Holiday Giveaway Week – Bridal Fashion & Accessories!

December 12, 2011 | editorial team

Happy holidays dear Junebug readers! We honestly wish we could give gifts to each and every one of you this holiday season to thank you for your kindness, support and participation all year long, but since that’s, well, entirely impossible, we’ve been having fun putting together our annual week of giveaways for you instead, filled with wedding goodies you won’t want to miss! All week long here on What Junebug Loves, as well as on Photobug, we’ve got giveaway galore, to help make your seasons bright.

Today we begin our giveaway goodness with my favorite topic… wedding fashion! One lucky Junebug winner will soon receive this knock-out colleciton:

– Sweetest Sin Chemise and Thong Set from Blush Lingerie

– Ice Drop Earrings from Melanie Auld Designs

– Renee Hair Flower from Serephine

– And ANY pair of shoes from the Nina Shoes website

Yes, seriously! Read on to learn more about each item, and to enter to win just leave us a comment here telling us about the bridal fashion you’re most excited about wearing on your wedding day. We’ll accept entries all week long, and choose our winner randomly next Monday, December 19th, 2011. Good luck everyone! And happy holidays!!!

romantic bridal lingerie from Blush Lingerie

Lingerie that makes you feel your most beautiful and confident for your wedding night, honeymoon, and in my opinion, your everyday life, is an absolute delight, and the gorgeous collections from Blush Lingerie never disappoint. This fashion line, based in Montreal, is dedicated to making beautiful, affordable lingerie with luxury fabrics and standout style, and today they’re generously giving away their Sweetest Sin Chemise and Thong Set (pictured in the large photo above). It’s the ideal piece for any bride-to-be I’d say – what a treat!

To learn more about Blush Lingerie, see the rest of their truly gorgeous collections and find out where you can see their designs for yourself, be sure to visit their website!

modern bridal and fashion jewelry from Melanie Auld Designs

Melanie Auld Designs makes thoroughly modern and entirely fabulous jewelry, and their bridal collection is filled with bling in the most fashion forward and innovative ways. Today Melanie Auld is giving away a pair of her Ice Drop earrings in clear (pictured in the large, top photo above). Worn on a wedding day they would lend a modern edge to any bridal look, or worn to any of the events surrounding your wedding day (not to mention New Year’s Eve!) they would be definite show-stoppers. If you like her look as much as we do, check out the Melanie Auld Designs website for more!

handmade bridal hair veils and accessories from Serephine

Accessory designer Erin Brooks is a favorite gal of ours – she’s a local here in Seattle (woo-hoo!) and we’re lucky enough to have her as a member of our local Seattle Plan Your Wedding Hotlist as well. Erin’s bridal veils and hair accessories are sweet, feminine and perfectly face framing to help you get the exact bridal look you’re going for. She’s passionate about what she does, and we’re so excited that she’s giving our winner her best-selling Rene Hair Flower (pictured above). It’s made with layers and layers of hand cut and sewn organza petals, saddle feathers and a hand-selected, silver-tone rhinestone jewel center. Beautiful!

bridal and bridesmaids' shoes from Nina Shoes

Just like lingerie, wedding shoes are another favorite topic around here, so what would a fashion giveaway be without a fabulous pair of heels? The wonderful people at Nina Shoes design beautiful wedding day shoe options for every kind of personal wedding style, and today they are letting our winner choose ANY pair of shoes they like from NinaShoes.com! WOW! From classic white satin pumps to bright and colorful heels with loads of personality, there are so many pretty pairs to choose from, I’m not sure how our winner is going to narrow it down!

If you’re shopping for wedding shoes yourself, don’t miss checking out the stylish and totally affordable selection at NinaShoes.com!

Thanks for entering to win readers! And don’t forget, if you’re a lover of photography, head on over to Photobug to enter to win our amazing photography giveaways too!

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  1. The SHOES, of course! What a lovely way to add a pop of color to your day-of outfit.

