Giveaway! Win Handmade Wedding Sandals from Sseko Designs!

May 2, 2011 | editorial team

Handmade bridal sandals from Sseko Designs, wedding party bridesmaids fashion gifts

Good morning Junebug readers! Welcome to May, to full-fledged spring and to our latest giveaway today from Sseko Designs!

The minute we learned about Sseko Designs we couldn’t help but fall in love with their fabulous products as well as the story and purpose behind the company. Sseko Designs makes beautiful, customized, handmade sandals specifically for brides and their bridesmaids. And the women making these sandals? Well that’s what makes this company so special.

Sseko partners with a school in Kampala, Uganda to employ recent high school graduates as a way to earn money to continue on to University. These young women are in their traditional 9 month gap between secondary school and college, and would most likely not otherwise have the opportunity to continue their educations. These women are passionate, smart and excited for their futures, and we’re thrilled to help spread the word about their hard work. As the Sseko website says, “These women will not make sandals forever. They will go on to be doctors, lawyers, politicians, writers and teachers that will bring change and unification to a country divided and ravished by a 22 year-long war…The goal of Sseko Designs is two-fold: provide university tuition for these promising young women through a sustainable monthly income, while also contributing to the overall economic development of Uganda.”

Handmade bridal sandals from Sseko Designs, wedding party bridesmaids fashion gifts

To enter to win 3 pairs of handmade Sseko Designs sandals, perfect for you and your gals to wear at your casual summer wedding, or for you to give as thank you gifts to your bridesmaids, just leave a comment here telling us who you would gift your sandals to and how you would all wear them. The winner will get to choose sandals with her favorite color of raw silk straps from their bridal collection, and be proud to give gifts that support such a wonderfully worthwhile cause. We’re certainly proud to get to share this opportunity with you and to help spread the word about Sseko. We’ll accept entries through Sunday, May 8th and choose our winner on Monday, May 9th.

For much more information, please visit the Sseko Designs website – you can see all the wonderful leather and silk sandal options as well as learn about the company’s founder Liz, and the stories and dreams of each of the talented women pictured above.

Handmade bridal sandals from Sseko Designs, wedding party bridesmaids fashion gifts


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  1. Beautiful sandals and a great cause! I would give each bridesmaid one pair to wear at my wedding in September. The wedding is outside, so heels are not an option. Each bridesmaid gets to choose her own dress in a different color, so matching shoes would be great! I would love to be able to give them these as an extra gift!

  2. I am getting married this summer on July 30th, 2011 and would love to give these shoes to my bridesmaids to wear during the wedding. The girls will have on navy dresses and I would love to spice them up with an orange sandal for the day! I would be honored to support these strong, talented, and empowering women so that they may futher their educations and go on to do great things.

  3. I just found out about this company last week and bookmarked it for our wedding party! There are 5 girls in my party and since this is such a great cause, I would purchase 2 more pair to gift all the girls with these sandals to wear on the wedding day!

  4. I would love to give pink colored sandals to my girlfriends!they are so trendy and I love that this way we help young women in Africa!

  5. Love them! I would give them to a couple of girl friends when we go away on that long awaited girls weekend as soon as we are all done breast feeding our babies!

  6. Wow – these sandals are beautiful and for such a good cause. I would love to give to my bridesmaids to wear during the reception so that they could really get their groove on without sore feet!

  7. I would love to give these to my wonderful, generous and amazing bridesmaids. I have been looking for gifts that supports the greater good, and I couldn’t not have picked a more fitting cause! My bridesmaids (along with me) grew up going to all girls schools, so empowering women is something that remains close to our hearts. I can’t even imagine how delighted they would be to know that their gifts had helped support another woman in her quest to further her education!

  8. The sandals are soo pretty! I love how the money goes to a good cause! My cousin is getting married, I will send her this link :)

  9. I would so love to give these sandals to my three sister bridesmaids! My wedding is past but I don’t feel like I’ve thanked them enough for all their support, and all they did to help me get ready, this would be a lovely gift to give them.

  10. While my wedding has passed, I’m still an avid reader of your blog posts. I love sharing with my friends that are getting married. If I won these sandals, I would give a pair to my mom as a late Mother’s Day. My dad just beat cancer and my mom has been a saint through it all and deserves a special treat just for her. She never buys anything for herself =). She would love kicking back with these in a sundress!

  11. I have two sisters and I would love to wear these sandals too!

  12. I love these sandals! I’ve been considering getting them for my bridesmaids, and winning 3 of them would make it so much more affordable for me to do that! I’d love to do different color straps on each bridesmaid to reflect their personality and bring in more bright colors, since the girls will all be in blue dresses.

