Introducing … the ALL NEW Groombug!!!

January 5, 2009 | editorial team

That’s right, Junebug Weddings is proud to present our all new Groombug section! So often the grooms get left behind, left confused or left without guidance when it comes to wedding planning, so we decided we’d do our very best to give the guys the ultimate wedding instruction manual.

GH Kim Photography, Groombug- wedding planning tips and advice for men

We’ve redesigned, reorganized and rewritten every single page of our Groombug section in order to offer men the most helpful and inspirational resource available online, so they can get involved in the wedding planning process and let their personalities shine through. Starting with the main Groombug page, you’ll see that we’ve broken it all down into five main categories: Groom 101, Men’s Fashion, The Big Question, The Little Questions and Speaking of Honeymoons…

Groombug, wedding planning advice and inspiration for the groom and his guys

Groom 101 lays out all of the steps a groom needs to take to help plan their wedding with ease and goes into lots of detail about how to accomplish each step along the way. Men’s Fashion explains all the options in men’s wear from ultra-formal to ultra-funky and is packed with photos and resources for loads of sartorial inspiration. The Big Question tells the proposal stories of guys who’ve creatively popped the question, and The Little Questions answers the FAQs that every man is asking. Finally, Speaking of Honeymoons showcases some of the world’s best honeymoon locations so you two can relax in luxury once the wedding day is over, on the romantic vacation of a lifetime.

We’ve got a little something for every type of guy and on every topic under the sun. Check it out for yourself, and send your groom our way so he can get the wedding planning advice he’s really looking for. Because wedding planning’s not just for the girls you know!

Groombug, wedding planning, men's fashion, proposal and honeymoon travel advice for the groom

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  1. My girlfriend just sent me your link, and I actually like your site. The 101 stuff is great and I found a spot in Hawaii I want to check out.

    Nice job!

  2. I’m totally for grooms not getting left out. Keep up the fantastic work ladies!

  3. Great idea! I like the idea of grooms getting some attention!

  4. I just checked out the new Groombug and I have to say, it looks great. I think it’s wonderful that some attention is being paid to grooms, too. Many think that grooms really aren’t into details and leave everything to the bride. But I, for one, believe that that’s not true anymore. A lot of grooms want to be in on the preparation and it’s great that there’s a venue for them to get ideas from and share their sentiments (I’m sure they have some, too). Nice work.

  5. Cool! I love your fashion section. It’s for real guys. I proposed underwater on a dive in Hawaii. Do you take stories from readers? I’d love to send you ours.

  6. Thanks for all the great comments guys- so glad you like it! We love, love, love to receive proposal stories and wedding planning ideas from readers, so yes, please, tell us about your underwater proposal Marc! =) Can’t wait to hear how you pulled off a feat like that! All guys can write to us through the following “contact us” page… http://junebugweddings.com/contactus/contactus-groombug.aspx It’s also linked to from the bottom right corner of all the Groombug pages.

  7. very cool, great resource!

  8. I have a question sparked while reading Groombug’s Men’s Fashion: What’s the difference between black tie tuxedo and a three-piece format suit?

  9. Great question Bob! To my knowledge, a tuxedo is identified by it’s satin or grosgrain lapels, and the stripe down it’s pant leg. The classic black tie tux is either black or midnight blue, with white as a warm weather option. A three piece suit can seem reminiscent of a tux because of the vest worn under the jacket, but without the special lapel fabric and pant stripe, it’s still considered a suit. I love the vintage sensibility that a three piece suit can bring to an event. It could be a really fun option for a fashion loving guy who doesn’t want to go all the way to black tie.

  10. Such a fun idea!  Great job! I love the layout of it.  So easy to navigate!

  11. Wonderful, sensible layout with a wealth of USEFUL information for the groom/best man – what an excellent resource! Thanks for keeping the man in mind – I look forward to reading more stories and ideas in the future. Cheers!

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