  2. My favorite wedding accessory has to be my shoes. They are sparkly and pink, and were part of the proposal! I had said that if I could have ANY shoe to wear on our wedding day, that this particular shoe would be it. He proposed with these shoes and a ring! I’m a lucky girl. :-) Can’t wait for our wedding: 08/11/2012.

  3. I am SO excited to be wearing my mother’s teardrop diamond earrings…they are timeless and elegant (and the Rene hairflower would certainly compliment them : )

  4. What I’m most excited about are wearing colorful shoes and statement jewelry. Which makes this perfect! The lingerie would be a nice surprise for someone else, too. ;)

  5. I’m most excited about my veil since my mom will be making it and to me, a veil makes a bride.

  6. can’t wait to pick out the shoes

  7. My SHOES- white satin with gold sparkly heels!!! They add so much fun to the whole look.

  8. Can’t wait to wear my sky high heels, and my stunning dress of course!

  9. I’m really excited for my shoes, I let my fiance pick them out and they are great! Thanks!

  10. I’m most excited about my necklace from Fable and Fury – it’s delicate and amazing!

  11. The veil! I borrowed it from a friend and it’s just perfect! A cathedral length mantilla veil with scattered beaded lace appliques near the bottom.

  12. The shoes! Specifically the Tearose Eterna wedges are the perfect colour for my outdoor wedding!

  13. I’m most excited for my shoes and my fur coat!

  14. Mu sister is making my veil, so I am excited about that!

  15. I would have to say the veil! My fiance’s sister and I are getting married two months apart next summer, and we’ve decided to share a veil. It’s gorgeous: cathedral-length, simple, with the only adornment a 1.5 inch horsehair trim. We both LOVE it, and love that we’ll be sharing it!

  16. I’m most excited to wear my sparkly shoes and my diamond earrings which once belonged to my mom.

  17. Goodness, I’m most excited about my shoes and headpiece.maccessories make the outfitb hehe :)

  18. I will not be original because I can not wait to wear the unique shoes. . Doesn’t every woman thinks about beautiful pair of shoes on that day?

  19. my dress, of course! i’ll only wear a wedding dress once in my life :).

  20. I’m most excited for the dress I found with it’s chiffon layers and the super light feel that’s perfect for my garden wedding! That and wearing my man on my arm :D

  21. I think shoes are the most exciting! :)

  22. I am super excited about the underthings that I will wear. I like to think of them as the foundation for my day. They set the tone, or the mood, of my attitude throughout the day. Am I comfy and relaxed? Am I going to have a sensual day? Am I going through things quickly or taking my time with my daily tasks? While I won’t go into detail on what I’ll be wearing underneath, they will be the most exciting things I could wear that day.

  23. I really want to wear green shoes on my wedding day. The FORBES shoe by Nina would be great

  24. This is a good question! Besides the gorgeous gown I’m going to wear, I’m excited to find some fun and good quality shoes…oh, but then there are the earrings my friend is making for me! I’m just so excited for all of it!

  25. I am most excited about the lingerie!

  26. Definitely my fabulous dress!

  27. I am most excited about my veil! When else can you pull off a cathedral length veil? EXACTLY.

  28. i’m most excited about wearing the hair flower! i don’t know why, but it just pulls the whole look together and really makes me look like a bride! on my hair trial, it just wasn’t working without the hair flower!! =)

  29. I can’t wait to wear a sash with some flowers on it!! I never saw myself wearing one, but once I saw what a sash would look like with my dress, I was sold. Now I just have to narrow down the 35+ that I have bookmarked :)

  30. The hair accessories for sure! Feathers or a polka dot veil or jewels… can’t decide!

  31. I’m a SHOE fanatic, so I’m REALLY excited about my shoes. I want them to be a fun pop of color so that they are a fantastic photo op! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  32. my something blue wedding shoes :)

  33. I am most excited about my dress. When I went shopping, I asked my fiance if he had any requests. His only one is that my dress would show off my body. According to my mom, bestfriend and sister, it does! Its elegant and accentuates all of my good features as well as enhances those I’m not most wild about. I can’t wait to see his face when he finally gets to see it!

