Holiday Giveaway Week – Food!

December 21, 2010 | editorial team


Happy Tuesday! If you tuned in yesterday you saw that we’re all about gifts and giveaways this week on Junebug, and today we’re taking about about Yummy Food! Two lucky winners are going to receive some seriously delicious treats!

First we have an ingenious holiday gift that we received ourselves this year, and loved so much we asked if you could have one too. The very first person to leave a comment here is going to win

– A Cake in a Jar Care Package from the brilliant Fantasy Frostings! UPDATE: A winner has been chosen! Congratulations to Julie – enjoy!


Yes, that’s right, we said cake in a jar. Trust us, it’s to-die-for! And as for the rest of you, leave us a comment here telling us about the special food, drinks and desserts you’re most excited to serve on your wedding day, and you’ll be entered to win…

–  A selection of premium organic chocolate from the famous Theo Chocolate

– The new cookbook Fried Chicken and Champagne by chef and caterer Lisa Dupar

– A Holiday Gift Set from renowned chef Tom Douglas filled with his amazing “Rubs with Love”

– A custom designed signature wedding cocktail recipe created just for you by Dress the Drink

Read on to learn more about the prizes. We’ll accept entries all week long, and randomly choose our winner this Friday, December 24th. Good luck everyone! And happy holidays!!! 


Fantasy Frostings makes some of the most delicious wedding cakes and desserts in Southern California, and when we received their “Cake in a Jar” box a few weeks back, we were reminded just why their reputation is what it is. YUM! For those of you in the LA area, don’t miss their newly expanded offerings that include wedding dessert buffets, and look for “Cake in a Jar” to be available on their website by Valentine’s Day! (images above by Cakes and Kisses Photography)



Theo Chocolate is one of our very favorite local companies here in Seattle, not only because their chocolate is crazy, crazy good, but because they are the first and only organic and Fair Trade chocolate factory in the country. Not a small feat. Theo is generously giving away their eight piece winter confection box, a box of their grey salted caramels and a box of their pink salted caramels –  all popular confections with couples looking for alternative wedding desserts and take-home favors that their guests will cheer them for! Check out their website to learn more and see all the wedding chocolate possibilities!



Lisa Dupar is a multi-talented chef and caterer, and with her new cookbook Fried Chicken and Champagne you can taste a little of her kitchen genius yourself. We’ve long been fans of Lisa, her food, and her restaurant The Pomegranate Bistro, and think this cookbook will make for some fantastic home-cooking date nights for you and your newly-wed.



Tom Douglas has made a huge name for himself in the food world (Iron Chef anyone?) and we’re so proud to have him as one of our home-town Seattle foodies. If you’ve ever eaten at one of his many mouth-wateringly good restaurants like The Dahlia Lounge, Palace Kitchen, Lola, Etta’s or Serious Pie or if you’ve been lucky enough to attend a wedding at the Palace Ballroom you know that his cooking comes from the heart. That’s why we adore his line of “Rubs with Love” and why we think that you too will have a blast cooking at home with the many different rubs that are included in the Holiday Gift set we’re giving away today.



Signature cocktails are a wonderful way to add some personalized pizazz to a wedding day, and no one does them quite like the company Luxurious Wedding | Dress the Drink. With this super cool package, Dress The Drink will have one of their premier mixologists create a custom signature cocktail and recipe for your wedding based on your theme, colors, interests, or wedding inspiration. They’ll provide you with a cocktail design consultation and recipe creation, the recipe and image of the cocktail named in your honor, and luxe cocktail garnishes for the bride and groom’s wedding cocktails. What fun! For more informaiton and lots of chic cocktail recipes, check out the Luxurious Wedding – Dress the Drink website and blog.


A very special thank you Fantasy Frostings, Theo Chocolate, Lisa Dupar and Company, Tom Douglas and Luxurious Wedding | Dress the Drink for generously donating this giveaway. You’re the best!

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  1. First!

  2. All of the food looks amazing!

  3. Great giveaway!

  4. pretty!