  13. I would give one pair to my sister, who is going to be my maid of honor. Then I would give the other to one of my bridesmaid who I have known since I was 3 years old.

  14. I would wear them in a grecian style like the first pic and would give them to my 3 bridesmaids…

  15. These sandals are perfect for bridesmaids, and can actually be worn later with skirts and dresses. Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  16. Love these! very unique :)

  17. I looove these! My bridesmaids are all wearing different dresses, but i’d love to tie together the look with the same shoes. These are amazing, they’re different, funky, and beautiful for a wedding. I have 7 bridesmaids (plus myself) so I’d have to buy 5 additional pair, but with it going to such a good cause at the same time as getting my girls great shoes, it’s well worth it!

  18. Love them! I would give them to my bridesmaids to wear after a long day of fun and dancing!

  19. I absolutely love these sandals! They are completely perfect for my summer wedding. I would most definitely give these to my bridesmaids if I won. I have 6 bridesmaids, so I would be purchasing a few more pairs to go along with them, plus I couldn’t possible not have a pair for myself. Super Cute!!!

  20. These would be awesome to give to my bridesmaids so they can dance the night away!!

  21. I would give the sandals to my best friend and maid of honor. We actually met in a conga line on the first day of university – because we had the same sandals on! Seven years later, those sandals have far and beyond bit the dust but I would love to have matching ones again.

  22. I would give one pair to my sister and the other to my mom. And after wearing them to my wedding this summer…we’d wear them everyday while the sunshines!!!

  23. I would give one pair to my Mom – she has lymphedema in one leg causing one foot to always be swollen. She has such a hard time finding shoes that fit both her non swollen and swollen foot. This would be a perfect solution since she could change the straps to fit both feet! I’d give the other two pairs to my sister and soon to be sister-in-law, both very humanitarian- and fashion-conscious ladies.

  24. Whoops! I forgot to mention what style. I would definitely let my sisters and mom choose what style suits them best, but I love the braided look. It would work perfectly to fit my mom’s foot that is swollen by lymphedema as well as her non-affected foot. It’s so hard for her to find shoes to fit both feet, and this would be perfect!

  25. After going through 5 different bridesmaid dresses and never knowing if the girls chose the right one and i can confidently say that i WANT all of my 6 bridesmaids to wear these sandals. They are beautiful, creative and the most inspiring part is that woman just like ourselves are being empowered through our purchase. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these sandals. A MUST have!!!

  26. Hi! My sisters weddin is comin closer and closer. She was dreamin about how would it look all her life but she had no idea for shoes . When she saw these sandals she completley felt in love with them, but she thought also that she has no chance to win them. I decided to try and make her a huge suprise, cuz i think that in this special time her dream come tru would be the best gift eva xx vera

  27. what GORGEOUS sandals!!! and for a good cause? bingo =D would *love* sandals for myself & a gift… especially as the weather’s getting gorgeous here in cali!

  28. Since there are three pair of these gorgeous sandals, it would only be fitting to gift them to my two sisters and mother. We are having our engagement party at a local tiki bar and I can just imagine how perfect they would be for that occasion. We have always been close and they have helped me tremendously to prepare for my wedding in September.

  29. Cute sandals! I would gift them to my wonderful bridesmaids. I’m the only child so I consider them as my sisters and I love them to pieces! I would love for them to wear them during the reception. I would have to buy 1 for myself cause I want us all to match! :-)

  30. These sandals are so lovely and their purpose is even better! I’m soon to be a college graduate and think it’s wonderful that this company could give another girl a chance to do the same. I would give these as a gift to my sisters who will be my bridesmaids at my wedding.

  31. I love sseko sandals and their mission! I will never forget the first time I complimented someone on their adorable sandals a year or so ago and she excitedly told me of this wonderful company. Gifting these to the wonderful women standing next to me on my wedding day would be such a special treat. I know they would excitedly spread the word just as that first women I saw donning these a-mazing shoes!

  32. We’ve tried to make purposeful and ethical decisions at every turn in our wedding planning and this is a gorgeous way to incorporate a cause I believe in with beautiful design I crave. I would give these to the women who are serving as our readers.

  33. My twin sister and my 4 bridesmaids–who are ALL incredible teachers in different areas of the world, and they are travelling from these far places to be there for me at my wedding this July!–are inspiring and I would like to give them something meaningful and beautiful. I love these, and I love the women they represent.

  34. I would absolutely love to give these as gifts to the three girls who stood by my side for the past three years,who stuck by me through my crazy emotional mess after my heart attack this past year and who will stand by my side at the altar on the day I marry the man who saved my life. I love that these adorable shoes support such a great cause. I will be sure to pass the link on to every other bride-to-be that I know.