  34. I am most excited about my hair accessories and jewelry by far!!! Love getting all dolled up!!! :-) Good luck everyone!

  35. I’m super excited about my dress. I think it is gonna be my favorite thing of the whole day bc who doesn’t want to look like a princess???

  36. While I can’t wait to have the perfect shoes and gorgeous jewels to complete my wedding day look, I am most excited to wear the gown and veil! These two pieces are essential, could stand alone, and make the first impact. The accesories are icing but still deserving of attention! :)

  37. I’m most excited to wear my Grandma’s wedding ring! I’ll be using it as my wedding band. It just means so much to me that I get wear and eventually pass on this amazing ring that’s such a symbol of her and my grandpa’s love for each other. I feel honored!

  38. Do you know how hard this question is to answer!?!?! Uh… all of it!! But if I must answer…. besides my gorgeous gown, it’s gotta be the jewels! They’ll complete the look and I can’t wait to find them!

  39. I’m most excited about finding my shoes! I don’t know why, but after I got engaged, I became shoe obsessed. I always liked shoes, but never felt fixated on them. Now, every time I see a real wedding posted, I zero in on the bride’s shoes first and foremost. When there isn’t a shoe shot, I find myself wondering what the bride was wearing. I’m not sure I found the ones yet…but those Nina Electras are pretty fantastic. :)

  40. Aside from the dress and a gorgeous pair of shoes…it is the garter for me. I have my grandmothers from the 50s and can’t wait to use it as my Something Old!

  41. A vintage wedding dress! I haven’t found it yet, but I love the fact that styles from the 50’s are back in! I can’t wait to wear a dress that would make Betty Draper proud!

  42. Most excited about any and all accessories! I think it can totally make or break a look and I’m going for simple elegance!

  43. I’m mostly excited to have my dads picture in a locket around my bouquet. He’s no longer here with me but having that little special accessory with me will make it feel like he is!!

  44. I never knew my grandmother on my father’s side, yet the item I’m most excited about wearing on my wedding day is from her. It’s an antique eyeglass case she managed to save while fleeing the Holocaust. I’m going to hang it from a blue satin ribbon on my right hand with her photo inside. Everyone says I have her eyes.

  45. I am most excited about the shoes! It will be a great accessory to add a pop of color and personality!

  46. I’m most excited to wear my tiara! It’s not often that you can feel like a princess, but the look won’t be complete without shoes! I’ve been eyeing Nina shoes since i got engaged! There aren’t many beautiful green shoes and I would LOVE to win these!

  47. I’m so excited to wear my dress. It’s incredible! :)

  48. Nina Shoes has so many gorgeous pairs of heels that will allow me to show my personality and add a “fun” accessory to my wedding gown! I am definitely most excited for the shoes!

  49. Really excited about wearing colorful shoes for a pop of fun color beneath the dress!

  50. I am most excited about the jewellery I will be wearing. I haven’t yet chosen the style because I can’t decide which direction to go in yet but any reason for wearing extra special sparkly jewels is enough to be excited about!

  51. my dress!!!!

  52. So excited about my dress, but mostly excited to see my fiance’s face when he sees me in it for the first time. That will be the icing on the cake!!!

  53. I’m most excited about wearing fun shoes! I actually tried on a beautiful pair of Nina heels yesterday for the wedding and loved them! Ooooh I hope I win!!!

  54. Aside from my dress, I am super excited to find the perfect pair of shoes with just the right amount frills!

  55. I am having my uncle’s dog tags tied to my bouquet, in his memory. I cannot wait for my family to see this intimate and loving homage to him!

  56. I’m most excited about the lingerie!!!! Can’t wait for my wedding night!

  57. I am so excited about the jewelry and hair pieces! Thank you for hosting this giveaway! :) aandj8804[at]gmail.com

  58. I’m most excited about my red dress, but aside from that im a jeans and t-shirt kind of girls so i’m looking forward to wearing all my accessories with the dress and feeling like a princess.