  5. I’m SOOO excited to serve pigs in a blanket. they are delicious.

  6. im most excited to serve cupcakes cause thats what my fiance proposed with! xoxo

  7. Looking forward to serving a little Cajun Food. Love meat pies for appetizers.

  8. So delicious! Great finds!

  9. Oh! And we’ve been lucky to find a venue that allows us to bring in our own desserts. We’re planning a quest in 2011 to find the best finger-food sized sweets in the New York City area. We’ll also be doing Greek desserts and ice cream from my favorite shop in my hometown. Any thoughts on how to serve ice cream at a wedding ceremony without a melting disaster?

  10. We are excited to be serving arnold palmers.. mmmmmmmm

  11. Pick me! Yummy!

  12. Nummy to my tummy! I’d love to receive one of these sweet treats… Tis the season for induldging! ; )

  13. We are going to serve a chocolate mousse swan with our cake! Yummy!

  14. I have heard so many great things about the cakes in a jar but have yet to try them! I love how cute and unique they are.

  15. Everything looks sooooo yummy!

  16. OMG OMG OMG…am I the first to comment? I absolutely love this blog, and all those items look AMAZING!

  17. Did I win! Love food!

  18. I am excited to serve all my favorite guilty pleasures, ie. ice cream, roasted chestnuts, and yummy macarons. I know my guests would love them! Thanks!

  19. What an amazing giveaway! I’m looking forward to the cake, as I’m making it from scratch for our tiny ceremony.

  20. What GREAT prizes! Winning would be a holiday treat! :)

  21. Cake in a jar??!!! That sounds delish!

  22. We are serving great southern food, having a dessert bar filled with desserts known very well to us and 1-2 signature drinks as well as craft beer brewed and bottled by us!

  23. How fun Christy! We are soooo excited to be part of this wonderful Holiday giveaway! Congrats to the Winner, and we look forward to sending your gift to you to enjoy. Check out the website in January to see the Cake Jars all freshened up for Valentine’s Day! -Mr Frostings

  24. I’m most excited about the croquembouche that we are going to have as our wedding cake! We’ll also be having a full dessert table because sweets are definitely the way to my heart.

  25. For our New England wedding, we’re having a clam chowder station!

  26. I am going to have caramel apples! I am so excited about them!

  27. Your Holiday giveaway is amazing! We are so pleased to take part in this wonderful giveaway week! So excited for the winners… We love… love… love… your blog :)! LW | DTD

  28. I’m very excited to have friends and family homebake our desserts! We are trying to figure out how to incorporate whiskey into a cupcake frosting! We are also planning a sweet late-night snack that should be a wonderful surprise! Still working on the dinner ;)

  29. We’re having fancy sliders and fries, can’t wait!

  30. We’ll be serving some Greek-inspired food. And since his (and soon to be my!) last name is Theoharis, you better believe we’ll be having some Theo chocolates!

  31. i’m a sweet tooth – so homemade french macaroons boxed up and used as “name tags” as well as fresh chocolate chip cookies with a shot of milk passed around after the cake. yum!

  32. this is such an awesome giveaway! my fiance and i love to cook – these would all be perfect for us!

  33. SUCH a great giveaway! Love it! :) We both love food, but with lots of people at the reception, we are hesitant to stray too far from what our mother’s call “normal” for our reception food. However, we have won our dessert table from them so we are going to have some yummy treats that are all what we love. My favorite item – DONUTS! My hubby-to-be LOVES donuts – he always asked for donuts in place of bday cakes growing up. So guests can snack on his fav – traditional glazed or my fav – jelly filled!

  34. We are serving an ice cream sundae bar instead of a cake because ice cream is my favorite dessert and brownies are my partner’s. This way we get to mix our two favorites!

  35. Well we are foodies so pretty much everything about our wedding involves our love of food. We are having a dessert bar with desserts we have enjoyed at memorable occasions. We are serving appetizers based on the first food we ate together. The main meal is going to be Latin inspired food because we both love it and its delicious!!

  36. I’m excited for our hor’s doeuvres….we had some custom made, but also our candy bar, which will feature some candies and treats from the Philippines (where I’m from).

