Holiday Giveaway Week – Gifts for Your Groomsmen!

December 14, 2011 | editorial team

Continuing with yesterday’s theme of gifts for your gals, today we have a giveaway full of gifts for your guys! No doubt your groomsmen play a huge roll in your life as well as in your wedding, so we found some fantastic and creative thank you gifts to show them your appreciation. One lucky Junebug winner will soon receive:

– A Muehle Safety Razor and Valobra Shaving Soaps from Kaufmann Mercantile

– A Handmade, Monogrammed Leather Wallet from Waskerd

– Custom Map Cuff Links from Tomato Made

Read on to learn more about each item, and to enter to win just leave us a comment here telling us what you love about the men in your wedding party and your ideas for showing them your gratitude. We’ll accept entries all week long, and choose our winner randomly next Monday, December 19th, 2011. Let’s hear it for the boys!

groom and groomsmen's gifts Muehle Safety Razor and Valobra Shaving Soaps from Kaufmann Mercantile

If the groomsmen in your life are connoisseurs of old-fashioned, handmade, high-quality craftsmanship and design, then take a look at all the incredible gift possibilities at Kaufmann Mercantile! This Brooklyn based Men’s accessory shop is dedicated to bringing its customers a thoughtful selection of products that last a lifetime, and today they’re giving our lucky Junebug winner a sophisticated shaving set of a Muehle Safety Razor and Valobra Shaving Soaps. Nice! Like adding a little bit of Mad Men style to your grooming routine.

handmade leather wallets from Waskerd

Designer Derek Shaw from Waskerd is passionate about making the highest quality leather wallets, with the highest quality tools and materials, with his own two talented hands, and we love the results. Each wallet is one of a kind and made to help you keep things simple and de-clutter your life. Derek loves working with wedding parties too, so Waskerd offers a free wallet for the groom when he purchases one for all his groomsmen, and you can even get them monogrammed with your groomsmen’s initials! And today Waskered is generous giving our Junebug winner the wallet of their choice from waskerd.com, complete with custom monogram. Thanks Derek!

handmade custom map cuff links for grooms and groomsmen from Tomato-Made

Got a group of guys spread out around the country, or buddies who love to travel? These super fun custom made map cuff links by Beth Holloway from Tomato-Made are the perfect gift for globe trotting pals. They’re made with a vintage map of the location of your choice, set in sterling silver and preserved under a dome of glossy resin.Grooms, groomsmen, fathers and grandfathers, who wouldn’t love this fun fashion accessory? Thanks to Tomato-Made, our giveaway winner will get to try them out for themselves!

Thanks for entering to win everyone! And don’t forget to enter yesterday’s Bridesmaids’ Gifts Giveaway, Monday’s huge Bridal Fashion Giveaway, and all the photography related giveaways going on over on Photobug!


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  1. I love the groomsmen in our wedding party as we have all been friends for a few years. Althought they are FI’s friends originally they all respect and look out for my best interest. All of them would do anything for us. I’m not 100% sure how we going to show our gratitude for them. I like the idea of wallets and also maybe a bottle of booze. Something useful and something fun!

  2. Fun Giveaway!! Our groomsmen are going to be his two older brothers and my two younger brothers. Lots of love between our two families and we are both very close to our brothers. We haven’t decided yet what we want to get them for their gifts, but we were thinking of getting them baseball tickets for his brothers (yankee fans!) and football tickets for my brothers. We had also thrown the idea around of doing engraved flasks for my two little brothers since they are in college and boozers. I love the cufflinks, they are creative and quirky, which is what I want my wedding to be!

  3. I would love to win this for our guys!! So cool and we can’t really afford to buy them anything at this point.

  4. We love how they support us unconditionally and complete our circle of friends!

  5. My guys each have different personalities with separate interests, which I like because they each bring a different perspective to our wedding. Unfortunately, they all don’t live in the same area, so I think one universal gift/experience wouldn’t be fitting. Instead, I plan on taking them out individually to do things they like to do that they usually don’t get the chance to anymore. For instance, my old roommate likes outdoorsy things so I’m going to take him on a hiking expedition in my hometown. Another likes to ball so I want to get him some new basketball gear and take some time to shoot around. My brother/best man loves to travel and I’d like to take him on a weekend getaway. All of these gifts would accent my gratitude to them greatly!