  59. I am most excitied about my jewelry!

  60. SHOES! Of course :) I’m a total shoesaholic, so why not in the wedding day? :) gogunia3(at)wp(dot)pl

  61. I am excited about everything that I will be wearing! I think the most exciting thing will be the rings…they will be beautiful with my dress, but will be a part of my day that I will get to continue to wear. :)

  62. I am most excited about my dress. It’s actually my mom’s dress, but my best friend since the 6th grade (who just debuted at New York Fashion week with her bridal designs) will be updating it for me. I couldn’t be more elated to wear something with such a meaningful history and that was such a labor of love.

  63. I am known for wearing hair fascinators, and that is the most fun and exciting thing for me!

  64. I can’t wait to put on my wedding dress and walk down the aisle to my best friend! It is stunning and I know my fiance will love it!

  65. Very awesome blog! love all the items. I am most excited about the blush items! reminds me of claire pettibone,. I alos like the NIna Shoes!!!

  66. I am excited about my entire ensemble! We are doing a 1930’s Art Deco styled wedding, and I went with that completely through my dress and accessories. I will say, my grandmother’s domed diamond pinkie ring is the one thing that I really am most excited about, since it matches everything, and it will let me have a piece of her with me on that day.

  67. I am making a brooch bouquet that includes pieces of jewellery from my mom, grandmothers and friends. It will not only be sentimental but will look amazingly unique!

  68. Definitely love all the veils and fascinators. I’m a big headband girl and love to play with hair fashion!

  69. I’m most excited about my veil and hair accessory because I think that It dramatizes and completes your overall look. Plus growing up, when you play dress up, what is the first thing you usually imagine on yourself besides your dress? It’s usually your veil! In all honesty I’m excited about it all. Me and my fiance have been together for 14 years! Since our Senior year in High School. We are planning a wedding within 5 months and I have not shopped for my dress or any accessories as of yet. I’m super nervous but so excited and I absolutely LOVE the Blush lingerie, Nina shoes, Serephine Flower and the Melanie Auld Designs! I would put this to great use!

  70. I cannot wait to find the shoes I’ll wear!! What girl doesn’t have a thing for shoes?! I love all the pictures of just shoes or the couple’s feet. Shoes can turn any outfit from just okay to drop-dead gorgeous! Besides, you can always wear them again!

  71. My cathedral length veil, it’s simple but when I put it on I officially felt like a bride.

  72. I am most excited about wearing my wedding gown! Working at Laurel Creek Manor, i see so many weddings and im a part of almost every aspect of the wedding…. but not the dress. So when i got engaged I couldnt wait to find it!! I found a beautiful Monique L. dress at Marcella’s and I look at a picture of it almost every day… I cant wait to wear it!!!

  73. I’m am SOOOO excited to wear my Justin Alexander gown. The style just fits me so well! I took it out of my closest this weekend while the FH was away and just stared at it for awhile!

  74. My grandmother and mother both skipped veils, and had flowers similar to the Renee in their hair – would love to continue this family trend! thanks for considering!

  75. I am super excited to wear my wedding gown! It is the perfect combination of everything I was looking for…a little bit of sparkle, some lace, some pearls and the soft flowing look. I was so in shock that I found the perfect dress that I couldn’t cry or anything! I did cry later though after the shock had worn off! I just hope that now I can get the most perfect shoes and accessories to go with it! :)

  76. I’m most excited about wearing my wedding dress. I think that watching the bride come down the aisle in her dress is the suspenseful moment that everyone looks forward to especially the groom. That moment of anticipation and wonder can be a lasting one. I want my husband to be breathless when he sees me coming down the aisle. Having the perfect accessories to compliment the perfect dress is a thing that every bride dreams of. I know my dreams would only be starting to come true if I won this contest!

  77. I’m definitely most excited about my DRESS!! I loooove it.

  78. While the wedding is traditionally all about the dress, which yes, is extremely important, a real way to add that punch is some sass with the shoes, i.e. that is what I am most excited about! I cannot wait to pick out my shoes! I want something bright and fun and it’s got to have a pretty high heel. Nina is one of my favorite brands and definitely a contender.