  37. Our venue is a restaurant, known for its southern flair, but also for its signature muffin, called a “love muffin”. For our wedding, they are creating love muffins AND stud muffins as favors for our guests. They are such delicious treats, and something I’m sure the guests will love!

  38. I’m over the moon excited about serving Lowcountry Boil at our wedding. I might have to tie a giant bib over my dress to protect it from drawn butter and juicy crab, but it will be worth it.

  39. We haven’t quite decided yet upon our food choices, but I do know we will be making some fig acorns with dark chocolate for treats that Im excited for! I have also planned a pancake buffet with organic jams and sauces for the ladies the morning before the ceremony. Thank you for the opportunity to win

  40. most excited about the wedding cake, of course! it will be a white chocolate bavarian creme with passion fruit curd

  41. Well, I just got engaged on Saturday so not too sure just what we’re serving yet, but i know that since we are getting married at Disney, our dessert is going to come in a white chocolate Cinderella shoe!

  42. We’re serving cake and Cheerwine Ice Cream made by the chef and our venue! I’m so excited!

  43. Honestly I can’t wait to eat our wedding cake!! It’s going to be scrumptious :)

  44. Hmmmm I’m most excited about a few things. First, our cookie buffet! We’re going to have so many choices: from traditional chocolate chip to healthy oatmeal and cranberry to delicious chocolate peppermint to wild and exotic flavors like rosewater and ginger! So much fun! I’m also excited for our wedding cake! White chocolate with raspberry! My favorite! We don’t have the entrees decided yet, so I couldn’t tell you. But I’m sure they’ll be delicious as well!

  45. My fiance and I are huge foodies so good food is a must!! Definitely a wide range of delicious food (including vegetarian meals). For drinks, an open bar since our friends love to celebrate, but also a summery specialty cocktail since the wedding is in August. And finally, for the dessert, besides the cake, a dessert buffet is a must! We also want to have a candy buffet for our guests.

  46. I really like this look – stunning! Check out http://www.labelsonthefly.com for great custom labels and hang tags that will look perfect for these projects!

  47. We will be serving boston creme cupcakes, yummmmmm!!

  48. my hubby-to-be and i have this special apple wine we both loved from our trip to san luis obispo and we plan to bring it into our wedding reception.

  49. I love the idea of paying tribute to family receipes at a wedding. My dad has a “famous” mac & cheese receipe that the caterer can adapt for the cocktail hour.

  50. I love the idea of a homey feel to the food at my wedding and our caterer is right on board. We are going to have a backyard BBQ with ribs. My friends have graciously taken on the job of baking homemade pies and crisps in lieu of a wedding cake. But I think everyone’s favorite is going to be the assortment local microbrews.

  51. I am lucky enough to have a fiance that is a very talented cook (and has, in fact, worked in many fine restaurants). So, we will be catering our own wedding! Food is too important for him to leave it to anybody else, and doing things DIY is huge for me. We plan on doing a buffet of Spanish tapas, and we’ll be ordering a huge leg of jamon from latienda.com. Also, my future MIL is a fantastic baker, so she will be making our wedding cake– a simple, but delicious, Italian butter cream cake. Mmm…. now I’m hungry.

  52. There must be chocolate, the darker the bittter, I mean, better!

  53. The most important ingredient to be served is lots of love for everyone who’s taking time to celebrate your happiness with you. But if my mom would bake her ‘famous’ strawberry-chocolate-cognac cake, that would make everything perfect!

  54. we are pairing significant items to our lives in unique ways: anyone else like indian food and krispy kreme? we’re also trying out the signature cocktail thing with local beers. i will *not* be a bride who doesn’t eat or drink at her own wedding ;).

  55. I am excited to serve individual duck cookies and have pies, cake, and rice krispies on our dessert table!

  56. Uhm….yum! We’re having cupcakes instead of cake, and I’m looking forward to all the unique kinds we’ll have. We’re also planning on bring in Mitchell’s Ice-Cream, a local ice-cream store that is to die for!

  57. Chocolate of course!

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