever seen! I would feel like a princess wearing it on my wedding day.

  41. bella from the bridal collection is divine! I would love to grace my simple wedding dress with this elegant piece!

  42. the noelle is a perfect match for my dress! it is vintage glam, just like i will look on our big day. i love wearing cute headbands and wraps, and this would add some extra sparkle to my wedding day attire.

  43. I LOVE all of Jennifer Behr’s pieces, but have been eyeing her Irina band from the bridal collection for awhile! It has a perfect combination of intricate details on the brooch and simplicity and elegance on the light satin band. I love the overall beautiful jane austin romantic-vintage-girly look to it – exactly how I would imagine my wedding! I would wear this headband with my hair swept up with low loose romantic curls.

  44. I adore the silk chiffon with crystals headband.i am so in love with it but i just can not affor 665 us dollars to buy it….

  45. I am IN LOVE with the Eloise band in the “crystal”. The woven Swarovski crystals overtop of the raw silk is such a gorgeous combination. I would give anything to be able to wear this with my gown on my wedding day. It would go perfect together. Vintagey, romantic, & girley!

  46. irina in pearl crystal would complement my vintage sheath dress and my chin length hair which I plan on having curled on the ends. I think this headband is divine and luxurious – timeless and perfect for a bride on her special day!

  47. I’m in love with the Irina! The Victorian pin inspired design is flawless and the spray of crystals and pearls adds a touch of glamor and elegance. The headpiece will look perfect with my one shoulder tulle dress with its satin empire waist, which is also embellished with crystals and pearls. Gorgeous!

  48. The Chloe headpiece looks so beautiful. I’d pull my hair into a bun and wear it under a veil with my V-neck dress which has chiffon flowers lining the bottom of the dress. I think I found the perfect headpiece that will add an elegant flair to my look when I walk down the aisle. Thank you :)

  49. I’m having a sea-themed wedding and I think that the Ursula tiara would look magnificent with my strapless mermaid lace dress. I imagine looking like a mermaid princess on my special day. It’s like a dream come true!

  50. I’m totally in love with the evangeline in pearl head wrap but it is so incredibly hard to decide which is my favorite. They are all so beautiful!

  51. That feather is going to whisper in the wind so romantically… it is gorgeous…! Thanks for sharing

  52. I’m in love with the Overlapping Crystal Twist – Smoked. Beautiful. That’s all I’ve got. Just beautiful.

  53. The artemesia tiara is gorgeous- I love the design and all the details of it.

  54. These are exactly what I am been looking for!!! As a bride who must wear her hair down (due to gigantic ears which of course stick straight out) I have been failing to find the right veil combination that would make me feel as beautiful and “bride like” as many of the bridal updo’s & veil combinations naturally do. Sadly, I have been left feeling incomplete, unfinished, not remotely like a bride-not how you want to feel on your wedding day. Until this-Thank you so much! They are all so exquisite that I have such a hard time figuring out what would work best for my dress instead of what I would just love to own for the sheer fabulousness (if that’s a word) of it! I am dreaming about the french veil or maybe the voilette in combination with artemesia tiara-that just might be the perfect balance of elegance and drama I am looking for!

  55. I am in love with the overlapping crystal twist headband. I still have the headband I wore for my bat mitzvah, and every time I put it on it brings back memories. I would love for this headband to do the same after I wear it on my special day

  56. I’m in love with the Irina. Perfect for my vintage influenced, art deco wedding. How gorgeous!

  57. I think the one you showed in the blog is my fave- crystal and silk chiffon on skinny silk headband. It is stunning and simplistic. I would love to wear it on my wedding day in just over a week! AHhhhhhh :) :) Thanks!!

  58. I’m in love with double poppy on headband with veiling. I am a modest bride, one that felt overwhelmed by the number of strapless gowns and lack of choices in the vintage, somewhat conservative style I preferred. I found a gown that I will be proud to wear, but my accessories NEED to complete my look. Until today, I didn’t think I’d ever find something, but now I have. You, Jennifer, have impeccable style.

  59. Definitely the artemesia tiara. I’m planning a big dramatic updo, and this would bling it out wonderfully!

  60. The Irina is lovely! I’ve been looking all over for headband or hair accessory options for those of us with (very) short hair. I think this would be perfect!

  61. wow. i LOVE jennifer behr’s accessories. to win this headband would be such a wonderful gift…i think i would want to wear it everyday! for my wedding i would love the french veil to go with my look. i have some very dramatic earrings and will be wearing my hair in a lovely updo and this would be so perfect with my entire look!

  62. I love the chloe. It’s so light and airy and would be perfect with my dress, which is flowy.

  63. I really love the second column, fourth row kind. It is so edgy but sophisticated. I would wear it with a greek goddess, white wedding dress with this headband. My dress would look flowy and then with the headband, it will make me stand out when i walk down the aisle. I love that kind of style, edgy buy elegant :) (the spiked turban headwrap or Encrusted Crystal Padded Headband will also make me stand out!)

  64. With an unlimited budget I would choose celeste or otherwise, I would happily choose irina as well. my wedding is art deco themed and i think either piece would complete my vision.

  65. I love the Artemesia Tiara. It’s gorgeous, elegant and would go wonderfully with my ’30s movie starlet inspired dress.