  6. My fiance asked his little sister and best mate to be in his wedding party… but we found out last week that his best mate and his fiancee will be having a baby just weeks after our wedding… in Australia!! We know he won’t be able to come, but I love how he has always been supportive and always looked for ways to keep in touch, even though he lives halfway across the world!

  7. I love that our groomsmen are all awesome guys in their own ways and can make anything fun. They are always there for both of us and have been a huge part of our lives. I’m proud to have them in our wedding party and I know that my fiance will have more fun with the wedding because of them, they are great guys! I’m the sort who loves to just spoil and pile on the gifts, but I might leave the groomsmen gifts up to my fiance. If I can I might give them a little thank you gift, along with the cool little action figure that will be on their boutonniere that they get to keep. :)

  8. Our groomsmen are all guys who have supported my fiance and I throughout the course of our relationship (2 are our brothers, so by default, they had to!) and we plan on spending quality time with them and getting them a gift that fits their individual personalities, like what is featured here!

  9. I love our groomsmen because they are totally goofs! Don’t get me wrong, they are all highly successful men, but they all know how to have fun and make people laugh. I can’t wait to see them in action on our wedding day. We’ll show our gratitude with beer. Lots of yummy, craft beer. :)

  10. That they’re always there when we need them. We’re baking them cookies, as I’m kind of known as the group’s baker (I’m baking 2-3 dozen cookies for them to take home).

  11. Our groomsmen are truly one of a kind. They each represent a different stage in my fiance’s life (elementary till adulthood). You can tell what stage my husband was going through by meeting each groomsmen (sporty, intellectual, adventurous, frat boy, etc). Some gift ideas we were thinking of giving them was (of course) alcohol, perhaps a flask, and maybe some cuff links to bring together our black tie wedding. The gifts shown above for the giveaway are EXACTLY the kinds of items were thinking of giving out to show the groomsmen our appreciation for participating in our special day. As my fiance will be the first of all his friends to get married, I really want to make it special. <3

  12. Our groomsmen consist of both family & friends. they have all been there for us since the beginning. My grrom couldn’t decide between his brother and BF to be the Best man, so they both are! We were toying with ideas of home brewing kits for beer or something like that, but this would be way more classy than that!

  13. My fiance’s groomsmen (aside from my brother) have all been best friends since birth (literally – there moms were friends). And now they all live in different places, but what’s better than getting together for a wedding!! We want to get them a gift that really shows our appreciation for them coming…what that is I still don’t know? But I want it to be meaningful and unique to all of them!

  14. I love that our groomsmen care so much about us. They each have always been nothing but supportive of our relationship. I’d love to be able to spoil them!

  15. It would mean the world to us as we don’t have much money to spend on our wedding party. My fiance’s best friends mean the world to him. They are a group of eclectic guys that have stayed by his side when he’s been through the worst. He had a rough few years and all of them showed their true colors and that’s why he has to have them standing by his side when we get married. They are making the trip all the way up to Maine and we would love to be able to give them these gorgeous gifts!

  16. We love our groomsmen. They’ve been great supporter to my fiance in our relationship.

  17. I love the history that my Groom has with his Groomsmen – they’ve been friends for so long! There are so many great stories between them and they’re so excited to see my Groom get married! We’re thinking about getting them beer steins or flasks to show how much they mean to us.

  18. I love the groomsmen in our wedding party as they have been in my fiance’s life since childhood. They have always been good to and for each other, good times and bad! We are thinking about treating them to a guys getaway weekend (if budget allows). If not, maybe a watch to symbolize that throughout time, they’ll always be close.