  79. I can’t wait to find my shoes! Each collection spotlighted is awesome!

  80. Ahh I’m so excited about these giveaways! My favorite accessory would have to be my veil. My mom is making it which I love! It’s going to be fingertip length with lace around the edge which will match perfectly with my Maggie Sottero dress!

  81. I’m looking forward to wearing the pearls of my great-grandmother; and a dainty silver bracelet from Peru that I had given to my late sister. Soo thrilled to see it come together with my dress :)

  82. I am so excited to wear my grandmother’s pearl necklace on my wedding day. My grandfather gave it to my grandmother on their wedding day and they were married for 53 years before he passed away this last summer. I have a higher neckline dress so I am going to wear it as a headband in my hair. All of the women in my family have worn her pearls on their wedding day, and I am excited to continue the tradition! As for the giveaway, I am planning on buying a bright blue or pink pair of Nina Shoes to wear and I am super excited for those too! :)

  83. I have to say that for my wedding day, the Dress is the biggest item I’m psyched to wear. It’s something extravagant that I’ll never get to wear again. Beyond that, I would have to say my next favorite item will be my earrings and jewelry. I’m still a little undecided about what pieces I want, but I do know that I want something a little unconventional with a twist of traditional so that I can bring my own personality to such a special day =) What a fun giveaway!

  84. Loving the bright shoes!

  85. I am so excited for my shoes! They will be my own personal touch to my wedding day outfit!

  86. I’m most looking forward to my bouquet and veil. They were both my moms and it means so much that she and I can share that bond.

  87. Let’s be real here I am so excited to wear my dang dress!!! AGH!!!!

  88. I am most absolutely most excited about wearing my wedding gown! I bought it from the brides project, so all of the proceeds go to help people impacted by cancer, which makes an already perfect dress for me, even more perfect. I wasn’t sure I’d fine something I loved so much at a place that sold dresses for charity, but I was really hoping I would. My fiance hasn’t seen it yet, and I am so excited to have him see it on the day of our wedding, and for his jaw to drop! :) It’s soooo stunning (and it makes me look super skinny, which is a definite plus)

  89. I am most excited about the shoes and undergarments.

  90. I am most excited about the undergarments… something sexy, subtle and hidden from all eyes except my husband!…. YAY.. i love saying that!

  91. The jewels!! I can’t wait to pair my stunning cushion-cut canary (the fella did good) :) with more vintage baubles!! Yayyy!!

  92. I absolutely adore the Seraphine hair pieces. I really think that your hair piece is the most important piece in your wedding ensemble, because everyone is looking at your face the whole time!!

  93. I’m most excited to wear my wedding dress, of course! I feel gorgeous in it

  94. I cannot wait to wear the jewelery my dad gave to my mom before thier wedding! I also would love a beautiful flower in my hair.

  95. I’m most excited to wear a birdcage veil on my BIG day! :)

  96. Omg I am so excited about my wedding shoes and I have been dying for a pair of Ninas!

  97. the thing i am most excited about wearing is a bracelet my grandfather gave me before i moved to another state when i was 14. he told me that he wanted me to wear it for sometihng special and so i decided then and there that i that time would be my wedding day. aside from my wedding rings its the most precious piece of jewelry i own and the only accessory i MUST wear when i get married

  98. My veil is the piece of bridal fashion I am most looking forward to wearing!! I never thought Id love a veil as much as I do, but it is perfect! It is a cathedral length veil with a blusher.

  99. I’m most excited to wear my wedding dress- it was the very first dress I tried on, and I cherish the time I spent with my mom and sister shopping for the perfect dress- it was the only one that when I put on, my mom cried , so I just knew it was the dress I was meant to be in!

  100. I’m most excited about my dress! It’s going to be spectacular!

  101. Very excited about my dream dress!

  102. The shoes! I love shoes and haven’t found mine for my big day yet!

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