  66. LOVE Jennifer Behr and this giveaway! My favourite piece right now is the wide crystal lace headwrap. I’d wear it in that sort of modern flapper style, closer to the hairline with soft curls and bangs. Dreamy!

  67. So hard to choose, but I love the irina, simple and so pretty!

  68. I am loving the “irina” headpiece… it has the classic elegant look I am going for and could even be worn to dress up an everyday outfit!

  69. I love the Noelle head band. I have really been struggling with how I should wear my hair for my special day. I think that this is just the elegant touch I need to complete my romantic wedding look. Gorgeous!

  70. Gorgeous crystals and veils. Something for every bride: romantic, classic, natural, modern! I will recommend you to all my clients!

  71. The double poppy on headband with veiling is to die for! Absolutely beautiful!! My dress is very simple and this veil would make the dress pop and look fantastic! Thank you for the chance! ~Nichole

  72. The Athena Tiara is simple and elegant, but striking enough for a momentous occasion.

  73. I just adore the double tiny scalloped crystal (in smoked). My dress has a lot of detailing and I plan on not wearing a necklace. I think the Jennifer Behr accessories would provide much needed drama to my overall look.

  74. Originally, fell in love with Esther, then the Artemesia Tiara and FINALLY settled on the Isabella head piece. I think this piece was so delicate and beautiful… A little 60’s elegance, which is the look I’m going for.

  75. I love the delicate, oversized flowers and the assymetrical composition of nerissa. It would compliment my Amour Brooch dress and my garden wedding perfectly! Ideally, I would pair it with violette for a touch of sparkle and to visually tie my head piece in with the brooch on my dress.

  76. The styling in these shots is absolutely gorgeous! I would choose a different crystal headband for each of the bridesmaids and Isabella for the bride, who is wearing her hair up (plus that’s our late grandma’s name)

  77. My favorite is the bella flower, I would love to wear it for my wedding party in july. And I absolutly love the 1920 era.

  78. SO hard to choose one, but the Victorian crystal silk satin headwrap might be the most perfect with my vintage-inspired dress, and the crystals would pick up my brooch bouquet quite beautifully. My fingers are crossed!

  79. These are utterly amazing. My fiance and I are getting married in a barn but are addressing parental concerns that it should still be a formal event. That being said the details are really going to be what help us achieve that formal/upscale look. My dress is a Melissa Sweet (very romantic, simple dress) and the artemesia tiara–while I never thought I would find myself in love with a tiara enough to actually entertain wearing one, would be absolutely stunning. Best of luck to all these amazing brides!

  80. Oh man, the Artemesia piece is amazing

  81. I adore both the the crystal and silk chiffon headband in cream and the noelle hairpiece. They are just so beautiful in different ways! The chiffon headband would look great with my dress while the pearls in the noelle hairpiece would compliment my grandmother’s pearl necklace I will be wearing.

  82. I adore the Athena crystal hair tiara with a Cinderella updo.. Kind of messy chic w no gel or hair spray.. It would look perfeito with my mermaid one shoulder roses gown. Lovely to the max.

  83. I love the bella flower bridal piece. I would remove my veil and wear the flower in my hair in it’s place for the reception! shanban456@sbcglobal.net

  84. Wow, what a beautiful selection. The dahlia not only matches the little bit of crystals that are on my dress, it would make my day to be able to wear this piece with my short hair styled around it! Good luck to everyone submitting!

  85. Amazing designs! I particularly love the Chloe headband – I’d wear it once I removed my veil for some dramatic photos!

  86. I love the evangeline, it really mimics my vintage style dress and would totally be wearable to other shindigs! I would definitely rock that headband w multiple outfits

  87. I love so many it’s hard to choose but I think the evangeline headband would really go beautifully with my dress and modern/vintage wedding. I am having a vintage brooch boquet and the brooch look of this hair accessory would echo and compliment it. I have a very short pixie style haircut that would look sweet with it too!

  88. i love crystal and silk chiffon hair clip in antique blush! the colour goes well with my hair and clipping it just right above my ears makes my long wavy hairstyle looks so classy. all i need is just this small small pin which will do the magic and transform me into an elegant lady almost instantly. the shiny crystals under the light just made me stand out of the crowd. LOVE IT!

  89. I love the petite vined crystal headwrap.m I would pair it with the silk peony flower I’m wearing over my ear!

  90. Eloise is my pick! Indeed, this headpiece wouldn’t just add to my dress, it would *make* it!!!

  91. These are all great! The vintage look really offers a style statement that stands out, vintage and all. I think they all make the statement of ‘longevity, style and grace’, of timeless beauty, nothing trendy. These are simply beautiful!

  92. Hope its not too late to tell you that I am in LOVE with the evangeline headband. It would be perfect and beautiful for me special day, would be honored to wear the pretiness!

  93. I absolutely love Jennifer behr and all of her designs. she is amazing! I saw one of her headbands in modernbride about a year ago and just knew I had to wear it on my wedding day. When you go on her site your just mesmirized by all the beauty in her work. I have a personal favorite which is the eloise. I think it would go great with my dress (it has lace and a similar chrystal pattern ). As cheesy as it may seem it would be a dream come true. !

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