  35. WOW! What an amazing company doing amazing work. Not only are these shoes stunning but there are such amazing women behind each pair. I would be HONORED to own a pair to wear on my wedding day. (I was a ballerina for 18 years and these remind me so much of my pointe shoes!) Thank you for such a beautiful opportunity and for sharing the story of this company. I will spread the word!

  36. I am constantly on the lookout for opportunities to support missions, specifically in Africa. Having had the opportunity to travel there my whole life, I’ve seen the first hand hardship these people, especially woman, face every day. This is a fantastic way to give these woman pride about the work they do, as well as teach them daily responsibilities, because often times, jobs like this are more than just jobs, its they only way to a good life. Im getting married December 10th of this year in Texas in an outside ceremony (because it’s still hot here) and I know each one of my three bridesmaids, who all support these types of opportunities every chance they can, would proudly wear these sandals not just because they are cute (which they are so cute!), but because they signify how important it is to teach, support and love every woman on this earth. To further support them, I would buy three more pair of sandals to match the three pair that was given away because it would be one more opportunity to share their story.

  37. Wow, reading the story of this company and these women nearly brought me to tears. What an empowering tale. I was going to enter this contest because I thought the sandals were beautiful and I just found out that my wedding dress is too short when I wear the kitten heels I already purchased. But now, even if I don’t win, I plan on purchasing a pair for myself, just so I can be a small part in helping these women continue their education. Thanks so much for sharing!

  38. Id give them to my family and let them put together hteir own outfits :)

  39. What a great giveaway! I would give these to my three bridesmaids to wear during my July garden wedding! They would be absolutely perfect and I know my girls would love them and appreciate the cause they support!

  40. Such great sandals! They would be so perfect for our beach wedding! I don’t have bridesmaids, so I would wear one pair and give the other two to my maid of honor and to my sister, and it would be that detail we would have in common, since each of us will be wearing different summer dresses.

  41. I have 5 bridesmaids and a mid-summer vintage-y wedding. We’ve been looking EVERYWHERE for shoes with fabric or ribbons that wrap and tie…Who knew we could find them even in custom colors!! I would definitely buy 3 more pairs (for myself and my ladies) to complete our looks!

  42. I love these sandals! My sister stumbled upon them and sent me the link. She’s getting married in July and with 5 bridesmades in 3 states, it’s hard getting us all together to pick out anything, let alone shoes. I love the opportunity to support this cause!

  43. Wow! Thank you so much for creating such an amazing company doing extremely important work to change lives. I would be honored to wear your sandals and would gift them to the bridesmaids to wear on the day of the wedding. We’ve been looking for a way to tie all the different dresses together into one cohesive theme, and I can’t think of a better way to do so. Thanks for all your hard work!

  44. These are beautiful! Originally I was planning on getting my 3 bridesmaids and 1 junior bridesmaids Toms to wear after the ceremony until I saw THESE. Numerous parts of our wedding will be about donations, such as our favors will be donations to local animal shelters instead of the actual favors, we will also be donating all of our flowers and center pieces to a local nursing home for the elderly who do not receive flowers like so many do. We are having a Sunday beach wedding and these beautiful sandals would be an wonderful addition to our wedding. If I don’t win I may buy them anyways :)

  45. I’d wear one for myself, give one to my maid of honor who is one of my long time friends, and the last one for my mom.

  46. Beautiful sandals and great pictures for campaign

  47. I would gift them to the 3 bridesmaids and they can wear them on the dance floor! Thank you for introducing this company on the blog. I’m going to order a pair for myself. What a great cause!

  48. Such amazing sandals!! I know the wedding I’m in along with 4 other bridesmaids would be honored to wear them! I’d gift them to these fabulous friends, and buy more to complete our look! It’s an outdoor vintage wedding and we’ve been searching for a great sandal to wear – and bingo! Here they are :)

  49. We are having a small, intimate ceremony, and I would love to be able to gift these sandals to my beautiful bridesmaids during our bachelorette weekend! They are just like my bridesmaids – gorgeous, colorful, and whimsical! Such beautiful shoes for such a beautiful cause!

  50. I would love to give these to my sisters, all of whom are heavily involved in raising awareness about child abuse and the needs of those living in third world countries. They would treasure them!

  51. My maid of honor is an artist. When I showed her these sandals, she was silent for 5 minutes (a rare thing!) just dreaming of all the different ways to wear them! I’m having 4 bridesmaids for my July 5th wedding, all of whom have unique styles. These sandals give each girl the freedom of expression! We would love to support the cause and spread the news about sseko!

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