  19. Our guys will all likely be getting mini tool kit EDCs from Kaufmann Mercantile thanks to this awesome post. I love all these gifts. Our guys are some of the best friends and one of them is even marrying us! Yikes! I’m getting married. I love it :)

  20. I can’t figure out if my post will show up… but I love this giveaway!!! The guys in our wedding are fabulous friends- one is even marrying us! They are always there for my fiance and are a ton of laughs. We will probably treat them to a couple things but I’m loving the EDC tool carry from Kaufmann! It’s incredible and so compact! These giveaways are blowing my mind :p Thanks! and happy holidays! :)

  21. Our groomsmen are a great group of guys. My FI knew exactly who he wanted to pick from the very beginning of our engagement, all friends who have been there for him and who completely support our wedding, and as a plus they represent the different stages in our lives that have led us to new experiences, people and places.

  22. Our groomsman, my brother, is all about classic, custom and vintage things. These items would be the *PERFECT* thank you gift for being a part of our special day. Especially because he, as a man of impeccable style, wears cuff links… Every. Single. Day. It’s like these gifts were chosen just for him!

  23. Our groomsmen are such an awesome bunch of guys! My fiance is at the Naval Academy so most of his groomsmen are either going into the Navy or the Marine Corps. They are really more like his family than his friends. As far as gifts we aren’t completely sure what to get them yet but we are hoping to do something inexpensive but suited for each persons individual tastes. I can’t wait!

  24. I have 2 of my cousins as my groomsmen and my best friend from college who will be my groomswoman. I was thinking about getting them a gift certificate for a nice restaurant so they can enjoy dinner with their spouses.

  25. I love how my groomsmen love my husband to be! They have been friends for ages, and I love how supportive they are.

  26. The men in the wedding party, are just great men. They’ve been there for my fiance through thick and thin. He says that before we were together there were times he was really lonely, but then he’d remember these few good friends he had, and it would make things better. They are a true blessing.

  27. My fiance has so many close friends it was difficult to narrow down the bridal party. It is rare for men to stay in touch and remain close friends this day in age, but they really all make an effort to keep in touch and see each other. There is no “trainwreck” groomsman in this party, everyone is a responsible, great guy and I’m so happy they’re a part of our wedding.

  28. We would love to win this! Such a classy gift.

  29. My fiance hasn’t chosen all of his groomsmen yet, but the few he has decided on so such great friends to him and have welcomed me into their group of friends which such open arms! i think some whiskey and cigars will be in order for these guys!

  30. My wonderful fiance has chosen to have his brother, whom I adore as well as my little brother, as his best men. I love him even more for including my brother and truly tying our two families together. These wonderful men deserve the world for their presence and guidance in our lives!!

  31. I love our groomsmen because they were apart of our wedding plans since our proposal! I think they all deserve a classy girlfriend (soon to be wife!)

  32. I appreciate the groomsmen who are going to be in our wedding because they have been supportive of my fiance and I. They also have been a huge blessing and encouragement to my fiance. He is so thankful for them :)

  33. We will be doing a destination wedding, so we will be giving gifts that reflect where we will be getting married

  34. One of my fiances groomsmen actually introduced us, so that is truly a special relationship that we have to him. The best man is my fiances brother. We have not purchased gifts yet for the groomsmen, but were thinking about man cave signs. I am not sure if this will be the gift we end up going with, but we want something non-wedding related for our bridal party that theyll be able to use in the future, not just on one day.

  35. The men in our party are a compilation of our brothers and my groom’s best friends from elementary school and college baseball. They’ve always treated me like a friend and sister and we can’t wait to show them how much we love them with some heartfelt gifts!

  36. I love the my fiance has chosen friends from all parts of his life- with his brother, two friends from his home, and two friends from his college lacrosse team, there is a blend of personalities and geographic locations, but each one of these men help contribute to the personality of the man I am marrying, and I love them all for it!

  37. I love that my fiance’s groomsmen have all known him for most of his life and have helped shaped who he is today. We’re thrilled to be able to share our special day with them!

  38. Our groomsmen are my fiance’s good friends. I credit them with helping to make them who he is. What’s not to love about that?!?

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