Handmade Whoopie Pie Giveaway from Batter & Cream!

May 26, 2014 | christine

Attention brides and photographers: Do you have a sweet tooth? We sure do! Enter our photo contest for a chance to win a package of goodies from our friends at Batter & Cream, as well as a chance to have your photo displayed on What Junebug Loves, as well as our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages!

How to submit: Post a photo that represents “the sweetest moment” from your wedding or engagement shoot to either your Twitter or Instagram, and make sure to hashtag #thesweetestmoment, @junebugweddings, @BatterAndCream. Please make sure you have the copyright of these images. Also — you must be following both Junebug Weddings and Batter & Cream’s Instagram and Twitter pages! You have until 11:59 pm Central Time on June 9, 2014 to submit!

If you win “the sweetest moment” contest, you will win a package of goodies from Batter & Cream… 

Batter and Cream whoopie pie giveaway | via junebugweddings.com

The winner will also have their photo posted on What Junebug Loves, FacebookTwitter, and Instagram pages! The winner will be announced June 13, 2014.

A Few Rules:

1. Please credit the photographer when posting an image – we want to give credit where it’s due
2. There is no submission limit
3. You must hashtag #thesweetestmoment and @junebugweddings and @batterandcream
4. You must be following @batterandcream and @junebugweddings

Best of luck to you!

By submitting your photos to this contest, you’ve agreed to Junebug Weddings’ Terms and Conditions.

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  1. Wow ! Yummy . I like those cream .

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